Ode To A Roof!!

the roof of any building is the top. It is the highest point. A roof offers protection from the elements, but a roof can be damaged. It can have holes that let rain drip, or even pour, in. A roof can be ripped off if it is not nailed to a sturdy foundation. 

That is really where we need to start. The foundation!! Is it solid? Will it be able to withstand any storms? Are the walls secured firmly to it? Without a solid foundation and sturdy walls, the roof has no chance!! 

Roofs sometimes need repair. Are you living in a building (your spirit or physical body) that is letting weather in because it needs to be fixed? Fixing a roof doesn’t just happen. You need to get up there and patch the holes and re shingle and make sure the foundation of the building and the roof are solid. 

Roofs can protect us from the strongest winds, but that is only if they are in good repair. A damaged roof offers no protection, so you will be blown around, or worse, the whole building will crash down on you!!! Don’t let that happen. Repair your protection today!! 

1. Communicate- say what you need. Offer to help repair others roofs, but also make sure your relationships under your roof (life) are solid. 

2. Pray- this needs to be done first, because communication with God needs to happen so we have the proper words to say when we communicate with the world. 

3. Offer help- this should be a two-way street. When you help repair or build a roof, others should come help with yours. We are all in this together, as Red Green says. 

4. Offer encouragement. Weather the storms together. If you know someone with damage to their roof, offer to listen or offer repairs if you know how. 

If we’d all take care of our roofs and the roofs of others, we’d all be a lot healthier and drier when the storms come. 

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