We are not in Kansas anymore and this is more than dust in the wind!

At 6:30pm, night before last night I finally took the plunge in my Christian faith and made a conscious decision to stand before my friends and family and say, “I am dead to self, I will from now on no matter what follow Jesus Christ!” Through prayer this was a last minute decision. I called my pastor at 11:30 that same morning and asked, “Is it too late to get involved in the baptism ceremony tonight?”.  At that time I had no idea how many others from the congregation were being baptized, so I had no idea if there would be time or not.  I am pretty sure that baptizing his congregation well into the night is something our pastor WOULD do, but he is human and I am sure its not high on his list of WANT TO do’s.

Yesterday I was in the shower and the song Dust In The Wind came on the radio, “All we are is dust in the wind.”  It’s funny how taking a huge step in one’s faith journey can eternally change their mind. Side note– as I am writing this, with a huge clash of thunder the Heaven’s just opened and its life-giving waters poured forth onto the earth with reckless abandon!! Even the earth needs baptism.

Back to my point.  As I was getting ready for my day yesterday the song “Dust In Wind” by Kansas came on the radio and I was instantly in deep thought and actually arguing with the lyrics on the radio by the second verse! I know, I am a man who argues with things or people who can’t even hear me. Does that mean I talk to the voices? No. I am totally sane, I promise.

The lyrics, “All we are is dust in the wind” really hit me in a way they never had before! I was in the shower at the time and I even said, “NO! WE ARE NOT JUST DUST IN THE WIND! YOU HAVE IT ALL WRONG!! WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!” We are not just a fleeting momentary cosmic accident that can be blown away by any quick breeze that blows. My baptism has drawn me into a much deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here! YOU ARE MORE THAN JUST DUST IN THE WIND!

We were given such an amazing gift and it boggles my mind how many people actually waste it on petty thoughts and petty differences. You are more than dust in the wind. You have a soul. You make a difference for someone’s eternity every single day and you may not even know it! I never thought it would affect me this much, but my baptism day before yesterday has really changed my way of thinking on a lot of different things.  I seem more at ease.  My wife will probably disagree, and I am sure at some point the calmness will wear off, but I seem to be more in tune with my Creator since being baptized. I am more consciously minded in the ways of Eternity.  Asking myself before reacting, “Will this actually make a difference in a year, five years, ten years or even after I am dead and gone?” If not, why worry so much about it. It will be what it will be.  The thing that is dust in the wind, my friends is time.  That is the thing that blows by us as a breath of air and once it is past, it is past.  There is no way to get around the fact that you are not the same person you were five minutes ago.  You have experienced things and those things, even though they seem inconsequential, they have changed you.

Moments pass.  Time flies by.  Events in our life happen and some events are even missed but experienced by others.  There are infinite possibilities of how time can pass because for each and every single person on this earth, past or future, time holds a different perspective.  So, take the time that is flying at you and grab a hold of as much of it as you can.  When those opportunities come to be baptized in a new way of thinking or a new journey in life, take hold of them and never let them go.  It is through the moments that we really grasp that we change the most, and usually for the best. Moments can also have a negative affect on our spirit, but let those moments fly by as grains of sand in the winds of time. Breathe deep the winds of change and see where your spirit wishes to lead. After all, We are more than just dust in the wind and if your journey continues you can’t stay in Kansas very long.


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