No Path Uncharted.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Alma Mater.”

Dear Students of Montevideo Senior High,

You are embarking upon a great and arduous journey. A journey that some of you won’t make it more than a few more years (I hope I am wrong, but statistics say I am not). A journey that will take some of you the next eighty plus years. You currently have plans. I am here to tell you, those plans will probably change. You may go to college. You may fail out of college (I did a couple times). You may get married (again, I did, twice). You may have kids. You may not do any of these things.

Life can throw surprises at you that you never saw coming. Maybe you will contract a disease. Maybe you will cure a disease. The key is, no matter what, stand firm in your beliefs and your resolve to fight through whatever comes. This life is ravaged with battles and you will have your scars. Do not let them define you!

There are those who say this life is what we make it. I say, life is a surprise. Take it as it comes in all its glorious forms and make the most of every opportunity you can. You never know when your opportunities will be up. You never know when, after years and years, an opportunity will reemerge in a different form than you originally considered. The only regret most people have is the opportunities they didn’t take. So, jump on board with anything that presents itself.

Make relationships. This is one key. You never know who will end up being your most important support in this life and we all need support. Make those relationships now and keep them through life. I am amazed that I still have a few friends that I have known since KINDERGARTEN!! For me, that is a long long time. Make those relationships and keep them, but that will take weeding in your garden of friends. Some have to be thrown out so others can grow.

Finally, in all things, HAVE FUN! I know 18 year olds who feel old and worn down. I know 60-70 year olds who feel as young as high schoolers or college students. You are only as old as you feel, so hold on to your youth as long as possible and have fun! If it is not fun, its time to seek out new things. The journey will continue.

Sometimes the journey will move forward, sometimes it will move backward. Just keep it moving. You never know what is around the next bend in the journey. Through it all, keep your attitude positive. It will help you in the long run to not be so negative about anything. Work Hard. Play Hard. Give when you can. I promise, it will come back in a good way for you.

This is the advice I wish someone had given me in high school. Pay no attention to groups, or cliques. Those who are only seeking popularity will be the most unpopular within ten years. Those who seek genuine friendships will be friends for a lifetime. Stay the course and fight your battles until the bitter end. You will be great! But, it is up to you to be EXTRAORDINARY!

Ebb And Flow

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ebb and Flow.”

I’ve been a blogger for almost four years now and it has been an amazing journey. I remember back in my early days when my reasons for blogging would flow back and forth from writing for the world and gaining knowledge on critical issues to writing to promote and popularize myself. I finally realized that I am the message that will make a positive change in the world. My experiences ¬†and my knowledge will make a positive change.

I finally came to a point just about a year and a half ago where I realized blogging is more than just numbers and trying to get to a stage where I could earn a living from it. When I really started to write from my heart the rest would just fall into place.

So, to you new bloggers out there, take your writing and make it your passion. Through that others will see your passion and they will want the joy you have found. Don’t try to be like other bloggers. Be yourself and your blog will be as awesome as it is meant to be. Four years ago, I was just starting my blogging journey. Now look, it is all I do and I do it so well I get paid enough money to never have to work again, because I found my passion in blogging. Find your path and follow it.

Thank You Long Lost Aunt!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Gone with the Windfall.”

the first thing I would do is buy the southwest corner acreage of the farm I grew up on. Then I would build a nice log cabin type house with a three car, maybe three and a half car, attached garage.

Ever since my wife first saw that area of the farm she fell in love with it!! It’s currently a twenty-acre field that sits on the shores of a lake that is surrounded by huge trees that are probably as old as Minnesota!! The wind really whips through there in the winter months, but it is nice and breezy and cool in the summer months. The sounds of the birds chirping in the trees and the flow of the water is like heaven!!!

After all that was said and done and I had nothing to do but concentrate on writing I would pay off any and all debt my wife and I have. Our current house, I would pay it off and fix it up so We could sell it for a nice profit to use even more to make our dream home on the farm a reality.

My wife sells Essential Oils, so once our debt and new dream home and probably a new car for her was all taken care of I would make sure she had enough supplies to make her bath salts and lip balms and hand sanitizers to keep on selling until our grandchildren (if we are blessed to ever have children who will have children) would take over and keep selling. The key is to find something that keeps growing and providing so the windfall money never dries up!!

That way we can do what makes us happy and travel and see the world and help others. That’s why we are all here any way. If only everyone would see that it would truly be heaven on earth. And we would all have what we need.

Well, Isn’t That Strange!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blogger in a Strange Land.”

My blog posts come to me at all times and all places. I have had ideas hit me in the shower, in the car and while at work. The most popular place my ideas come from, I guess you could call me the Allison Dubois of blogging. I dream about them.

The sad part about dreaming about them is as soon as I wake up the idea or ideas are gone. POOF!

I have dreams of writing in my favorite coffee shop in St Paul, Minnesota. I used to live only a few short blocks from it, so I know it would be a great writing place. During the spring and summer it is full of people walking along the river’s edge.

I need to venture around our little town Montevideo, Minnesota to find my favorite writing spot here. We have some cute shops on First Street (the Main Street) through town and it would be fun to just move up and down from shop to shop writing about what I see in a descriptive style that would take you all here. However, my writing is not THAT good yet. But, one day I will find that perfect spot that makes my writing live a life that will draw you all in. And Montevideo will become YOUR TOWN to write, visit, play, explore.