There Is A God-Shaped Hole In All Of Us.

I love this lyric and, for me, I know it is true. Until we realize that to become all we can in this life we need to become infinitely connected to that power which exceeds every single one of us.
So, how do we become connected to something that is not connected to space or time? First of all, you need to admit the fact that there is at least a piece of yourself that is not connected to space or time. Whether you believe it or not, you have a soul and that soul needs to be with its creator, God.
Secondly, you need to find a quiet place where, in silence, you can communicate with God. Meditation and prayer and communication is key to your relationship with God. Let me put it this way, if there is someone on the planet that you do not communicate with and spend time with, can you honestly say you are in a relationship with them? No, of course not! And the same holds true with God.
Thirdly, your relationship and communication with Him needs to grow!! In order for your relationship with a human being to grow you need to communicate and learn more and more about them, right? Why do we believe it is any different with God? In my most recent previous post I warned about communicating with spirits and that is true, if those spirits are not God. God is a loving father with whom you should be able to go to with any issue you have and cry, scream, shout, get angry or sad with Him!!! He’s the biggest force in the universe, He can take it! Communicate with Him in all times and you will feel that God-Shaped Hole getting filled with the things of Him.
So, what are the things of God? How can we know that we are on the right track and that our hearts are being filled with the things of Him? Do you have more love, for people and their well-being, both in this world and eternity? That’s a good thing. Do you have more patience when things happen that would have usually set you off? For example, when you are in traffic and that person who is not paying any attention to the road swerves and cuts you off, do you yell and scream and curse at them throwing your hands in the air in rage, or do you look at them and say, well, bless you for not hitting me and I hope you will be more careful before an accident happens and Lord, please help them to be at more peace? If you choose more peace and more love and more forgiveness, congratulations!!! That God-Shaped Hole is being filled with the proper things of God. All you need to do is spend more time with Him in prayer and in The Bible and He will mold you into the blessing for the world that He knew you’d be long before you ever took your first breath to cry. And by becoming more like His Character, you will DEFINITELY make positive actions come true for those whom you encounter and your God-Shaped Hole will be overflowing with the blessings of Him that you were created to share in this world.

The Tricks and Treats Of Halloween

It has truly been an interesting week. Tuesday began with being a support for a friend at her grandmother’s memorial service and today concluded with Halloween. This has been a week of death.
The memorial service got me thinking of death and how we look at it from so many different angles. The daughter of the woman became terribly Ill after the death of her mom, so they put off the memorial service until this week. She had actually passed away a year and a half ago. I couldn’t even imagine being so grief stricken that it causes illness, but it does happen. I have heard of couples who have been married for decades upon decades as childhood sweethearts and when one goes the other goes shortly after. We are connected to one another on deeper levels than we realize until it hits us so personally we finally have to admit we affect one another on so many levels.
Most people celebrated a yearly tradition of celebrating the dead tonight and getting candy from strangers known as Halloween. I used to become so involved in this holiday, but this year I had a change of heart. See, I was baptized back in August and it is true, when one takes a deeper step in their faith without their trying they become a changed person. I was honestly glad that I had to work until 8pm tonight and I was glad I didn’t have to partake in this overindulged holiday. We will find any reason we can to see that our consumer-driven society lives on any day, at any time.
Now, bear in mind, within regular perameters I truly see nothing wrong with the celebrating of Halloween. If this night brings you together with neighbors in costumes sharing candy or even a meal with one another and even remembering those who have passed, I have no worries about it. But, to those who use this night to become closer to the dead and use things like ouija boards and seances and practices of black magic, I urge you to take caution. The dead is not to be triffled with at any cost.
Jesus Christ already paid the price for death and beat it with His death and resurrection on the cross. We needn’t celebrate something that has no power over us. Like I said, if we can use this day as a day of remembers of Jesus Christ and what He accomplished on the cross, or if we use this day to celebrate relationships with one another, and yes, even those who have passed, I feel we are not in the wrong on this day.
When we open ourselves up to communicating to those who have passed we have opened a door that cannot easily be shut and I worry that there are those, though they be few, that use this night for those practices. That can be used as a curse that can affect the rest of your life. So please, be careful.
This night is always a hard night for me as well because it is the night before the morning that my good friend past away from Muscular Dystrophy. I will never forget what I learned about his death that affects me still to this day. The last words anyone ever heard him speak were, “I hope I don’t die tonight.” He then asked his PCA to get him a drink of water and upon his return my friend was gone.
I will be writing a separate entry about that tomorrow as it will be the 9th anniversary of my receiving the news. I have come to the conclusion this year that I must let him go and be with his Savior.
We like to hang on to those who have passed on. We keep pictures, we carry reminders for months or even years! But, I really want you to stop and think about this, what good does that do?! They have gone to their eternal resting place, or they have just died and gone. No matter what you believe about the afterlife, the only person who is affected negatively by us hanging on to them, is ourselves. We need to let them go and give ourselves time to heal.
If you are trying to stay connected to someone who has passed, please let’s talk about it. It is totally healthy to have relationships and conversations with those who are still here, but please do not become involved in the practice of the speaking with the dead, on this night or any other. The one to be connected to is Jesus Christ, He is the only one who, though He died, He rose again and is here for all of us. And He is the one we should be connected to on this night that can bring out a lot of demonic practices even without our realizing it. I love you all and I hope you are blessed and are having good healthy memories of those whom you have lost. Remember, as always, I.M.P.A.C.T. All of your today’s and make them become spectacular tomorrow’s through those impactsts.

The Amazing Race

We all are in the same boat, The Humanity Boat, but there are those who have decided to turn our lives into a race. The Human Race, just the simple phrase, I believe has created divisions among all people that says, “I need to do whatever I need to do to get ahead.”
I wish we could live in a world that decided it is not about a race, it is not about how far I can get ahead. I wish we lived in a world where every single man, woman, child in the entire world believed it is not about how far I can get ahead, but how far can I help those around me get ahead!
Last week I posted a status on Facebook that I was hoping to spend another day in a tractor in the harvest fields of Minnesota. Little did I know at that time that it would turn into so much more than that because of the connections of a friend in the area and the connections I have! I was able to go out two days in the past week, not only with a local farmer, but someone I know from my church!!! I think this is a strong lesson in the notion that God wants us to work together.
We need to disintegrate the notion that humanity is in a race. This life was never meant to be all about how much stuff can I attain and how many people can I leave in my dust to achieve the end goal of the race. We need to take time and turn it into a turtle’s pace. It is only at a turtle’s pace that we can take the time needed to totally embrace the blessings of this life and be a blessing to others.
It’s like the water people you see along the sidelines of a race. They are there to encourage the racers and hand them water to nourish them. But to do that either the racer needs to slow down or the water handler needs to get in pace with the racer.
So, I ask you today, how can you stop the human race and turn it into a lifelong journey where you can help as many of your fellow human beings as possible? I Make Positive Actions Come True. That never happens to a racer who is only concerned with the end prize of their own race!!! You need to stop the race and realize that your fellow human beings need you!!! Turn the human race into the human beings experience and I promise you will have a much deeper fulfilled jourmey


I am in a wheelchair because I was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida. We live in a world where God created children as the most open and honest creatures alive. You want to know the truth about something? Ask a child! They see the world through zero filtered eyes. Everything is how it is!
So, I figured I would write a post detailing my favorite comments and questions I get from kids and the responses from their red-faced, dragging their child away by the arm, embarrassed for no reason parents.
Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.” I am the same way. The only way a child’s questions will be answered is to answer them openly and honestly.
The most frequent question I get from children is, “Mommy, (for whatever reason these questions only come up when “mommy” is around, which I find even more amusing!!) Mommy, why are his legs so small? One child even went as far as to ask, “Mommy, why doesn’t he got any legs???!!!” That one made me laugh with a laugh from the depths of my belly!!!! Oh, the honesty of children!!!
The second question has been happening less and less, because the children see their grandparents using a wheelchair, but still some kids will ask what that funny thing with wheels is. I always always always take these opportunities to talk to the kids, usually eye to eye because I am only as tall as they are. Most adults have to come down to the child’s level, not me!! And I will discuss with the child or children what my wheelchair is and why I have to use it to get around.
With the few children who ask why my legs are so short I will explain that I was born with an “owie” in my back and the doctors had to fix it and my legs don’t work. And since my legs don’t work they didn’t grow like yours do either. My legs have been the same length since I was about ten years old. The key is to always answer them in ways that don’t create more questions about that question. They still have way more questions that need answering, so it is best to not circle around on the same question too much.
Another question I get quite often deals with my wheelchair. How does it move? I love the honest inquisitive nature of children. So, I will respond by showing them how I push on the wheels and then I will pop the front wheels into the air with a wheelie and they will often smile at that and say “WOAH!!!! that is so cool!!!”
I want to encourage my adult readers today to not only should you not stifle your children’s questions to anything, but also don’t stifle your own. We are here to learn, to grow, to communicate and to relate to one another. The only way to do that is to have the faith and questions like a child does and do not have the fear of asking those questions. Some of the questions may be uncomfortable, but once asked it can open a dialog that will help foster relationships that may have never started without the question. Let the children ask their questions and you need not be embarrassed by them. If you let them have that open and honest relationship with others now, they may have that open and honest relationship with you later on when they are teens and out making their own life changing decisions.

Change The World One Sub And Hug At A Time!!!

We have all seen, or done, or at least heard about paying it forward, right? Like when you are in the drive through and your order amounts to $10 and all you have is a $20. So, what do you do? You give the remaining $10 to the person at the window and say, “this will pay for the next person’s order, or at least part of it, or maybe it will pay for more than one, but just use this $20 as far as it will go.” Some people have done this time and time again and most people have at least heard about it. Well, today, I am proposing a new idea.
We’ve all heard the saying, “give a man a fish, feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” Well, how about we start the sandwich make a difference deal? Next time you go to buy a sandwich. Any sandwich, buy two. Then after you leave choose any one person, doesn’t matter if you know them or not, give them the other sandwich and also give them a hug and speak with them for five minutes!!!
This action will not only feed a hungry stomach, but it may also be feeding a hungry soul!!! We are all here to relate and we do not do it nearly enough these days!!! Imagine the stories you could hear and the lives you could touch by simply slowing down and showing what is dying in this world; compassion!!
We need to start caring about everyone we come in contact with both physically and spiritually! We do this and the rest will take care of itself. Now, most people put a time limit on these sort of things, do this for thirty days, or a year. I don’t think that is far enough!!! Buy two sandwiches and spend time with someone as often as you can for the rest of your life!!! Can you imagine the difference you could make if you’d just get out of your own world and start caring about someone Else’s?!!!! This world would be a whole lot better if every single person in it would do every day what we are all here for– relationships!!! Relate to your fellow human beings!!! What if the sandwich you share with someone the next time you buy it would be a down on their luck homeless person who has some great stories about the very business you are trying to succeed at today??!!! Do you honestly believe that everyone who comes into your path is not there for a reason???!!! Share food and stories with them and I promise it will make a difference in the lives of EVERYONE who you reach out to bless through a simple gesture of food and conversation! Break bread and communicate today!!! To do this you will have to unplug from technology and plug into the greatest thing ever created, the human spirit!