Well, Isn’t That Strange!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blogger in a Strange Land.”

My blog posts come to me at all times and all places. I have had ideas hit me in the shower, in the car and while at work. The most popular place my ideas come from, I guess you could call me the Allison Dubois of blogging. I dream about them.

The sad part about dreaming about them is as soon as I wake up the idea or ideas are gone. POOF!

I have dreams of writing in my favorite coffee shop in St Paul, Minnesota. I used to live only a few short blocks from it, so I know it would be a great writing place. During the spring and summer it is full of people walking along the river’s edge.

I need to venture around our little town Montevideo, Minnesota to find my favorite writing spot here. We have some cute shops on First Street (the Main Street) through town and it would be fun to just move up and down from shop to shop writing about what I see in a descriptive style that would take you all here. However, my writing is not THAT good yet. But, one day I will find that perfect spot that makes my writing live a life that will draw you all in. And Montevideo will become YOUR TOWN to write, visit, play, explore.

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