Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day, the one day a year I wish would be abolished from the face of the earth!!! I am happily married, so, don’t go making assumptions that I am single or unhappy in my relationship. I love my wife with all that I am.

Here’s the plain and simple truth why I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s like a lukewarm Christian. You can’t be all in love and happy one day, but then turn it off the next. It’s a simple thing, folks. It truly IS black or white. Either you love your significant other every single day of the year, or you don’t love them at all!!!

Why do we need one special day for people to show love and appreciation to their significant other? If you aren’t doing it all the other days of the year you aren’t doing it right and secondly, YOU SHOULDN’T BE DOING IT AT ALL!!! Love is all in, or its not love!

We have become a world that has no idea what love is. You want to know what love is in our house? It’s when I do the dishes or pick up my trash from getting home late at night and grabbing a bite to eat. It’s little glances and laughs that only she and I share. It’s seeing it through the hard times. Sickness, health, richer, poorer, good times and bad, nightmares and laughs!!! Love is all or nothing!!! But, somehow in the past sixty years, we have trivialized it and turned it into 50 Shades Of Grey!!!! I will be writing a follow up post to that soon!

So, to close, I want to say simply this. I am not condoning throwing in the towel, but if both people in the relationship are not willing to show love and fight for it all 365 days a year, why are you in it? Want loyal companionship? Get a dog!!! Find some friends!!! Do not tread on someone’s heart and soul day in and day out because you think it’s a fun story to tell at the lunch counter or cocktail parties.
Be in love all the way, or don’t be in love. And if someone is only giving you part of their time and treating you like dog crap the next, again, get a dog! They are far more loyal.
Celebrate love each and every day of the year! Friendship love, romantic love, platonic love, ALL LOVE!!! Every day!


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