A Clear Night Thought.

There are thankfully not many street lights on my street. We live in the middle of our street and the light pollution is relatively small. 

On nights such as this, I am beyond thankful for that. Most people look to the night sky and it makes them feel insignificant and small. For me? I feel the opposite. God created the heavens and The Earth with one word. Boom! And it was done. I look up at the expanse of stars above me and I think, ‘Wow! He created me too!’  Thoughts, dreams, desires, fears, wants, needs– and in less than 60 years, they won’t count for anything. What am I doing here? 

God created me for a purpose. It is time to lock into it and make a difference. As I look to the sky a shooting star flashes. Here one second and then it’s gone. My chance to help someone could be like that too. So, I better take that chance now. 

I write this to inspire you. You are here for a reason. A purpose has been engrained in your soul. Look up to the night sky and capture it before it fades like a shooting star. 


We live in a world full of people. Each and every one of these people have had different experiences. Each and every one of these people has looked at life from a perspective that is 100% different than anyone has ever looked at life before. And yet, we throw tantrums when anyone disagrees. 

We are not the center of the universe. Yes, God created human beings as special and we each have our own ways of doing and seeing things. No two will ever be alike. So, why do we all get so bent out of shape when we disagree? I am guilty of it too. We all want everyone else to see the world as we see it and we want our point of view to be the only way things get done. 

My friends, there is only one thing in the universe that has only one way to be achieved. That is the path to Heaven. Jesus said in John 14:6, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one gets to The Father but by Me.’ Now, either that is truth, or everything else Jesus said can be taken as null and void. He is either The Savior, or a fraud. And yet, we all still disagree even on that! 

Human beings will always see the world in different ways. Maybe that was God’s point, so we could learn to relate and communicate with one another to find common ground to get things done. Can we agree on that? 

God’s Not Through With Me Yet!! 

We are unfinished creatures in learning more about Our Heavenly Father, aren’t we? Some would say we are all a work in progress. 

Today I confessed to my editor that I don’t feel like a work in progress, I am going backward. My tank for Grace and Compassion today is empty! We here in the United States are on the verge of a new President. And I read this morning that 73% of all the people in our country feel it will fail either way. Talk about unfinished!! We need to learn faith. We need to learn love. We need to learn compassion. And these things are not gained through birth. It is not our birthright to be a decent person. 

So, we say ‘God’s not through with me yet.’ Here’s the problem. I see that as an excuse to keep regurgitating bad behaviors, habits and opinions. It does nothing but causes us to become stuck. It takes away accountability and that creates a whole lot of unfinished business. 

Are We The Author? 

Not one of us knows when our time will end. Not one of us knows how. Are we the author of our story? 

We long to be in control. We long to have the final say. But one day, I promise you this day will come, we will have no more words. We will have no more actions. 

How many more days will I be allowed to drive into the sunrise at quarter to 8 in the morning? How many more mornings will I be allowed to wake up and say, ‘Good morning, I love you! Make today awesome!’ to my wife? 

I would love for that answer to be infinite, but it isn’t. Perhaps 10,000? Perhaps only a hundred? Who knows? 

God knows. To Him nothing is unfinished. He was, He is, He always will be. Here in The United States (which I have said is not so United anymore) we watched a debate last night between two candidates who wish to lead us into the next four years. A clown show, it has been called. 

Are we in The United States finished? Have we done all for the world we intended to do, or have we left things unfinished? 

It’s a terrible burden when things don’t get done. It’s an even worse burden when things don’t get said. Last night I said that God has left The United States. I believe this to be true because for decades, maybe centuries, we have pushed Him out. This country was founded by stealing, in some people’s minds. That’s a slight against God. 

We have always been a country of fight for it, take it, build it, grow it, no holds barred!! We have seen amazing technological advances, and for what? We are more divided now than ever before! 

What else needs to be said? Am I finished? I don’t want to spend another minute or breath not saying what needs to be said. I love you all!! But, if we don’t truly turn our hearts to Jesus, we are finished. He is the way, the truth and the life and NO ONE gets to The Father, in Heaven, without Him. 

When will we be finished? Eternity, a time that never finishes, is coming. Are we finished? Are we on the right side of Eternity? Don’t let this life be finished without knowing what comes next. 

Natural Dilemma?

Natural Dilemma?

Just like The Fox And The Hound, in this video, we see a bear and a deer as baby friends. One day, nature will take over and the bear will become the hunter and the deer will become the hunted. This has been the natural way since the dawn of time. 

But, I wonder, is it possible to create a generation of peace? Or would that go against the natural order of things? Is there really a natural order to things, or do we create that order ourselves? 

Solving Dilemmas.

Solving Dilemmas.

Questions help us know one another. I wonder how many people would be willing to answer these questions. I know the link says 50 questions to ask a girl, but seriously, I think this is good for all people!! help me solve the dilemma of you–