Stones And Sticky Notes.

In ancient times, just a few thousand years ago, man wrote on stone.  If he wanted something remembered, or to stay permanent, he wrote it in stone.  It could not be easily erased.  I am proud of the fact that I live in the state where Post It Notes were invented.  They have another name they go by, Sticky Notes.  Whenever we want a reminder of something we place it on a sticky note.

In the Bible, in Joshua Chapter 24 he asked The Israelites to choose that day whom they would serve.  They chose to serve The Lord.  To commemorate the occasion, Joshua set up a great stone at Shechem, so it would be a reminder that they serve The Lord God Almighty.

I find it interesting that stone can be written upon and sticky notes can be written upon and both serve as reminders of things.  The Ten Commandments were written in stone by the very hand of God.  My honey-do list was written, often on a post-it note, by the very hand of my wife.  And sometimes it seems like ignoring The Ten Commandments is like ignoring a honey-do list from my wife.  It never produces a good result.

Even though we never write on stone anymore,  what is it today that you can write in stone as a testament to the rest of your life?  Maybe you want to rid yourself of a bad habit?  Maybe you want to begin a new journey on a hobby you’ve always wanted to do.  Take the sticky notes out of the drawer and write on them as though you are writing on stone and make a permanent reminder today to always live a life that has I.M.P.A.C.T.  Do that, and you can make positive actions come true.

When Fast Food becomes Easy Food.

I am amazed at our society and how easy it is to get things. Just a few thousand years ago, even just a couple hundred years ago, we were hunter-gatherers in society.  If you didn’t go out and shoot, or trap, or catch, or grow your food, you went hungry for however many nights it took to catch, or shoot, or trap or grow something.  Now, getting food is truly as easy as picking up the phone. If you can dial, you can eat without even leaving your lazyboy. Mcdonald’s McDonald’s Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut, McDonald’s McDonald’s Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut is a children’s SONG FOR THE LOVE OF YOUTH!! COME ON!!! We indoctrinate it into our children’s minds from BIRTH!! That the ease of food, and the ease of life is how to go for things. Am I wrong?

I live in a modest sized town of six-thousand people (roughly).  Even in this town I found out today, getting Burger King or McDonald’s delivered to your doorstep is as easy as picking up the phone and calling the establishment!! I am truly worried that the movie Wall-E was not far off.  Are we going to become a society that lounges on floating chairs and all we need to do is lay back and enjoy the ride?  When did our work ethic take such a nose dive? 

Just a few hundred years ago, people had to work for their food and grow their food.  Yes, they didn’t have cures for many of the diseases we have today, but seriously!! When a person can die of a heart attack or anxiety attack more than cancer or truly have debilitating diseases that cause them so much fear they freeze, something is truly wrong in my book! We used to live in a society that was “survival of the fittest”.  But now it seems like we live in a society of “Survival of The Fastest!” 


At what cause are we creating all this ease?  Has anyone ever truly thought about that and the causes that can create?  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  That’s science! That’s fact.  What we give, we get back! What goes around, comes back around.  So if we are making it so easy that we don’t even have to lift a finger to do anything, what are we causing for our future? Please, can someone else please tell me that they are thinking about these things, and for the sake of all that is Holy, CAN I GET AN AMEN???!!!

The Golden Gate Bridge Is Getting Its First Suicide Nets

The Golden Gate Bridge Is Getting Its First Suicide Nets

And soon all bridges will come with nets. Shouldn’t we try to help those who wish to jump instead?


California officials approved $76 million in funding Friday to install an elaborate system of nets to prevent people from jumping off the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, taking action after more than 1,400 deaths in 80 years.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, which oversees the bridge, will provide $20 million in funding for the project, with the rest coming from state and federal coffers, the Associated Press reports. A small amount of the funding still has yet to be approved, however.

The bridge’s suicide-prevention system has been a long time coming. Golden Gate officials have instituted a number of measures to mitigate suicide attempts, including a telephone hotline, throughout the structure’s long history. Bridge employees, including painters, ironworkers and patrol officers, are responsible for responding to potential jumpers, often putting their own lives in danger in the process.

Despite these efforts, those who survived attempts to jump…

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Adventures In Babysitting.

I, along with my beautiful bride, Britni, have been watching a friends daughter since she was just a wee little one of a couple months old. I have to admit, when I first was alone with this little bundle of crying fits and poopy diapers, I was a wreck!! I was terrible at it, but I never harmed her, but there were days I was so overwhelmed with thoughts of how do I make her stop crying? How can I make everything all right for her?  I am sure that every parent has thoughts like that at one time or another.  Here we are in charge of another life.  A life that cannot support itself.   She has come to express herself quite well in all ways, in the past few months she has really began to explore sounds she can make with her voice.  The typical, “Da Da Da Da!!” is one of my favorites, but she has the most adorable cooing noise we get to hear sometimes as well.  I will be right back after these short intermission to take care of a screaming almost 9 month old.  She was in a fit of rage for a few minutes, but since I am becoming well practiced at taking care of an infant, I knew she was hungry.  After a half hour of a diaper change and a bottle, she is now playing happily in her jumper so I may finish this blog entry.

She has grown to become the pride and joy of my life, as well as, I am sure the pride and joy of my wife’s life. I feel like I am her daddy some days.  Even though I know I am not her daddy, I am honored in having the opportunity to shape her with love and show her who her Heavenly Daddy is.  Who knows what God has in store for me and my wife? We hope one day to have children of our own, but until then we can live vicariously through this little almost nine-month old who fills our lives and home with joy, laughter, some type of parenthood experience, poopy diapers, bottles and baby food.  And then there is my wife’s favorite part… The middnight scream!! For whatever reason, my wife has yet to wake me during these events.  One happened last night I was informed about 3:30am.  I can sleep through a tornado rolling down the street outside if I am asleep.  I fall into almost a coma, but I assure my bride if we are to ever have children of our own, I will get up with them, even if it takes a slap in the face to wake me. Image

Your Mind Is The Vehicle To Reality.

What we think in our mind will end up becoming our reality.  If you think you are ugly or fat, you will become depressed about your appearance and it will show in your actions. Don’t do that! Negative thoughts produce negative actions. Positive thoughts, on the other hand, produce positive actions! Every morning I want you to rise from slumber and say, “I AM BOLD! I AM BEAUTIFUL! I WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY IN MY LIFE AND THE LIVES OF OTHERS!!”  Positive affirmations will produce positive reactions. I promise. If we all become more positive, the positivity will roll into other areas of our lives.  What we reap, that shall we sow. So, I ask you, what are you planting today that will grow tomorrow? If it is not something that you want the world to grasp, rip it out of the ground and start something new.

The Importance Of Team

Friendships, Marriages, Business Partners, Family, Corporations.  What do they all have in common? Two or More are gathered together for a common goal! The importance of teamwork in any scenario in life can be displayed in so many different ways.  Why do marriages fail? Lack of Teamwork.  Why do Corporations Die? Lack of teambuilding and making sure EVERYONE has the common interest of success.  It has been said, “There is no ‘I’ in Team.”  I believe this to be true, but it needs to go deeper than that.  Not only is there no one single person who is valid within a team, but the team needs to stick up for that one person.

We live in a world that is based on the notion that “I must get ahead and I must do anything to achieve that.”  But, what happens when that person you stepped on yesterday is the person you must depend on tomorrow?  We are all on one planet and therefore, we are all part of one team.  We have been called the Human Race, but I see that as a degradation of society worldwide.  We are not in a race and until we decide that we are all in this together and we officially help every single one of our human beings to succeed and survive, we will surely fall.  It has finally reached a pinnacle where we need to stop striving to get to the top of the mountain alone and reach back behind ourselves and help that person struggling behind us.  Why can’t we all see the top of the moutain? Why does it only have to be a select few that reach their goals of the mountain top? If you are struggling with an idea of self today and you feel compelled to only have yourself succeed, I urge you as you read this to please, for the sake of humanity, reach within yourself, search within yourself and realize that there is a world of billions of people besides you who also want enough to eat, they want that dream they have within themselves to be achieved.  What if you are the person who, instead of stepping on them to get ahead, is the person to help them reach that goal?  You can be a dream maker today! I.M.P.A.C.T. Someone Else’s Tomorrow Today!

Five Years After Michael Jackson’s Death, Take a Look Back at His Iconic Style

Five Years After Michael Jackson’s Death, Take a Look Back at His Iconic Style

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Today, June 25, marks the fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. The folks over at Stylight created this infographic to pay tribute to the King of Pop and his iconic style. Behold, MJ’s 10 signature fashion trademarks, plus some fun facts about each one:

Michael Jackson King of Style Infographic

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