A Day Late, But Not Too Late.

Yesterday we in America celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Martin Luther King Jr. for those who don’t know was a man, a preacher in the 1950’s and 1960’s who preached about equality for all people. He was a black man living in a world that was ruled by white men at the time and he fought against it, in the hopes that one day, all men, white, black, rich, poor, upper class, middle class, all classes would be able to live together in peace and harmony with one another and men would be judged based upon the actions of their hearts and their hands, not the color of their skin. But it takes action on things that matter to make these things transpire into real world changes.

Martin Luther 1

Today, we still live in a world where true togetherness is still a long way off. People fight. People war. People take away rights of others. People Lord their invisible powers over others. In truth, we are all one people. We are all human beings! Human beings. What are we being? That is a question for today. The day after we celebrate a great man and the strides he made to make this world a better place. It took action. He didn’t only speak these things with his lips. He acted upon them!

In being a human being, we are being something. Are we being active? Are we being inactive? Are we taking a stand on issues that are important to us to become closer together as humanity. I don’t even like using the words human race any longer. Human Race? Why are we running? Humanity should be a nice leisurely stroll together, hand in hand worshiping and praising GOD! You want to give peace a chance? Give God a chance. He is the author and perfecter of our faith and of peace!

Yesterday schools let out to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. who’s life was cut short by a sniper’s bullet on April 4 in 1968. My parents were in their very early 20’s when this even took place and I am sure that all our country here in America stood still and mourned. Yesterday I was at work and I saw kids running around taking advantage of their day off from school. One child over the weekend even said, “We don’t have school on Monday because it is some black people’s historical day.” SERIOUSLY????!! What are we teaching, or not teaching in our classrooms?

Martin Luther 2

It is all about our actions, people. What actions are we taking to make our world a better place? One of them needs to be education. Education of our history and why things are today they way they are today. What brought us to this point in our historical story? What events happened? What was acted upon in the past? That is the only way we can learn and the only way we can prevent statements like, “some black people’s historical day.” What can you do today to take a small action to make the world a better place so that one day, maybe many years from now, our children can live in a place that is maybe, just a little bit better than it is today? I am not asking you to single-handedly change the world. NO! But, I am asking you today. Learn history. Learn where we were. Learn where we are. Learn where YOU are in the world. What happened there? Why is it the way it is? What can you do to make it better for tomorrow? Martin Luther King did this. Why can we?

3 thoughts on “A Day Late, But Not Too Late.

    1. Interesting question. I am not sure why. Do I agree that it should be changed and Veterans should receive as much respect as MLK? Yes. Definitely. What are your thoughts? Or was this purely rhetorical?


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