What Is In Your Glovebox?

Today I want to talk to you about the journey and making sure you have all the necessary items to survive the journey.

Currently here in Minnesota we are in one of the warmest winters on record. Who knows? Maybe God is bringing back the natural order of the world he first created where there was no snow, there was no ice. But, it is well known that in winter you never travel without the necessary items in your glove box. A winter survival kit is necessary because you never know when you will get stranded and the cold nights where it can dip below zero is a terrible way to be alone in the dark.

But, I am not talking about winter survival today. I am talking about the journey of life survival. What is in your glove box for your journey today? I feel there are some things that are absolutely necessary in everyone’s glove box for their journey in life no matter what model of vehicle they drive. By model of vehicle they drive I mean their cultural status or financial status. We are all people and we all have certain things that we need no matter our station in life.

RelationshipsFirst and foremost, we need relationships. Relationships are the driving force of any journey. Now, I know there are people that will tell you that they desire to be left completely alone and isolated from the rest of the world, but nine times out of ten that stems from past hurts. God created us to be together. God created us to relate to one another. What sort of relationships are you carrying along on your journey today? Are they healthy? Are they supportive? Are they dragging you down? Or are they dragging you to a road you don’t need to go to where you will become stuck?

God created us to thrive and be alive and if we are with the wrong people, that just simply won’t happen. It’s okay to pick up new passengers along the journey, but sometimes we need to drop them off at their own destination.

FaithFaith. I know, I know. There are people in the world who say they have no faith in anything. Once again, this stems from past hurts. Everyone needs to have faith in something bigger than themselves. This is what helps us continue on the journey. Where is your journey leading? What is your destination? I can assure you that where you are trying to arrive is bigger and better than where you are now. You can’t see it at the moment, but you know if you keep on the journey you will get there. Surprise, my friend. That’s faith! You have faith in something bigger than you whether you believe it or not. And it is one of the more important things to carry along with you in your glove box survival kit!

PurposePurpose. Why are you on this journey? What are you trying to accomplish? You need to have a set goal in mind. We were created for a journey but that journey needs a destination. Where are you trying to bring your life? Is it with other people? Is there a specific goal you have in mind for the end of your life so you can look at the journey and say, “yep, I did it!” What are you using as a guide to get there? Is it another person? Is it the path they used before you? Are you following in footsteps? How do you know where you are going?

Roadmapand we need to know how to get there. What are you using as a road map on your journey? Some people use their intuition, some people call it a gut feeling. Other people use the knowledge of others. Some people use their higher power or their faith. No matter what you are looking at as the way to get to your destination, we are all using a road map. It is essential to have one of these on the journey. What is your road map and how are you sure it is leading your correctly?

Toolbox. Sometimes we experience breakdowns on the journey. I know I sure have. I have made wrong turns and gone down roads in my life that I know I never should have, but they have all lead me to where I am now. Yes, even the breakdowns. But, how do we fix the vehicle (our body and spirit) when we experience the breakdown? Do you have the essential tools needed to fix any breakdown that can occur? What if you get a mental disorder? What would you do? What if it is a physical issue? Would you be able to check into a hospital? What will you do in the event of any breakdown or becoming stuck at a location in your life? How will you handle it? These are important questions to answer. Do you have the right tools? Bible

We are all on a journey to somewhere. We will all encounter things that will cause the journey to stop, maybe for a moment, may it will be a long layover until we can fix something or get ourselves unstuck. The key is to know that you have a glove box. Your vehicle does not need to stay broken down. Your journey does not need to be traveled alone. You can pick up passengers to keep you company along the way. Everything you need for your journey will be provided at one time or another. I promise you, God does not want you to experience a bad journey and He promises that you will never do it alone. Did you know that even when it appears your glove box is empty and you appear to be stuck you still have one of the greatest tools in your toolbox to keep moving forward? It is God. He is always with you during the journey and He loves you so much. Carry His Word in your glove box and you will always have a full toolbox to fix any problem that arises.

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