The Future Is Unwritten, The Past Has Been Written For A Reason.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “One-Way Street.”

If I had a time machine that could only travel one direction, either to the past or the future, I would definitely choose the future! I would love to see how things end up. Who knows, maybe I could come back to the present and change some decisions so the future doesn’t go the way I see it from the time machine.

The past? That is what brought me here and believe me, that is truly a gift! If I could be anywhere else doing anything else with anyone else, no thank you! I am married to a wonderful woman and I love my life. Every single moment I have lived in the past (so close to) thirty-nine years has led me here! Why would I change any one of those things? Sure, I could erase some pain, or bad decisions, but in the course of that, I would change a lot of good things too. Why do that?

No. If I had a time machine and I could either go to the past or to the future, let me go to the future. The future has yet to be written. Who’s to say that whatever I witness in the future cannot be changed? Who’s to say that whatever I witness in the future DEPENDS on ME to change it? No. My past is what led me to where I am now. It is finished and it is AWESOME! The future? Who knows? But, I will tell you this. Any little decision you make today can define your future. That word you spoke in anger to a friend or coworker, or God Forbid, a boss? Yeah. THAT can define your future. That decision you made to not help someone or even TO HELP SOMEONE, that can define a whole lot of futures.

What if the person you help today ends up being the major player in a world changing event of the future? What if by supporting someone today you are making a decision to change the outcome of millions of people’s future? Will you deny it? Go to the future. See what will happen and then come back to today. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE TODAY WHAT WILL AFFECT TOMORROW! Why not take that chance?

I see it as the only way to go. Leap forward to the future, as long as you come back to NOW and make the positive changes that will impact the world in a grand manor tomorrow. I MAKE POSITIVE ACTIONS COME TRUE! The only way to do that is to look forward, not look back. Be a visionary today and see where the journey can take you, or us, or the world.

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