Within the past few hours Kim Kardashian and her attempts to stay relevant and popular in the public eye were beaten to an absolute pulp by a dress– Yes! A DRESS! Is it white and gold, is it black and blue? WHAT COLOR IS THE DRESS????!!!

Wars are being waged, friendships are being challenged– ALL OVER A DRESS!! I have no idea who began this stunt, but to the person I say, “WELL, FREAKIN’ DONE!” This was single-handedly the best internet stunt since Kim Kardashian tried to break it! She failed and this dress has now had more popularity than she ever will! Spend your millions, Kim and stay out of the public eye. YOU ARE JUST A NORMAL PERSON, SO BE ONE!

The dress has taken over! And what style! What pizzazz! This is a dress that Jackie O would wear on a night out on the town, if she were still on this earthly plane. I am truly amazed by how, not just our society, but our world is taken over by little things time and time again. Today, its a dress that begs the question, “What color is it?” Tomorrow, it will be something else. Hopefully, with a little skill on my part and some good marketing hopefully from friends and family, I will be the talk of the town someday and rolling blogger will make it into the Annuls of societies the world over.

But, for tonight, and probably the next week, to a month to come– we shall all, and yes, I do mean ALL will be talking about this little black and blue dress– I mean, white and gold– I mean, black and blue– Oh wait– IT CHANGED AGAIN! BAH! THE COLORS!

We see what we want to see when we want to see it, my friends. I want to take this opportunity of rambling to make my point. Take the time to look at things differently. If you give yourself enough opportunities you can look at the exact same thing different ways and see different things each and every time. Angles. Perspectives. Views. OPINIONS!!! We all have them. The key is to not get too overwhelmingly locked into one or the other. There are very few things that are rock solid truth in this universe. Most things are not cut and dried, black and white, or black and blue or white and gold. Take the time to see different viewpoints on the same thing and you may change your mind and then change it back, but at least you took the time to look at things anew. And that, my friends, is true growth. ITS WHITE AND GOLD AND BLACK AND BLUE! How do YOU see it?

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