Age Is More Than A Number, Its An Attitude.

Remember having your own kids, or being around someone else’s kid who was going through the “Terrible Two’s”? I have no idea where or when that got started, but it never has made sense to me. A child is not going to think, “Oh, I am two now, I get to be a brat because hey, Terrible Two’s!!” Age is merely a number, and today, my number increases by one! Positive Four

At 2:54pm today I begin my last year in my thirties! WOO HOO!! Remember that show “Thirtysomething” from the 80’s? I remember when that show was popular I was thinking, “WOW! That is such a long way off!” And now, here I am knocking on the door of 40!

Age is merely a number though. Remember, in The Bible people lived to be literally a thousand years old. God’s original plan was for humanity to never die. This was going to be our eternal heaven. Thanks for screwing that one up, Adam! Yes, I blame Adam because he was created as a protector for Eve and he didn’t even do that with a FRUIT! YOU CAN’T PROTECT YOUR BRIDE FROM A FRUIT???!! REALLY ADAM?! Well, generations of humanity that now have to die at around 100 thank you! Positive Five

Apparently my attitude just got a little harsh there for a second. Sorry. If you cannot tell, today is my birthday and I am simply free writing a whole bunch of thoughts that enter my head. This post may not make much sense in the end, but it is my birthday and I am writing simply to write. SO THERE!

Positive ThreeYes, even at thirty-nine years old, I still have an attitude some days. DEAL WITH IT! LOL! I have so many thoughts today. Thirty-nine years– Where did they all go? I mean, it seems like yesterday I was a ninth grader starting in a new school wearing my Zuba pants and my funky haircut that was an Ode to Vanilla Ice! Yeah, I was one of the weird ones in high school– STILL AM! HA!

I have been having some health issues this year and as it turns out, most of them are in my head. Age is just a number, life is an attitude. How are you doing in your life? Is your attitude towards positivity? Does it swim in the pools of negativity? I want you to understand, you are as young as you feel. You can be 39 and feel like you are dying, or you can be 100 and feel like a twenty year old! The choice is up to you. How will you feel today and every day for the rest of your life? I hope you will take the postive side of things. Don’t take this life too seriously. Do what you need to do, pay your bills, love others, remember the small things. But, seriously, don’t take too much of the bad stuff seriously. Pain is temporary, Eternity is forever. And sometimes our pain is time in the refiner’s fire. A precious gem only gets that way after all the impurities are burned off. Take the pain of the year and brush it off and you will find you are more precious than you were before.

I am totally rambling for a total of 546,547 words now. Age, mine is growing by one number today, but I promise you, in the coming year I will add so much more to it than just a number! I will not worry about the things in life that don’t matter. I will worry about you! I will worry about your eternity. I will worry about your attitude. Positive Six

People often say, “Don’t worry about others attitudes (I CANNOT TYPE THAT WORD CORRECTLY TODAY TO SAVE MY LIFE!!) Don’t worry about others attitudes.” DON’T WORRY ABOUT OTHERS ATTITUDES???? NO! Worry about them! Attitudes are infections. Positive or negative, they are infections! A bad attitude can bring down 10, 20 or 30 people in the span of an hour. A good attitude can do the same or even more! ATTITUDES SPREAD! SO WORRY ABOUT THEM! BE YOUNG! LOVE EVERYONE! I hope I am getting my point across in my rambling today. As I turn 39, I really realize, half my time on this earth is gone! 78 I will be in 39 more years. I will be lucky to hit that age! Who knows? Maybe I will live to be 100, but no matter the time I have left, it won’t be without making a huge mark in this entire world with my blog! YOU WILL BE IMPACTED BY MY WORDS! OTHERS WILL BE IMPACTED BY WHAT YOU DO WITH THESE WORDS, SO TAKE THEM TO THE DEPTHS OF YOUR HEART! Positive Seven

Jesus Loves you! God Loves You! I Love You! Take today and make the absolute most out of it you can! Suck the marrow out of life. That’s where the true flavor is. What is the aroma of your heart today? Is it one that brings others in? Does it bring positive attitudes, or negative ones? I hope you want to bring a positive change to the world. If your attitude doesn’t match, change it today. BE HAPPY! BE VIBRANT! BE ETERNAL!! That is who and how God created us to be. Positive Two

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