This One Post Can Change The World. 


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Earlier today a local church building was struck by lightning and it ended up burning to the ground.

Hawk Creek Lutheran Church was built in 1880. Today, a single bolt of lightning brought it down in fiery glory. Did it kill the church? NO! Not a single human being was injured. 

And yet, we mourn the loss of a building. It was beautiful. It was ornate. It had stained glass windows and beautifully painted murals on the altar. But all these things were not, are not the church. 

Buildings collapse and we mourn. Millions of people die every day without knowing The Love, The Forgiveness, The Grace of Jesus Christ, and we do nothing. This is on us Christians. 

We blame. We point fingers.  We condemn. How is that Jesus? We mourn a building. How is that not idolatry? 

Christians, the time is now. We are running out of time and I want you to boldly ask yourselves tonight, ‘If all my friends and family died tonight, how many of them would know Jesus? Not know a building, or that I go to a building, but how many would KNOW HIM??!’ If we cannot honestly answer ‘ALL OF THEM!!’ Then we need to ask ourselves, ‘WHY??!’ 

Jesus loved. He cared. He cried. And He Died, for all of us. He kicked Satan in the throat and killed him. And yet, we let Satan have so much power and we don’t even realize it!! We mourn A BUILDING???!! We mourn the loss of a car, a house, possessions, a job. But MILLIONS of people die without knowing Love, Grace and Forgiveness!!! We missed the mark. We GROSSLY missed the mark! 

God put us here to relate to each other and to Him. What do we do? We relate to stuff. We are the church! We. You. Me. That guy buying groceries with the last of his paycheck the mom putting the last two dollars she has into her car so she can get the kids to daycare while she works a twelve hour day, the homeless people all over who wonder where their next meal is coming from and why this world ignores them. It’s time to stop ignoring people!! 

Love creates grace, grace creates peace, peace creates togetherness and togetherness creates relationships and that creates an open line to God. And it is all held in place through Jesus Christ and His outstretched arms as He walks out of the grave among us today. 

We have missed the mark and put our thoughts and feelings on stuff. But that can all change today. This one post can change the world. 

To Punish Or Forgive?

Which is justified? Punishment or forgiveness? 

When someone does wrong against another, is punishment justified? Or are we to forgive at all times? 

Jesus Christ was beaten and nailed to a cross with a crown of thorns deeply scourged into His head. He committed no crime. Yet to the cross He went. Justified? 

As He was on the cross He said, ‘Father, forgive them, they know not what they do!’ Justified? 

A person commits murder against a loved one. Offer forgiveness, or let their punishment help you seek justice? 

Does Jesus Christ ever condemn the way we do? Or does He only offer Righteous Condemnation? When are we allowed to punish following God’s example? 

So many seem to be punished in today’s world. Is that God? Is it sin? Or is it that we have caused punishment for those who don’t need it or deserve it because of our own greed? There are so many questions that need to be answered in the world of punishment. God’s Son took all punishment. Why does it seem to still exist? 

At The Cross.


The punishment we deserve for our sins was placed on Jesus Christ at the cross. 

God cannot be around sin. Imagine you enter a courtroom and the judge says, “You have been found guilty of all of these crimes. Now, I see here that you have also done a lot of good things in the community.” Would he be a good judge if he said, “You are free to go.”? The thing is, Jesus Christ does that for those who accept that gift. 

With Jesus Christ there is no punishment. When we know Christ the guilt is gone. And yet, we spend so much time punishing ourselves. Why? There is no condemnation in Christ. None. When will we get it? The punishment was settled at the cross. 

The Low Down On The Slow Down. 


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We grow older. We slow down. Our likes, moods and attitudes all change. It’s inevitable. 

Ten years ago? Yeah! Give me the city drives, with the mall, movie theater and any cuisine I could dream of all within a 30 minute drive on a freeway!! 

Today? Forty has hit and I admit, nights like tonight were the perfect level of excitement. Dinner and a movie with my bride. Oh yeah! She is asleep as I write this. Being eight years younger than I, she has caught on to the “It’s time to slow down and just take it easy” train. It happens. 

Evolution would have you believe you grow and get stronger. So, then as I exercise and use my muscles more, why am I breaking down? I am getting slower, more tired, trying to lose weight that has crept up. We never evolve to a stronger version. Ever. Get used to it. Age happens. 

We all go through it and right now, I am in the midst of it. I would have never considered 40 to be ‘middle aged’ ten years ago, but here I am. Turn the clock another 40 years and I won’t be zero, I will be 80!! It happens. 

Grow old with style and grace, my friends. I believe in an afterlife. I believe my spirit will live on in Heaven thanks to my Savior, Jesus Christ. And the journey to that point is not slowing down, it’s speeding up! Grey hair, sore muscles, pounds adding up when I am trying to take them off. 

Eventually the train slows down and stops. Is that the end of the ride? We will all find out one day. Enjoy the journey and don’t worry about the slow down. Embrace it. 

This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Ghostbusters!! 


So, my wife and I went to The Plaza Three Theater here in Montevideo tonight after a wonderful dinner at Duffy’s Saloon, a local chain that has four locations around here. 

We went to see Ghostbusters. Do NOT enter this movie thinking you will see ANYTHING pertaining to the original. Sure, the remaining Ghostbusters (who aren’t actually able to be ghosts at this time, may Harold Ramis rest in peace, please!!!) all made their appearance in various characters!! But the jokes would go over the head of anyone who didn’t see the original 1984 version 

Dear Lord, one of the originals even went as far as to portray a character who DOESN’T believe in ghosts!! 

Speaking of the ghosts, the ghosts in the 2016 remake ain’t yo mama’s ghosts!! This ain’t no Patrick Swayze getting all fresh on a pottery wheel ghost show!! Nuh uh!! I would say the ghosts in this remake are demons straight from Hell!! Not nice, although Slimer does make an appearance too! But no, there is nothing laughable about the ghosts in this one. 

In the never humble (okay, mostly humble) opinion of this blogger, no one under the age of AT LEAST 16 should be allowed in the new Ghostbusters film! My wife is in her 30’s and jumped at a couple of the ghost scenes! You can’t drive a car, you can’t see this movie! That’s my opinion. 

As for the ending, well, I won’t spoil it other than to say, there dang well better be a part two coming in 2017!!! And, nice tribute to Egon Spangler at the end of the credits!! Well done there. Kids, if you don’t know who Egon Spangler is, blame your parents!! And rent the original Ghostbusters of 1984!!!! 

Slowly He Blogs. 


I have been at this blog for two years and two months now. 26 months of writing. Thousands of words, even thousands more letters. 

Punctuation? My editor will tell you I need to slow down and think through my writing. My fingers try to get the thought down on the page without thinking of spelling, commas, periods, or even exclamation points!! But we have this moment. We have this post. What if this was all you had of You would scoff it off and not come back. 

My blog is full of inspiration that has been a slow growth. As a person I want it to grow faster. I want a career out of this. I want to inspire the world. And I want it all today, now! But it is a process. It takes time. 

All in God’s time, we say. But in order for that to happen, we have to allign ourselves with His plan AND time. He deals in Eternity. That’s a long time. Talk about slow, right?! Are you prepared for that amount of time? 

Too Fast Too Furious!! 


Make more, spend more, create more, indulge more. We live in a world that tells us to always speed up. What they don’t realize is, every day, every minute we are closer to the end of our lives. 

And we can’t figure out when or where it will happen. People speed up their exercise routine only to die of a heart attack or some other ailment in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. Death comes to us all, and we never know when. It’s a fact of life. 

This world tells us, go through college quickly, get those degrees and you will make more money. I am 40 years old. I have a college degree one letter grade away from full honors, and I am a cashier at Walmart. These things happen. It is where I am supposed to be. 

The world would say I am a failure on my way to a slow retirement that may never come. The world says speed up. Grab it all. But then what? You can’t take it with you. 

Slow down, my friends. This life is awesome and meant to be enjoyed. Take care of the body you have, but don’t be discouraged when it begins to break down. Drink water. Exercise. Speed up your heart rate, but slow down and enjoy. 

We stress ourselves out, and for what? A few thousand dollars on a paycheck? Why? No, my friends. Get priorities in order and our first priority should be relationships. 

Talk to people around you. You may find you have more in common than you think. Enjoy the time you are given. You could go into the doctor and find out there isn’t much left. No, I haven’t experienced this, but I was warned about it yesterday. 

We spend so much of our time wrapped up in things that won’t matter in 100 years. Take care of the planet, take care of your body, take care of your friends and family. This life goes by too fast and too furious to not slow down and think on what really matters. 


Enjoy this moment because time speeds up as we get older!! Things don’t seem to go slowly for me anymore. Oops! Another moment, gone. There goes another. 

I want to spend the rest of my time making a difference to others. Slow down and enjoy each moment. Be conscious of it. It is God’s gift to all of us. 

Is Carefree Being Free Of Caring? 


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As a Christian, Jesus follower, I am to care for all people. As a Christian, we believe that we have all been born in a burning house. We are to put out as much of the fire while here and we are to make as many people aware of the fact that we are in a burning house. 

The only fireman on the scene is Jesus and since His crucifixion and resurrection He puts the fires out if we let Him, heals us and saves us from Eternal fire, but we can’t physically see Him. That is where Christians who have experienced the change only He provides and the protection from being burned by the fires of life, that ONLY HE PROVIDES, comes into play. It is up to US to care enough for all people to show them that they need not worry of the troubles of this life. 

Yes, we are to care for one another, love all as Christ loved and bring the gospel truth to as many as we can, but that does not mean lack of care. It does not mean we can go through this world with a ‘Meh, whatever!’ attitide. 

To be carefree does not ever mean that we care less. In fact, it should mean the opposite, we should care more than all!! 

Sit Up Straight!! 


I posted earlier today about how our bodies are sacred temples of The Holy Spirit. I just had an appointment with physical therapy that I have not been taking care of my temple and it all stems from- you guessed it, POSTURE!! 

I spend too much time bringing my shoulders forward. The doctor said to consciously bring my shoulders back together at the shoulder blades and adjust my mirror in my car so I must sit up straight to see. 

And drink more water!! Our shoulders tend to not get so angry when we are hydrated properly. Cut down on sweets, which I have, drink more water, which I have, use ice for inflammation and sit up straight! 

We are only given these Holy Temples of the human body for a hundred or so years. If we take care of them, maybe more. If we don’t, considerably less! Very knowledgable Doctor today. I am glad I went in. I also am getting a new wheelchair out of the deal!! One that glows in the dark!!