A Big World Growing Closer.

fifty years ago people heard about countries that didn’t have the basic necessities of survival like water, food, clothing or shelter and they asked the question, “well, what can I do?” 

Today, we live in a world that still has hunger and polluted water and areas of no food because people not only have stopped asking what they can do, but they have also stopped doing. If you have the means to help and you don’t, you are just as much a part of the problem as the problem itself. We are all connected. Which means, or should mean, we are all affected!! If you see someone who needs something and you have it, why wouldn’t you provide it? We need to stop living in a world of self and live in a world that is all one humanity!!! There is enough. Do not feed into the lie that there is not enough space, food, water, or shelter for every single human being on the planet because there is!!! The problem is greed. The problem is when someone sees someone else going without, they think, “that is something someone else is supposed to deal with.” My friends, if you are able to have a savings account for more than a rainy day, you have more than enough!! Why not share it, locally or globally, it can be shared. And it can be something as small as your time. God has given enough provisions for everyone. When will we realize it and make sure that everyone has their share? 


kitchen shears, knives, forks, chop sticks, spatulas, lawn mowers, jogging shoes, hiking shoes, cars, wheelchairs, ropes, glasses, tooth brushes. All of these and so many more objects we use every single day and we take them for granted. They were tested. They were thought about. They were designed. And we take them for granted every single day!! 

Imagine if you were to consciously think of everything you do every single day. Imagine taking the time to think of breath. Imagine the time to think of every step you take. How many breaths or steps do you take every day? How many products or objects do you utilize every single day and don’t think anything of it? Someone had to think an awful lot to make that product you use every day. Why aren’t we more grateful for that? 

For the next week I want you to consciously think as much as you can about each moment you live!! Every breath. What processes do they create? Every step. Are they taking you where not only you want to go, but also where you NEED to go? Be as conscious about things you do and use every day, it will help you truly appreciate what is truly important. Be objectified by life! When something is objectified we are deeply thinking of it and conscious of it, are we not? 

Run Your Race. 

I shall run the race that is set before me!!! What we need to learn is we can’t run before we walk. We can’t go the distance if we give all of our energy out of the starting gate. A person has never in the history of marathons or Olympic events woke up one morning and said, “I am going to run a marathon today!!” Or, “I am going to be an Olympian today!!” NO!! They set a goal and took the steps toward it. 

Your race in life is not a sprint! You can’t just run a hundred meters and be done with your race. You need to prepare for hurdles. You need to prepare for other runners to be in your way. You need to prepare for other runners that may need encouragement. No one runs alone. Run your race, but prepare for the distance run. You have no idea what is coming up. No one ever reached the rooftops to shout from by skipping the ladder. Use each rung to work toward the top. 

The Jesus Code


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Walk the Line.”

The Daily Prompt today asks Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

I suppose it is trite to say but I try to live by the motto “WWJD” (What would Jesus do). I approach everyday with prayer directed to Jesus Christ and a renewed hope in His mercies which are new every morning.

Over time I have learned that trying to be like Jesus in my own strength is a fool’s errand. I can no more attain Christ-likeness by my own striving than a turnip can attain humanity by growing in the garden. Left to itself a turnip will always be a turnip and left to my own machinations I will always remain a sinner. But there is hope, for me at least. While…

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even the faintest light cancels out complete darkness. With the flicker of a spark darkness dies!!! 

Do you understand this? If you have even just one momentary spark, you cannot be in complete darkness!! 

Darkness is the absense of light. If you carry a spark of light with you, in your soul, you are canceling all darkness. Take hold of that knowledge and use it as power!!! As long as you exist, which by the very definition of energy is eternally, you carry with you a light. Use it, my friends!! Use it and light the world with purpose. 

Raptured Humans

Do you ever see someone selling an outfit online and they have it laid out on the floor or chair, or bed like someone would be wearing them except that person is no longer there? Two thoughts cross my mind, the first is, “hey! Someone is walking around naked! They moved, but their clothes stayed here!”my second thought is, “hey! Raptured human!!!” 

Do you ever have weird thoughts like that? 

New Adventures!!! 

I am beginning a new journey with a local radio station here in town and I am trying to promote them. It is a station that has a lot of variety from the past thirty five years. On the radio dial it is 96.7, but it only has a reach of about 15 miles right now. 

Most of my blog readers are much farther away than that, so fear not!!! You can still listen to 96.7 KRAM on your internet connection using the Tune In App. Simply go to http://www.kram967.com and click the tune in app button in the upper right corner. Some time in the near future a dear friend of mine, JC Michaels will be returning to broadcasting with KRAM!!!! So, be sure to tune in and help this small town station become the next big thing!!