Early Morning Thoughts. 

I am currently laid up with a cellulitis infection in my leg. Getting around already wasn’t easy, but when one must keep their leg suspended in the air as much as possible it gets even tougher. 

We all go through that though. We walk around in life looking for something to make things easier. This morning I listened to a devotional sermon from Chuck Swindoll. He talked about the woman at the well and how she was thirsty and looking for water. This morning as I rose I took a shower. I was looking to feel better, cleaner. The shower worked for me this morning and if we are thirsty a well will supply our need for a time. But we will need to do it again, and again, and again, and again for the rest of our days. 

If often seems like there is nothing that will quench our thirst, doesn’t it? People often search for that missing thing in their life not realizing He has been with them the whole time. Jesus Christ is the living water, the thirst quencher of our spirit we need. And even He knows what it is like to be spiritually empty. 

When He was on the cross one of the last things Jesus Christ ever said was, I thirst. And, I have heard the crucifixion story over and over since I was a small boy– yet, it didn’t hit me until today. I am now 41 years old and I didn’t figure out until today, even Jesus Christ was talking about spiritual thirst. He didn’t thirst for water. He thirsted for His Father to turn to Him and take away all the pain. He had a spiritual thirst. We all do! But we don’t ever think to cry out ‘I Thirst!’ If we did, Jesus would be right there to fill our cup to overflowing so His blessings could be poured out on others. 

Our world thirsts. If your cup is overflowing this morning, pour it out so others may drink and be filled with His Love.

There Is No Such Thing As Ordinary. 

When I type Ordinary Defined into my google.com search bar this is what returns:

with no special or distinctive features; normal.

“he sets out to depict ordinary people”

synonyms: usual, normal, standard, typical, common, customary, habitual, everyday, regular, routine, day-to-day

“the ordinary course of events”

To say that anything in all of creation has no special or distinctive features is a lie. Everything that God created is special. God doesn’t create just ordinary. We see that in Jesus as well, who IS God. He never healed a blind man the same way. He never approached any situation as Ordinary. They all were special and deserving of His attention. 

When did we lose sight of that? We are all originals and deserving of His attention. And we have it if we would just open our eyes and not be blind to the miracles that surround us. 

You are not Ordinary. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Believe it and be the best you that God created you to be. 

Who Decides What Is Extra?

There are no two people ever created that are, or ever will be, exactly the same. Ever. And yet, we tell people they are extraordinary. What is ordinary and what does it take to be extra from it? 

We say go the extra mile. What if for the person you asked going to the end for you is the extra mile for them? Will there ever be two people at exactly the same point in the journey so we can honestly tell them go the extra mile? 

Why do we put so much emphasis on values of anything? I am confined to a recliner for two weeks while my best friend, pseudo-brother runs the d.j. shows. I would love to go to the finish line and do these shows with him, doctor says I can’t. 

What is value? Google.com defines it at the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Just because something doesn’t add value to one experience should never mean it won’t in another. 

Maybe it’s the antibiotics, I don’t know. Maybe it is skeeping in the recliner, but my mind and soul are fuzzy today and full of so many rabbit trails of questions! I haven’t even hit the word of the day yet and I am already digging. This was all inspired by another blogger, Monika Sharma, Monika Sharma. Go check them out! 

Symptoms Of Separation. 

The way we communicate has changed throughout the ages. What once was audible grunts and slamming a rock or a branch against the ground or another surface has evolved into creating false images of ourselves, in words and pictures. 

We have gone from the early 20th-century of ‘Oh, my dear boy! Hear! Hear!’ To ‘Twerk it like Miley!’ Our world has become all about self-image. Is this a symptom of something, or is this just the way it has always been? 

Am I saying I want us to go back in time and live in a by-gone era where people were still trying to work it all out? No! We have made many progressions in our world that I don’t want to see disappear. But, my friends, we have a long, long, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go!! 

In my honest opinion, what I do see, at least in society here in The United States, we started a slippery slope backwards a long time ago when we put money in front of family. We slipped backwards when families have to spend days or weeks apart because they all have to work so much not just to keep up, but survive!! And that is a symptom of greed. That is a symptom of wrong decisions. 

There is still time to correct it, United States! We are still in this thing. Our country is not a dead nation!! But we need to stand together, or we will surely fall!! And no matter what that is going to take a huge act of faith on many people’s part. We need to quit the feuding over things we can’t control. The feuding is a symptom that things have been wrong for a while now. It’s funny about humans, we tend to only react when things begin to boil over. We need to continue to watch the pot, and occasionally stir it and add some saltiness so it doesn’t boil over. 

How do we do that? We discuss opinions openly and listen. We find new ways to look at things. The key is to be open to change, whatever that may look like. It may look like a bad thing at first. It may look like it’s gonna hurt. But, who knows it could turn out alright. Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. We all need to learn to just go with the flow because in the end, every little thing, is gonna be alright. 

The symptoms may look bad, but if not addressed, a small cold can turn into a full-blown flu. We need to address the symptoms of separation we are experiencing, not only here in The United States, but all the world. We need to come together and work for our fellow human beings as one. Who’s with me to end the symptoms of separation?! 

Cause And Effect. 

Everything we do is a symptom of something that has been done. It doesn’t matter if it is directly, or indirectly, related to us. We experience things, we react. We may learn that it was not a proper way to do it. Then, we can decide will we try that way again, or will we change any or all of the perameters. 

Newton’s Third Law states, Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. These words hold true in most cases, except human beings. Symptoms of any matter of events can be brought about differently from every single human being alive. For example, I have yet to see an episode of Grey’s Anatomy that doesn’t make me cry. I will further admit that this winter and the extra work with D.J. Systems I have been doing has thrown me off balance. My emotions and all current bodily issues could, in fact, be a symptom of going back to a five, or sometimes six, day work week. 

I am not every other human being who can handle that workload, I am me. And my body has had no problem letting me know when too much is too much. Take for instance, last night. Terribly violent dream where I watched two people in a basement nearly kill each other. We were playing a card game. I didn’t know anyone else in the room in real life and BOOM!! These two across the table start trying to stronghold each other and that erupted into a full-on brawl. I backed away and that was when I woke up. 

Now, brain and dream science says that is a symptom of some issue I am experiencing and not taking care of in my waking life. My health, perhaps? I wish I could get a more regulatory sleep schedule. I know I should eat better. Yes, dammit! I know I should drink more water!!! Speaking of that, I watched a terrifying video on Facebook today about chemtrails and the level of tin being placed in our atmosphere which gets into our rain water, which then gets into our plants and rivers– Scary! 

But see! Again, there is that cause and effect thing. Someone produces this video, which may or may not have a shred of truth to it, and we all become paranoid about what THE MAN is doing to us without our concent. 

Control is a symptom of fear. See! It all circulates. Everything. When will we realize that even our own thoughts are a symptom that of the world we live in? But, we can still control those. So maybe we can control the genesis of the change in the world to become more positive with our thoughts!! Oh, if only the world would completely join in this crusade to become better. Our symptoms would be less dire. 

Miracle Of The Day!! 

I don’t know if anyone (other than my editor) who has noticed, I haven’t written much since about, oh, Saturday, I guess. My body has once again let me know the tiny things are in charge!! 

Without my knowing it, a bacterial infection entered my body through where else? My foot! A tiny cut produced a bacterial infection that took two days to take me out! Today, I went to the doctor. What did he prescribe? Two weeks foot elevated and antibiotics that will make me sick 3 times a day!! Great! 

Now, it may sound like I am complaining, and I probably would be if I wasn’t serving a really big, awesome, real God!! I go to the doctor today and find out I am basically on two weeks bed rest until the infection hopefully clears out. There’s a few other things I have to watch out for, but I won’t bore you with those details. No, this post is about His Miracles! 

Today rollingblogger.com not only had its best day of 2017, but this was easily in the top three, if not the top two best days on record!! And it all started with a terrible circumstance. 

My point is, you can always find a reason to dance in the rain. You must always find a reason to kick up the water in the puddles!! Manure may fall on your garden, but it sure helps your flowers grow! You can’t see a rainbow without the rain! 

Just when you think you are falling behind, God can bring along that extra boost that shoots you among the stars!!! Stay the course and keep doing what you can, there could be a miracle in your day!! 

Well, That’s Just The Way It Is. 

Part of handling my disability is staying on top of a lot of things. When I let these things slide for even a day or two, injuries and illnesses happen. 

Is it my fault my current predicament has occurred? Yes. Could it have been prevented with even greater diligence to keeping an eye on things? Yes. Could it have ended up a lot worse if I didn’t jump on the issues as soon as I noticed they had arisen? Yes. 

I will accept the fact that I am now out of work for two weeks. I will accept the fact that through greater diligence this could have been prevented. I will also accept the fact that with my disability these things are often unseen until it is too late. I was diagnosed, once again, with cellulitis this afternoon and the doctor said soups, fluids and keeping my leg elevated as much as possible. 

How did this all start, you ask? A small sliver of a cut on the bottom of my foot between my toes I didn’t even know was there until a couple days ago. The joy of not feeling is you just accept when things happen. This is true in the emotional and physical realms. All it takes is the smallest breakdown in the security of my skin for MRSA to return and cellulitis to take hold. Once it’s in there, only antibiotics kill it. 

I will solemnly accept my banishment to the recliner for two weeks as my doctor has ordered. You may believe I will use this as a vacation, but trust me, I do not feel well with this infection now making itself known. I will not accept it’s permanent residence within my body and it will, once again, be banished to the outter rims of my body. The sad thing is, once it’s in, it cannot be killed. It can just be kept at bay. So, this lifelong sentence of flair ups of bad germs in my body I too will accept and fight every single time they arise. Because, that’s just the way it is.