Ode To A Roof!!

the roof of any building is the top. It is the highest point. A roof offers protection from the elements, but a roof can be damaged. It can have holes that let rain drip, or even pour, in. A roof can be ripped off if it is not nailed to a sturdy foundation. 

That is really where we need to start. The foundation!! Is it solid? Will it be able to withstand any storms? Are the walls secured firmly to it? Without a solid foundation and sturdy walls, the roof has no chance!! 

Roofs sometimes need repair. Are you living in a building (your spirit or physical body) that is letting weather in because it needs to be fixed? Fixing a roof doesn’t just happen. You need to get up there and patch the holes and re shingle and make sure the foundation of the building and the roof are solid. 

Roofs can protect us from the strongest winds, but that is only if they are in good repair. A damaged roof offers no protection, so you will be blown around, or worse, the whole building will crash down on you!!! Don’t let that happen. Repair your protection today!! 

1. Communicate- say what you need. Offer to help repair others roofs, but also make sure your relationships under your roof (life) are solid. 

2. Pray- this needs to be done first, because communication with God needs to happen so we have the proper words to say when we communicate with the world. 

3. Offer help- this should be a two-way street. When you help repair or build a roof, others should come help with yours. We are all in this together, as Red Green says. 

4. Offer encouragement. Weather the storms together. If you know someone with damage to their roof, offer to listen or offer repairs if you know how. 

If we’d all take care of our roofs and the roofs of others, we’d all be a lot healthier and drier when the storms come. 

Death Of A Legend.

Death Of A Legend.

The battle between Star Wars and Star Trek has been silenced for one day in honor of Leonard Nimoy. In many Trekkie’s Minds he was THE ONLY Spock. TMZ reports that he died in his home Friday morning after a battle with COPD. He checked into UCLA Medical Center last week for chest pain and was released.

TMZ reports that he played Spock in every episode of the original series when it debuted in 1966. He continued his role as Spock through 2013. Spock wasn’t his only claim to fame. He was also an author and singer! Can you imagine the deadpan Spock singing?! DAMMIT JIM, I’M A SINGER NOT A DOCTOR! LOL! Sorry– Had to throw in some humor.

He last tweeted, “”A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP” The full article from TMZ can be read here:

And so with that, we roll him out to the great expanse of the universe. Live Long And Prosper, Mr. Spock. You will be loved and adored by fans for generations to come, good sir. I must admit here that I was a Star Wars fan myself and never really got into the Star Trek movement, however I know plenty of adoring fans who are deeply saddened by this loss. And I will be the second to admit, Sci-Fi lost an absolute LEGEND this morning! Leonard Nimoy was 83. May his legend live long and prosper and never fade from the earth.



Within the past few hours Kim Kardashian and her attempts to stay relevant and popular in the public eye were beaten to an absolute pulp by a dress– Yes! A DRESS! Is it white and gold, is it black and blue? WHAT COLOR IS THE DRESS????!!!

Wars are being waged, friendships are being challenged– ALL OVER A DRESS!! I have no idea who began this stunt, but to the person I say, “WELL, FREAKIN’ DONE!” This was single-handedly the best internet stunt since Kim Kardashian tried to break it! She failed and this dress has now had more popularity than she ever will! Spend your millions, Kim and stay out of the public eye. YOU ARE JUST A NORMAL PERSON, SO BE ONE!

The dress has taken over! And what style! What pizzazz! This is a dress that Jackie O would wear on a night out on the town, if she were still on this earthly plane. I am truly amazed by how, not just our society, but our world is taken over by little things time and time again. Today, its a dress that begs the question, “What color is it?” Tomorrow, it will be something else. Hopefully, with a little skill on my part and some good marketing hopefully from friends and family, I will be the talk of the town someday and rolling blogger will make it into the Annuls of societies the world over.

But, for tonight, and probably the next week, to a month to come– we shall all, and yes, I do mean ALL will be talking about this little black and blue dress– I mean, white and gold– I mean, black and blue– Oh wait– IT CHANGED AGAIN! BAH! THE COLORS!

We see what we want to see when we want to see it, my friends. I want to take this opportunity of rambling to make my point. Take the time to look at things differently. If you give yourself enough opportunities you can look at the exact same thing different ways and see different things each and every time. Angles. Perspectives. Views. OPINIONS!!! We all have them. The key is to not get too overwhelmingly locked into one or the other. There are very few things that are rock solid truth in this universe. Most things are not cut and dried, black and white, or black and blue or white and gold. Take the time to see different viewpoints on the same thing and you may change your mind and then change it back, but at least you took the time to look at things anew. And that, my friends, is true growth. ITS WHITE AND GOLD AND BLACK AND BLUE! How do YOU see it?

Establishment Of Faith

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What is it that establishes Faith? Faith is belief in something even though it is not seen. Most definitions I found equate faith to religious means, but I think it goes deeper than that. Faith doesn’t only need to be found in spirituality or religion. Faith in your partner. Faith in your relationships. Faith in your abilities. These are phrases that people use as well.

How is faith established? Belief in something even though it is not seen. So, if a person has faith, why do they get divorced? If we have belief in evidence that is not seen, our partner can be truly terrible to us and we would still love them because we have faith. Right?

Faith Established? I don’t believe faith can be established. I believe it can be ripped to shreds, but as a beginning point of faith, I don’t believe there ever truly is one. Faith, Just IS. You either let your belief speak for a person or you don’t. If you have faith, then you will see beyond a persons actions. Faith gets right into the literal heart of the matter. A person’s actions speak louder than words, right? Well, then true FAITH should eradicate any conviction of wrong doing. And if convictions of wrong doing disappears the only thing that remains is forgiveness.

Faith cannot be established. It just is. Faith, for me, is in the same wheelhouse as love. Faith hopes all things, Endures ALL THINGS. It is my belief that if one truly has faith then one should give and receive Agape love, which is a love that is given even when it is not deserved. God’s love is Agape Love, in that He sent His Only Son, Jesus to take the punishment of Hell that we all deserve. THAT is real love. Love that stays!

No matter how someone treats you, whether it be a spouse, or a friend, or even someone you don’t know– Stay! Show them love. It will eventually win over. Remember the events on Calvary? Jesus was nailed to a cross between two criminals. These two men were getting the deserved punishment for their crimes, but Jesus? Jesus hadn’t done anything but spoken out against the religious leaders of the day and proved their way of thinking wrong. He took death and a cross, for you, for me, for all of us. He gave His Life when He did not have to! THAT IS AGAPE LOVE AND THAT IS FAITH!

He had faith that there would be those in the future who would accept his gift of eternal salvation through what He did. Even if only one person in all of humanity after the act of Agape Love He gave accepted His Free Gift of Eternal Salvation, He would have done it anyway. For even just ONE! But His faith in that was established even before there was time. Because He is eternal He Knew.

Faith Is, or Faith Isn’t. But then, How do new people come to realize they have to place their faith in Jesus? I believe somewhere deep within their spirit they already all know. They just finally reach a place where they accept it, because it just is. Faith Is. In our human minds it needs to be established, but in the realm of Eternity, it just is. What are your thoughts on this? I would love to hear from you.

Age Is More Than A Number, Its An Attitude.

Age Is More Than A Number, Its An Attitude.

Remember having your own kids, or being around someone else’s kid who was going through the “Terrible Two’s”? I have no idea where or when that got started, but it never has made sense to me. A child is not going to think, “Oh, I am two now, I get to be a brat because hey, Terrible Two’s!!” Age is merely a number, and today, my number increases by one! Positive Four

At 2:54pm today I begin my last year in my thirties! WOO HOO!! Remember that show “Thirtysomething” from the 80’s? I remember when that show was popular I was thinking, “WOW! That is such a long way off!” And now, here I am knocking on the door of 40!

Age is merely a number though. Remember, in The Bible people lived to be literally a thousand years old. God’s original plan was for humanity to never die. This was going to be our eternal heaven. Thanks for screwing that one up, Adam! Yes, I blame Adam because he was created as a protector for Eve and he didn’t even do that with a FRUIT! YOU CAN’T PROTECT YOUR BRIDE FROM A FRUIT???!! REALLY ADAM?! Well, generations of humanity that now have to die at around 100 thank you! Positive Five

Apparently my attitude just got a little harsh there for a second. Sorry. If you cannot tell, today is my birthday and I am simply free writing a whole bunch of thoughts that enter my head. This post may not make much sense in the end, but it is my birthday and I am writing simply to write. SO THERE!

Positive ThreeYes, even at thirty-nine years old, I still have an attitude some days. DEAL WITH IT! LOL! I have so many thoughts today. Thirty-nine years– Where did they all go? I mean, it seems like yesterday I was a ninth grader starting in a new school wearing my Zuba pants and my funky haircut that was an Ode to Vanilla Ice! Yeah, I was one of the weird ones in high school– STILL AM! HA!

I have been having some health issues this year and as it turns out, most of them are in my head. Age is just a number, life is an attitude. How are you doing in your life? Is your attitude towards positivity? Does it swim in the pools of negativity? I want you to understand, you are as young as you feel. You can be 39 and feel like you are dying, or you can be 100 and feel like a twenty year old! The choice is up to you. How will you feel today and every day for the rest of your life? I hope you will take the postive side of things. Don’t take this life too seriously. Do what you need to do, pay your bills, love others, remember the small things. But, seriously, don’t take too much of the bad stuff seriously. Pain is temporary, Eternity is forever. And sometimes our pain is time in the refiner’s fire. A precious gem only gets that way after all the impurities are burned off. Take the pain of the year and brush it off and you will find you are more precious than you were before.

I am totally rambling for a total of 546,547 words now. Age, mine is growing by one number today, but I promise you, in the coming year I will add so much more to it than just a number! I will not worry about the things in life that don’t matter. I will worry about you! I will worry about your eternity. I will worry about your attitude. Positive Six

People often say, “Don’t worry about others attitudes (I CANNOT TYPE THAT WORD CORRECTLY TODAY TO SAVE MY LIFE!!) Don’t worry about others attitudes.” DON’T WORRY ABOUT OTHERS ATTITUDES???? NO! Worry about them! Attitudes are infections. Positive or negative, they are infections! A bad attitude can bring down 10, 20 or 30 people in the span of an hour. A good attitude can do the same or even more! ATTITUDES SPREAD! SO WORRY ABOUT THEM! BE YOUNG! LOVE EVERYONE! I hope I am getting my point across in my rambling today. As I turn 39, I really realize, half my time on this earth is gone! 78 I will be in 39 more years. I will be lucky to hit that age! Who knows? Maybe I will live to be 100, but no matter the time I have left, it won’t be without making a huge mark in this entire world with my blog! YOU WILL BE IMPACTED BY MY WORDS! OTHERS WILL BE IMPACTED BY WHAT YOU DO WITH THESE WORDS, SO TAKE THEM TO THE DEPTHS OF YOUR HEART! Positive Seven

Jesus Loves you! God Loves You! I Love You! Take today and make the absolute most out of it you can! Suck the marrow out of life. That’s where the true flavor is. What is the aroma of your heart today? Is it one that brings others in? Does it bring positive attitudes, or negative ones? I hope you want to bring a positive change to the world. If your attitude doesn’t match, change it today. BE HAPPY! BE VIBRANT! BE ETERNAL!! That is who and how God created us to be. Positive Two

Why do bad things happen to good people?

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How Leaders Manage


I’ve always been a true believer in the ideology that you reap what you sow. I sternly believe that if you do good things you will have good things happen to you in return.

On the flip side I believe that if you do bad things that bad things will happen to you in return.  That’s only fair. If someone does something that hurts others, they should be punished accordingly.

However, I’ve never really been comfortable with the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  I’m an amateur on the bible but I thought it could have been because your ancestors were being punished through you. After all we are all still suffering for the sins of Adam and Eve.

I’ve also heard many times that the world is just random acts and that no one is promised a life of ease, but I believe it’s more than…

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