Vivaldi Slasher!!

I have a friend on Facebook that was talking about a festival in Venice, Italy. They wear masks and really cool costumes. And it reminded me of one of my favorite songs by Antonio Vivaldi- Winter from The Four Seasons. 

And so, tonight, I listened to it closer here. As I listened the thought came to me, Antonio Vivaldi really is not fond of Winter. Have a listen to the link above, or Here Again. It is the perfect soundtrack to a slasher film!!! Imagine this song being the soundtrack to a classic Hitchcock film like, Psycho!! It totally works!!! 

Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree. I personally would love to hear some opposition on this. Prove me wrong, if you can. But prepare to run away and don’t go to the second floor or the basement because I won’t come after you. 

Life Moves Pretty Fast!!

Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.’ 

         ~Ferris Bueller in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I have learned that lesson quite powerfully in my almost 41 years. It seems like yesterday I was in high school driving the streets of the town in which I now reside. This town has taken on a whole new character from what I remember as a high school student and student of Suzuki Violin Method. It’s hard to realize now the same year my bride was born was the same year I began violin lessons at the high school in Granite Falls, Minnesota with the occasional lesson at our instructor’s home in Montevideo. 

I will tell you, life moves by in a blur. I remember growing up on the farm by Echo, Minnesota. My dad was younger than I am now. By the time my dad was my current age, he was raising a family of six children with our mom on the farm. And each one of us now would say our life was truly a blessing. But, somewhere, we all got our own lives and so busy. It’s hard to get all six kids and our parents in the same room anymore. 

I still remember Christmases when my sister (which one will remain anonymous to protect her innocence in the events) unwrapped and then professionally rewrapped all of our presents. It was used as leverage for chores. I remember the Challenger explosion. One of my other sisters was home sick from school that day. I believe she was in 6th grade? Yes, January 26th, 1986. We were a family of five kids for a few months more at that point in time. Seems like yesterday. That same year, that same sister who was home sick, took time away from her birthday party (or maybe it was just hanging out with her friends at our home) to pull me around on the sled! Not many sisters will do that! 

I remember so many little things about my childhood and the last 41 years, but most of it is a blur. I know that happens to all of us. There isn’t one of us who can remember every single moment of our lives from birth until whatever stage we may be in now. Life can become a blur even if we don’t allow it to. That’s why we need to capture every moment we can and embrace the memories and share them so they won’t fade. 

Busy Day!! 

I am a D.J. for D.J. Systems out of Montevideo. Today we drove to Marshall, Minnesota, just over 40 miles away and set up a whole new show!! 

Shay’s Lounge at The Ramada Inn in Marshall, Minnesota is proud to present Saturdays and Sundays with D.J. Systems!!! And the best part is, the owner has enough faith in me and my wife and one of our friends that this is our show! We run it! So, I wanna make it fly!! 

Sorry if I didn’t write enough inspiration for you fellow bloggers and blog readers today. My schedule was full and the day kinda got away from me. I will always find time to write about my adventures, but it may take some time. If we are living our lives it is difficult to be tied to a computer screen, right? But, this is why I blog. I want to share the good times and the bad times with you. To be an encouragement as we travel this road of life together. I hope you are all well. Now, what was the Daily Post Word Of The Day?

Life’s Highest Purpose. 

This is for The Sandbox Writing Challenge #76. What is Life’s purpose? 

No lengthy titles, no piles of possessions or money. My purpose is not to elevate myself. Is it nice if these all occur? Sure it is. But, it is not the end all be all of my existence. 

To say my life is a success, I need to elevate others to their purpose and I need to be as close of an example of Jesus Christ as I can be. Do I do these things at all times in all places and in all ways? Not even close! But, God exists. God forgives. And God creates changes within us when we give Him our all. 

My purpose, is to introduce as many as will listen, to Him. And in this way, I should be willing to step out of my comfort zones and help as many others as I come across, no matter the cost to me. Including my life. That is the highest goal, the greatest purpose. 

We Need To Get This Right!

As a Christian, it is my calling to share the true, unashamed Jesus Christ with the world. ‘No one comes to the father but by me.’ Jesus Christ is the bouncer of Heaven. And still some people translate that as ‘I can do whatever I want.’ We live in a world that doesn’t believe because Jesus Christ has been lost in translation. When all we need to do is Love. 

But, even that has been lost in translation. Love saves from harm, and yes, sometimes that looks like a punishment. ‘I want to live this way.’ But that is not Jesus’ way. The road is narrow and sometimes love comes like an arrow. 

Shot through the heart and who’s to blame? We need to get this right, my friends. Love can no longer be lost in translation.