Set Aside Time

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”

We all lead busy lives. We all have hectic schedules, deadlines, meetings, family obligations, household obligations. And we only have 24-hours in which to complete all these things, most of them on a daily basis. It is truly a wonder that humanity has not ground to a complete stop yet. We have revved our internal engines up to ten-thousand RPM’s and they can only run so long at that speed before we burn out. “Therefore, a day set aside for worship and rest is not only a mere principle, it is essential.” (Page 82, The Love Dare, Day By Day- A Year Of Devotionals For Couples)

The Bible says that there needs to be a day of rest, for everyone. Christians call that day the sabbath. There is not a thing on this earth that does not need to take time to recharge, or it will die. Some cultures believe that every single thing in the universe, whether it breathes, or not, has energy. I believe that to be true as well. We all share energy. We all have energy. And we all use up our energy without a recharge. It is devastatingly important to take time to slow down and recharge. So, how do you choose to do that?

Maybe, you recharge by spending time with a loved one. Maybe you recharge by writing in a diary, or a blog. That’s how I do it. It is early morning here in Minnesota as I write this and my wife is fast asleep. I am using this silent time to reflect and write. It is a recharge for me. I wish I could find a better time to do it, but this is when it works for me. What works best for you? Let’s set aside some time and discuss recharging our batteries with each other. We can rest together and recharge each other with our discussions too. Can you set aside five minutes of your day to not only recharge yourself, but post a comment on this post and possibly recharge another person? Every ripple can turn into a wave if given enough energy. Will you throw a stone into the pond of this conversation today and make a positive change for someone else?

Fairies Die By Disbelief!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”

I recently watched the film, Finding Neverland, on Netflix and I found this film to be one of my most favorite Johnny Depp films to date. In it, Depp plays J. M. Barrie, the playwright who went on to create Peter Pan and the imaginary world of Neverland. As I read the news a few days ago I came upon a story about how an area in Somerset’s Wayford Woods is condemning the finding of a bunch of tiny doors on trees. These trees are supposed homes to fairies!!

Now, I for one, like to have an imagination, don’t you? Why are we always being forced to grow up and stop believing in fairy tales and fairies and Peter Pan and worlds that we can fly to with a simple sprinkling of pixie dust? Why?! What is the harm in finding a few doors on trees? These doors could lead children, or maybe even adults, to some major new rooms in their own lives. Why do we continue to stifle creativity? Why do we continue to cut out artistic programs that will teach people to think, grow, imagine, act, change, adapt, and learn? What are we afraid of? Are we truly afraid that our own ideals will be challenged, and God forbid, maybe even CHANGED?!! GASP! SAY IT ISN’T SO!

It is said, in another Peter Pan based film, Hook, that fairies die by our disbelief, it is also stated in Finding Neverland. Maybe there is something to it, if it is stated blatantly in two films. Maybe we should begin to take note of it and believe again! Create again! Imagine a world where we all had the faith of a child and we wouldn’t take down doors on trees in woods that are doing no harm to anyone, not even the trees! Imagine a world that we could create and if we only believed, it was ALL possible! What a world it would be.