Stones And Sticky Notes.

In ancient times, just a few thousand years ago, man wrote on stone.  If he wanted something remembered, or to stay permanent, he wrote it in stone.  It could not be easily erased.  I am proud of the fact that I live in the state where Post It Notes were invented.  They have another name they go by, Sticky Notes.  Whenever we want a reminder of something we place it on a sticky note.

In the Bible, in Joshua Chapter 24 he asked The Israelites to choose that day whom they would serve.  They chose to serve The Lord.  To commemorate the occasion, Joshua set up a great stone at Shechem, so it would be a reminder that they serve The Lord God Almighty.

I find it interesting that stone can be written upon and sticky notes can be written upon and both serve as reminders of things.  The Ten Commandments were written in stone by the very hand of God.  My honey-do list was written, often on a post-it note, by the very hand of my wife.  And sometimes it seems like ignoring The Ten Commandments is like ignoring a honey-do list from my wife.  It never produces a good result.

Even though we never write on stone anymore,  what is it today that you can write in stone as a testament to the rest of your life?  Maybe you want to rid yourself of a bad habit?  Maybe you want to begin a new journey on a hobby you’ve always wanted to do.  Take the sticky notes out of the drawer and write on them as though you are writing on stone and make a permanent reminder today to always live a life that has I.M.P.A.C.T.  Do that, and you can make positive actions come true.


4 thoughts on “Stones And Sticky Notes.

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