Yesterday’s News. 


Yesterday I couldn’t think of what to write for the Daily Post Word Miniature. All the small things, lyrics? 

Miniature horses

Miniature pigs

A giant 22 pound bunny that is anything but miniature!! 

All these thoughts crept through my head. Then I settled on pure evil!! 

MINATURE CANDY BARS!!! Are they a joke???! You realize I am just going to eat like twenty of them like a rabid dog, right??! Why would we EVER make mini candy bars??! Has the world gone mad??!!! 

A Place I Will Never Reach. 


Once again my editor and I had an indepth conversation. I asked if it was ever possible to become perfected as Christ is. She said no. I then asked, isn’t it possible for us to be in such close communion with Him that we can learn to be like Him? She again said no. 

When I think these deep thoughts about learning more about my Savior I can’t help but imagine Him looking like–

Just sitting still and softly smiling at my wonder of it all. He doesn’t get mad like we often portray Him doing. We think if we mess up, miss curfew or whatever He will ground us like an Earthly parent. His ways are so different from ours we will never understand. 

I know there are some who picture Jesus like this

Yeah, He doesn’t do that either. He knows our ways and what we will do before we ever do. He holds our future. And like the most loving parent ever, He allows us to grow and learn His ways. As my editor says, we will never see perfections this side of Heaven, but that doesn’t give us the freedom to not keep learning and growing in Him. We will never reach perfection, but that is not license to keep doing what we know is wrong. We must keep learning. 

Learning On Faith


I am not who I once was. I am not even the same person I was when I began writing this sentence. With every word I write on this page, I become someone new. New thoughts emerge. New ideas blossom into keystrokes on the keyboard. They, in turn, move into words, and thoughts, and phrases. 

It has been said that every day we are learning. I believe that is true, but I wish to break it down further. Every moment we change. Every moment we grown and we learn. As you read these words new thoughts are emerging from you. Because of this one blog post you are now a changed person with more knowledge. You have learned my thoughts, if nothing else. 

Every moment is new from the one before. Every moment we grow older and often times we learn from our experiences. But will we ever experience the exact same experience twice? No. Time and learning marches on. Even if we experience the same situation a thousand times we are still different every time it occurs. 

Life is a series of infinite learning experiences. Although, in the grand scheme of Eternity, they indeed are not infinite. One day, we will have all the answers to our questions. Until then, we will keep on learning on faith. 

Cause Of Death. 


Everyone always asks, ‘How did they die?’ I am more curious about ‘How did they live?’ When a person lives well with their intentions toward others, they will leave a legacy behind that will hopefully impact any generation to come. 

This week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge asks the question What would you like to leave behind? I mean, let’s be honest, we all will one day leave this world behind. One day, we will all turn cold, and die. It’s only a morbid thought to those who aren’t spending their time making a positive impact on this planet. I don’t only want to leave things behind, I want to leave emotions behind. Passion and Love, Peace and Caring. These are what I wish to leave behind. Sure, it would be awesome to start up some amazing company and give jobs to thousands of people after I have shuffled off this mortal coil, but that’s not what drives me. People drive me. Fruit Of The Spirit drive me. And we can’t put a monetary value on those things. 

And I want to start leaving behind today. I want anyone who reads this to think on ways you can bring a positive impact to anyone, yes anyone, you may meet today. It may be as simple as changing your attitude. The circumstances that happen to you today may be harsh, they may down and out right hurt massive amounts of emotional pain. It’s not permanent, none of this is. Leave behind a legacy of overcoming and adapting to harsh situations. Maybe you haven’t been that way in the past, today is a new day! Start the change you want to see today so your legacy will be one of positive change. 

Too many people let the lives they live be the cause of their death. I want my cause of death to be ‘Excessive world happiness and change!!’ I want to leave this world smiling and I want to smile as well. It is possible. To have a happy cause of death. And once I am gone, I hope many people will pick up the flag of awesomeness and blessings and carry it forward. 

Live It And Share It!!!

I just realized my blog suffers when I am actually out enjoying life!! This past weekend for 4 days I was camping near Duluth, Minnesota. In that time I posted 2 new pieces about our experiences. In that time I never ONCE received a message from my editor saying, ‘Hey!! When are you going to finish that piece on…’ Or ‘You need to make these corrections now before more people read it and begin to hate your writing or thinking you are a bad writer!!’ Not once!! 

My views and people who visited dropped. But that was because I didn’t have anything new to write. I was experiencing large rubber duckies, a Spanish galleon ships, a ship from Spain, The Pride Of Baltimore, Chinese food, waterfalls, road trips, a lighthouse, a 900-foot barge coming in to port, and real life memories with friends and family. 

So, I am sorry blog, but I neglected you for 4 whole days! But you survived. You kept on trying to shine your light, but I am the lighthouse keeper of this blog. And so, from now on, I shall share thoughts, experiences, views all while they happen. And I hope all of the world will continue to drop in and see that life can be loved and lived and experienced and written about. Make today AWESOME, my friends! Live it and share it!! 

Under 50!!


I am 40 years old. I am disabled. And this weekend I discovered at 40 I need to really start having more fun!! 

My wife and I travelled to Duluth, Minnesota with a couple friends for The Tall Ships Festival. Let me tell you, the first couple days, my 40-year old body said, no screamed, NO MORE CAMPING!! But, once again, I came to the conclusion it all depends on water. 

Water was kind of the theme of the weekend being on Lake Superior, drinking water and visiting Gooseberry Falls. As I edge closer to fifty I realize the importance of staying hydrated and taking care of my body. I always say I live by the acronym I came up with a couple years ago, I.M.P.A.C.T. But I really need to start consciously saying I make positive actions come true for myself first. This is even a Biblical principle. Take the stick out of your own eye so you can see clearly to remove the stick from your brother’s eye. 

But, all that said, my wife and I decided (truthfully SHE decided) we need to return again and really start having more fun in life. We aren’t growing younger. Moments are passing by and we work. We work hard! Why not enjoy the fifty years we have left, if we even have that many. As I said, life can throw us curve balls, and we just need to figure out how to react to them. Trying to hold on to youth is a great start, my friends. Exercise. Eat right. And have fun! 

In Less Than A Decade. 


In less than a decade I will be fifty years old, living in the fifty states. 

Of course, I could be proven wrong in part of that sentence. I never know where I will be living in less than a decade. Maybe my wife and I will decide the islands treat us better, or Canada, or Europe. There are far more places to reside than America. 

Being almost fifty has taught me that life can throw curve balls that we need to figure out how to hit out of the park. Yesterday I listened to a speech from President Lincoln talking about how he fought to keep all fifty states together during our Civil War. 

I am not even fifty and I have experienced many great things and this weekend excursion to The Great Lakes Area of Minnesota and Lake Superior gave me another fifty thousand memories to speak on!! This weekend definitely did leave an I.M.P.A.C.T. On me. 

Back To A Simpler Time. 


Thursday morning we arose before the dawn of a new day. A new adventure awaited us after a five hour car ride, Tall Ships of Duluth. 

If you are a friend or family member of mine on Facebook, I am positive you have probably seen quite a few photos my wife has posted. But for the rest of you, I do need to show you a few of my favorites. Truly, I returned to the excitement and wonder of my youth! 

I have for many years been the age of an adult, and yet, when I see a favorite character walk by, I am so amazed I am almost moved to tears of joy like a boy on Christmas morning. Captain Jack Sparrow (the Minnesota version, which was actually spot on!) showed up shortly after we arrived at about noon on Thursday. You can’t tell, but I do have tears of joy in my eyes at this moment. 

There were so many great memories made. This was my first trip to Duluth since boyhood. I was amazed like a boy once again when I saw him walk up into the crowd and stop for photos. Like a child, I would not be ignored and he was almost past me when I stopped him to ask for a photo. 

Then, came every child’s dream for bath time!! 

That behemoth behind us is a huge rubber ducky!! The photo doesn’t do it justice. 

Then there was the camping we did. I have not gone camping since I can’t even remember when!! It has been far too long! And I say that because the first two mornings after waking up in a tent sleeping on the ground showed me that my 40-year old body is so out of shape!! I was hurtin’ those first two nights! This morning, I woke up totally fine, at 7:30 ready to hit the day!! I felt like a kid again when we got to The Depot in Duluth, after much searching for a decent parking spot and a three and a half block walk. Once again proving I am no longer a child. 

We strolled into THIS ROOM

And I nearly started crying tears of joy!! This depot is so incredibly beautiful!! They had music from the 1940’s playing and you can just imagine this great room full of soldiers going off to World War II kissing their wives and girlfriends goodbye as they got ready to board a train which could lead to a one way trip with no return. 

We approached the check-in desk and the pleasant lady behind the counter once again made the childish boy button in me come running out. She informed us that within 5 minutes President Licoln (an actor of course) would be giving a 15-minute presentation about The Civil War!! And you gotta see this!! 

This was the man, actually from Springfield, Illinois!! Talk about a look alike, and from the same city as well!!! Amazing!! 

I have always been a fan of The American Civil War and World War II. And here, within five minutes of each other I get to experience feelings from both!! 

Ask my wife, it’s safe to say I am definitely a child in a man’s body. I become easily over-emotional. I look at every day things, like trains, with awe and wonder. Yes, I will freely admit, I will never be able to fully lose my youth. 

My First Thought. 

My first thought about today’s Daily Post Word Jeopardize was this particular quote. Which is funny because I never knew anyone else had actually said this or thought this. I thought I was being original. Anyway, this quote pretty much speaks for itself. 

No one ever found new lands without being willing to first lose sight of the shore. Another great quote that can be used to describe Jeopardize.