Loaded Question.

It’s not really a question but discussing protests here in The Used To Be United States is an argument waiting to happen. Pipelines and Presidents, those are the things to protest here. At least at the moment. And boy, are we all divided on these two topics! 

I often wonder, do protests ever truly solve anything, or are they an excuse to sit down and pout? Maybe it’s an excuse to make signs? Has there ever been a protest about a protest? How would that transpire? 

We have free speech, but all too often it turns into mayhem. Why? So many questions about protesting. That’s why I still stick to my original post. Go check it out. I will continue my silent protest in writing about protesting– now. 

God’s Christmas Song. 

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I had the Christmas song Away In A Manger come to mind tonight and I just had to share this insight from God with you. I may even use this as the basis for my sermon I will be presenting in Montana in two weeks. 

Away in a manger, no crib for a bed. The world wants to shut out Jesus and His message. They don’t understand that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. The world believes that He wants to call out their sin. And to be honest, He does, but He wants to call it out to take it away. 

1 John 1:8-9 says, ‘If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and The Truth is not in us. But, if we confess our sins, God, who is faithful and just will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’ The World doesn’t want to talk about the idea that we need to come clean. The world wants us to believe that we can just do what we want. You only live once, so do what feels right. They want to put Jesus away in the manger. 

Tonight, God whispered to my soul a new way to look at this. A way in the manger. Not just a way, but The Way. Jesus Christ is meant to be the bridge between us and our relationship with God. When we accept Jesus Christ the bridge is made and we can be one with God. A way was truly in the manger that night. Accept Him this Christmas season and you will begin the most important relationship of your life. 

Values Change.

I can prove that my faith is real and it is a growing, changing phenomenon. I used to believe that martyrdom was a good thing, perhaps the best of things. I would have gladly given my life for my faith. 

Now? I am 40 years old and I wonder, if I die for any cause, how many others will I not be able to bless by being here? We live in a world of people who want to be martyrs for their cause. Here in America people were willing to die for a pipeline. 

But, when does martyrdom turn into selfishness? Is that possible? I don’t believe martyrdom is always, if ever, the answer to the cause. You were created to do specific things on Earth and impact specific objectives. By willing to die for a cause, what if you are, in fact, hurting the cause? 

You want to have strength and show character? Then stand up and fight, but be willing to retreat and return another day! As a Christian I believe only one man can die for my sins. And He already did it in 33AD. His final words were, It Is Finished! If something is already done, what’s the point of going back and trying to do it again? 

Another awesome day, my associate pastor of my church came up and gave me a new perspective. Coming soon… 

Another Late Night Thought. 

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I, along with my wife, have a dog and two cats. We speak to them frequently like they are our children. Don’t do that! Get down from there. Come on, you can do it! You know the drill. 

And I am sure there are people all over the globe who do this with their pets. We speak English to our pets. I am sure someone in France speaks French to their pets. While German people speak German to their pets and Mexican families speak Spanish to their pets. The list could go on and on. We are all human beings who love our pets as family and we often speak to them as our own children. It happens. 

So, are the pets wired in different countries to understand the language of that country? What if, right now, there is a dog in France who sadly only understands English and is looking at his owner like, ‘Look bro! I love you and all, but I don’t understand a word you are saying! We gotta work on this language barrier because my dog life depends on it!’ 

These are the thoughts that creep into my brain from too much internet at 12:30a.m. here in Minnesota!! 

I Just Wanted You To Know. 

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Being the best I can be for everyone I encounter. 

Knowing it doesn’t come from me. 

These are things I hope I leave behind. All day I have writing about Vanishing. So, I wanted to end today by talking about my own. 

Actually it was The Sandbox Writing Prompt from a while back that lead to this post. It asked the simple question, Is there anything you have left unfinished? The simple answer would be, Yes! I am not done yet! 

I want to reach the entire world with the possibilities for positivity that it holds! I need everyone on the planet though to not only rally behind that message, but don’t sit idly by about it. I need you all, anyone who reads this to share it. 

Not even the message of Salvation found in Jesus Christ has reached every single man, woman and child in the world. Why? Because we are too afraid to share. There is not one single, solitary message that has ever reached all of humanity. Ever. And sadly, there probably never will be. 

But, if this was to be my last post and after this last key stroke everything else was to be left unfinished I would leave you with this one word. Do. Just do. 

God has given you a message, through me, for me, and for many others. It is a message that only you can share. He has it all woven together in His perfectly constructed plan. But a seed left in the farmers planter won’t reach the fields. 

In order for a positive seed to grow it needs to reach fertile soil. And then, for its own life to continue to produce, it must die. The seed must die and become a plant that will bear fruit. 

If this was my final message to the world, I would want you to know, get your message out there. Change lives! Grow! Don’t be afraid of the pain of growth and the death of the old self to new life! 

Jesus Christ was the creator of The Heavens and The Earth long before He became Incarnate in human form of a baby. He was, is and always will be. As He stated on the cross before His descent into Hell to beat death and Hell for us He stated, It is finished. He completed His task and you need to as well. The world is counting on it. Are you planted in the fertile soil of Him to know how, when and where to grow so you can produce more fruit? Are you afraid of the death to self you will need to endure to help others? It’s not too late if you are reading this. Please help to see that it gets into the soul of someone you know who needs this message. 

As I drift off to my slumber tonight, it could be my last. I just wanted you to know. 

Positive Actions Today. 

We must communicate and relate with our loved ones today. They are here today, but if we try to speak with them tomorrow they may have vanished. Life goes by in an instant. Speaking with our loved ones when they have gone is a terribly one-sided conversation. 

My sister called me on the Monday following Thanksgiving. I didn’t make an opportunity to call her back until Friday. I ended up leaving a voicemail message and here it is Monday night and we still haven’t been able to connect. 

Then there are the countless other friends I have in the world. It often seems like many have vanished. I am here and they are there, but there has been little in between. I know it takes two to tango, but there are many people I dearly miss in my daily life. 

It’s funny how life does that, isn’t it? Best friends one moment, then life happens and takes you in two different directions. Too often people allow this to happen in the most intimate of relationships too, marriage. We spend most of our time at work, away from one another, twenty years passes and we wake up next to a stranger. And we all to often are not willing to find that best friend we lost. Thankfully, Jesus is. His Word tells us that He will leave the 99 to find the one that has strayed. Is Jesus looking for you tonight? Has He vanished from your sight? He is still there, calling out to you. 

We need to reignite those relationships we hold so dear. They are fragile and can vanish in an instant if we don’t keep a handle on them. I hope this post will encourage someone out there to make a connection that was lost. A family member, or a dear friend may be needing your care right now. Are you feeling a pull towards someone as you read these words? That is The Holy Spirit calling to you to reconnect. Don’t let your loved ones vanish without knowing how much they mean to you tonight.