The Gift

We all receive gifts. Sometimes it’s a bright sparkly jewelry or that new gadget or toy we wanted. Other times, it’s a pair of socks that was wrapped up in the prettiest paper and the most elegantly-tied bow. 

When we finally rip away the pretty paper to find something ordinary we are less than amused. We toss the socks to the side and move on trying to find the next gem or prize possession. 

Here is where the problem, as I see it, arises– we do this with people too. If someone doesn’t match our flavor for what is awesome we simply throw them aside and pay no attention to them. Why do we do that? Are we not aware that ALL are precious in His Sight? 

The next time you see someone who is all glammed up and you want to spend your money buying whatever it is that they have to offer, remember, they are just a person trying to make it too. 

I read an article this morning about the queen of the music scene since 2005, Lady Gaga, this morning. It talked about how she has shed her awe-inspiring persona and has really diminished in the scene of music. Sure, she did an albumn with Tony Bennett. Sure, she sang from The Sound Of Music at the Oscars, but she did it all without all the glam and shocking get-ups! She was simply Lady Gaga AND PEOPLE LOVED HER!!!! 

What fancy paper and bows are you using today to hide your true self from the rest of the world? What would happen if you stripped away all those false personifications and you were just the person God created you to be? Maybe the world would be a better place by simply knowing the broken, fear filled, lonely person you really are. Maybe, there are thousands of others who can identify with whatever it is you are hiding and through being the real you the world can heal together from these issues. 

Take off the fancy wrapping paper and sparkly vernier of your outer package and show the world that we are really all the same and through that, instead of seeing yourself as a pair of stupid, ordinary socks, you’ll see that you ARE a priceless gem in need of love and forgiveness. 

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