A Week Unlike Any Other

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Feeling Fancy.”

DISCLAIMER: This entire post is fictitious. This trip did not really happen. The Images are all from Google.com/images

When this opportunity arises, my bride and I are already in a bridal suite of a hotel when the phone rings. I rise early in the morning to the phone call we have been offered an all expenses paid trip anywhere we want. This is our day and we are going to take it! I wake my bride and tell her what happened and order a hearty breakfast of waffles, with whipped cream and blueberries and strawberries, of course, orange juice, sausage links, biscuits and gravy and just for good measure an omelet that has green peppers, red peppers, ham, bacon, onions, mushrooms and gooey cheese flowing through the spaces left between the ingredients. I rouse my bride with the smells of breakfast in the room and we share this meal together.

Room Service

After breakfast, we get into the hot tub at one of the best hotels in the city. We soak in the hot tub for about forty-five minutes and then take a sauna for another half hour while relaxing. I call the airline while relaxing and say, “I want to be surprised and I wish to visit historical locales, but my wife and I wish to travel to some exotic locations in the world today. Give us your five best destinations and we shall use them within the next week.


I turn to my bride and say, “Take the week off work, we are sight seeing!” Apprehensively, she does. But, this turns out to be the best decision either of us has made in a long time.

ViennaOur first destination is Vienna, Austria. The home of Mozart and Beethoven. My wife is overjoyed to see my elation of being in the home of two of my favorite composers of all time. My joy is her joy and vice versa. We are all about making the other as happy as we can through our actions and words. To be in this location brings me back to the centuries when they were composing their music and hardly anyone had heard of them yet.

OsloOur second location we arrive in is Oslo, Norway. I have a family history in Norway and I have always wanted to see it, so that becomes our second destination. We spend the day walking through the city and visiting all the historical fisheries. Of course, since my mom’s occupation was an art teacher until she retired we must visit some of the locations that hold the artwork of Edvard Munch. We dine on the best of the local quisine that day taking in the sites and sounds and most importantly the smells of the port city of Norway full of culture and diverse opportunities to explore.

Our third destination surprisingly takes us to France. Of course, in France there are two places I absolutely must visit. I want to sit upon the beaches of Normandy and take in the grand scale of the invasion of Europe from Allied Forces during World War II.Normandy

French Cafe And I want to sit at a cafe and have lunch, with my beautiful wife in Paris. I can almost smell the french bread baking and the aroma of coffees and wines from around the globe now. Even though I have never been, I can imagine the sights and scents.

LondonOur fourth destination is London, England. Why travel backwards like that? Because we can. This is our time and we can go anywhere we please. I want to roll along the centuries old cobblestone streets and see the culture of London. It has always been a city with which I have been in love.

Egypt1Finally we grab our own personal jet again, all fueled up and ready to go, and we fly to Egypt. The rich Biblical history of this country has me in awe. The Pyramids, The Exodus of Moses and The Israelites. I want to sit at the shores of the Red Sea and envision the waters receding to a point where it is dry land and an easy escape for the refugees. Egypt2

While in Egypt we decide that we want to rent a car and drive down through the entire continent of Africa. AfricaMoney is of no issue, so we stop at as many places as we can and visit villages that seem as though they have been lost in time and what do we do? We help! We bring food and education to everyone we meet that needs it. Our money and resources flow like water to those in need. My bride and I have single-handedly decreased world hunger in Africa by 99% with this trip! It’s amazing to me what God can do with resources when we give them all to Him. AfricaPeople

Since we have the unlimited funds to do this trip our final destination before traveling home during our MONTH LONG excursion is Australia. Remember, we have nothing but money and time, we will never experience anything like this in our lives ever again, so I figure why not live it up! Our jobs at home can wait. The people we could see with this opportunity and the lives we would change would be unlike any other. So, we throw caution to the wind and spend our last four days of this trip in Australia. Australia

While in Australia, my wife befriends a Koala!Koala And by only what can be described as a miracle from God, we are allowed to take the koala home and make him our docile pet as we have no children of our own. I fall in love with the warmth and beauty of Australia and try to convince my wife to stay in Australia and we can make it our new home. That, as with most of my recommendations, is knocked down because I never think of things logically before spewing an idea forth. The time has come to return home.

We board our own personal jet once again and within twenty-four hours we are back home again in Montevideo, Minnesota with the snow and cold temperatures, and of course, our new pet koala, Koa Mika Bamboo Shoot.Montevideo

From then on, my wife and I would be known as World Travel Professionals of Montevideo.

The moral of this story is, do not wait! Take those trips. Make those memories. Throw some caution to the wind and see where it takes you.


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