Everyday Habits.

I spend multiple moments of my day with my Heavenly Father, God. Why do I do this? Because I have seen who I was without His guiding hand and I am not that person anymore. I have been transformed by the renewing of my mind. And it has only happened because of Jesus Christ. 

His Holy Spirit is real if you will allow Him to speak to you and allow Him to transform you into the being He created you to be. Will life become perfect and without any obstacles and heart ache? No. it won’t. But, I promise you, you will be transformed if you fully rely on your relationship with The Holy Spirit and spend time in The Word daily. 

I use the daily devotional, Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young. I have two copies at home and I have a copy on the bookshelf at work. If I don’t get to it at home, which happens most mornings before work, I do make time on a break to read and really absorb the writing of the day. Like I said, I have been transformed by God’s Grace and Patience with me. We are all works in His progress. The key is to realize He is wanting to work in us and not work against that. We need to give our will into His and you will see a transformation happen like you never dreamed. 

The best part is, it becomes a part of your day to look forward to and it becomes as necessary as breathing. You wouldn’t go a day without breathing, or food, or rest, right? Why go a day without God? You can start today. Just simply ask Him to make Himself known to you and He will in a very personal way. But pay attention. It could come in unexpected ways. 

What Will You Do?

You are an Original. There has never been, nor will there ever be another you with your hopes, your dreams, your skills, your abilities, or your experiences in this world– ever. Do you have any clue of the amount of pressure that puts on you?! 

You were created for a specific purpose. If you don’t do it, that’s it! Imagine if Henry Ford hadn’t began making cars and created a new method with the assembly line. Imagine if Abraham Lincoln hadn’t fought through The Civil War and freed all black Americans. Imagine if Lewis And Clark had just stayed home. Imagine if Jesus Christ wasn’t put on the cross and the tomb found empty that Sunday morning.

Even the bad has a purpose. Imagine what a different world we would live in if Hitler hadn’t begun World War 2. Imagine if we hadn’t had cancer and flu epidemics that have taken the lives of thousands, but led to cures!! Everything that happens has a purpose!! 

And they are all originals. When a copy is made we often say, ‘I have heard this before.’ And we go on about our day. But even when we don’t like something new it will sometimes grow on us and become a blessing!! 

You are an original placed in a world full of other originals. Imagine if all the originals would work together and we could create something new and inspiring that would change the entire world for the better. Wouldn’t that be an original thought and idea?! Get to it!! Yes, you could have the original world-changing idea in you right now!! Why wait?? The world is waiting for you. Get to it!

13 Hours. 

13 hours ago I woke up in Topeka, Kansas. As I write this, I am in Montevideo, Minnesota. I love traveling!! Especially when it is to such a vibrant place as Topeka, Kansas. The people we met this weekend were seriously so nice! I feel like the people of Topeka would give you a place to stay, or food, or gas money if you needed it. 

This town is full of great architecture and artwork! Check these out: 

Who doesn’t want a snowflake sculpture on the sidewalk? This is just one of the many things we saw on Kansas Avenue in front of the capital building. Speaking of the capital building– 

The people of Topeka, Kansas we have a theory are very concerned with time. There is literally clocks everywhere you turn!! I used to be one of those who truly believed in always watching the time and everything has its time etc. But God has changed my heart. I just keep rolling forward in grace and tip my hat to everyone I come across as a friendly gesture, somewhat like this gentleman–

Like I said, this town believes in its architecture and it believes in its friendliness. As we were walking down the street we had some people wave, one car honked while we were playing on pool noodles!! 

The above photo turned out a little blurry, but you can see it is what looks to be green pool noodles and the material underneath is actually a soft foam cushion. These are meant to be played on. And there are benches everywhere and a giant chess board!! 

This town has such a message of playfulness and togetherness we all instantly fell in love with it! I am not kidding when I say, GET TO TOPEKA, KANSAS SOMETIME IN YOUR LIFE AND SPEND AT LEAST A WEEK OR TWO IN THIS VIBRANT, FRIENDLY CITY!!! 

Life Is Tiny. 

Life is huge!! Life is truly a big deal! Breathing, making an impact on others, relating, socializing. I have heard all creatures have these traits, although, I can only say I know it is true of human beings. 

And we all started as molecules. Tiny molecules that grow together and become a mass of human decisions. We are small as babies. Tiny little humans that grow and learn. We don’t all grow into awesome beings. One tiny decision can change our course. 

Dictators and those who wish to Lord over human beings are not born, they become that over a series of seemingly small decisions. Life is small, my friends. But as it grows it can turn into something awesome and world-changing, or it can become twisted and self-serving. 

It’s the small decisions you make today that become the big decisions of tomorrow. Choose wisely, my friends. 

An Amazing Thing Happened In Topeka.

I haven’t blogged in the last couple days and my editor is getting restless!! She apparently wants something to do, so, I shall write!! 

I have been in Topeka, Kansas, 4 hours away from the hometown of Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz, Liberal, Kansas. I, along with two friends, came down here for the Mother Earth News Festival. Have you ever wanted to live off the grid? This festival is full of people who are doing it. If you have the means to go to one of these, or learn how to do it, go for it! Why should corporations and government get our money? And when you are self-sufficient, you can live on far less. 

But, back to my blog. I haven’t blogged in a couple days because I have been living life. Some people blog about life, I blog for inspiration. I have found when I am busy doing things, I haven’t made the time to blog. And to my faithful readers, I apologize. I will continue to keep you all involved in my life and the events. Make today awesome! 

Plenty Of Time. 

I have had plenty of time alone today to think about The Daily Post Word Volunteer. To volunteer means, pick me, choose me. It means being willing to do the job. But it means so much more. 

Volunteering means being self-aware. When you volunteer for something it means you know you can rise to meet the challenge. I would never volunteer for something that requires standing on a ladder. Volunteer for the local football league? Nope. That’s out for me. But when you need a D.J., I’ll be there. You need a sound man, yup, I’ll step up. You need a voice, I can be as smooth as Barry White, baby! I am aware of my talents. 

When we volunteer we are working with others to make a difference. As we come into the holiday season I want everyone to think of at least one way you can volunteer. There are many people all around you, no matter where you are, who need things for this holiday season. Make them a meal, be a friend and go for a visit, serve meals at a church or homeless shelter, all of these and so many more are ways you can volunteer. 

We need to get away from our selfish views that have some how crept into our world and realize that we all need something. And we all have things to offer. Volunteer to share them today and make a difference in your world. 

The Good Part Of Netflix. 

I have come to realize while stuck in this hotel room in Topeka, Kansas that I do not miss television and I love my Netflix!!! 

I have been a couch potatoe today while my friends are at the fair and this food poisoning debacle runs its course. I am truly feeling better, but I wonder, how did we ever tolerate television??!! With Netflix your shows are there, dependable, any time you want to watch them. With television, I have watched a movie about the woman who invented the mop you can wring out on the handle, I’ve watched Filthy Rich, a show that talks about people who make their money hunting worms, eels, mushrooms and burls. I have at my disposal something around 30 channels in this hotel room, and no way to watch two shows at two different times if I want to watch one of them later!! With Netflix, I can!! 

I predict the downfall of regular television within 10 years. All shows are pretty much on Hulu and/or Netflix. For a $100/year investment you can also get Amazon Prime which has a ton of movies and television shows!! You’ll never have to choose to miss your favorite program ever again because another one of your favorite programs is on! 

Now, I wonder how long will it be before these awesome inventions of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime will be available in hotels and motels and time shares. Make it happen, world!