Ebb And Flow

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ebb and Flow.”

I’ve been a blogger for almost four years now and it has been an amazing journey. I remember back in my early days when my reasons for blogging would flow back and forth from writing for the world and gaining knowledge on critical issues to writing to promote and popularize myself. I finally realized that I am the message that will make a positive change in the world. My experiences  and my knowledge will make a positive change.

I finally came to a point just about a year and a half ago where I realized blogging is more than just numbers and trying to get to a stage where I could earn a living from it. When I really started to write from my heart the rest would just fall into place.

So, to you new bloggers out there, take your writing and make it your passion. Through that others will see your passion and they will want the joy you have found. Don’t try to be like other bloggers. Be yourself and your blog will be as awesome as it is meant to be. Four years ago, I was just starting my blogging journey. Now look, it is all I do and I do it so well I get paid enough money to never have to work again, because I found my passion in blogging. Find your path and follow it.

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