Thank You Long Lost Aunt!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Gone with the Windfall.”

the first thing I would do is buy the southwest corner acreage of the farm I grew up on. Then I would build a nice log cabin type house with a three car, maybe three and a half car, attached garage.

Ever since my wife first saw that area of the farm she fell in love with it!! It’s currently a twenty-acre field that sits on the shores of a lake that is surrounded by huge trees that are probably as old as Minnesota!! The wind really whips through there in the winter months, but it is nice and breezy and cool in the summer months. The sounds of the birds chirping in the trees and the flow of the water is like heaven!!!

After all that was said and done and I had nothing to do but concentrate on writing I would pay off any and all debt my wife and I have. Our current house, I would pay it off and fix it up so We could sell it for a nice profit to use even more to make our dream home on the farm a reality.

My wife sells Essential Oils, so once our debt and new dream home and probably a new car for her was all taken care of I would make sure she had enough supplies to make her bath salts and lip balms and hand sanitizers to keep on selling until our grandchildren (if we are blessed to ever have children who will have children) would take over and keep selling. The key is to find something that keeps growing and providing so the windfall money never dries up!!

That way we can do what makes us happy and travel and see the world and help others. That’s why we are all here any way. If only everyone would see that it would truly be heaven on earth. And we would all have what we need.

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