The Happy Wanderer.

This post is from The Daily Post on April 29,2015. Check it out!! 

When it comes to traveling, I am definitely a go with the flow person. If I have learned anything in my thirty-nine years of life, it is that plans ALWAYS change. The day my wife and I said I do, I forgot the marriage license. The day I said I wanted to be a psychology major I found out it would be a twelve year process and my health got in the way. Not only that, but it wasn’t my true passion. Life changes. Journeys throw things in the way every single day!! Why live ANY PART OF LIFE on a regimented schedule? And this is especially true during a time we are meant to relax. 

My advice is throw away the itinerary. Throw away the maps and just drive. Your soul knows the way home. Let the blessings and roadblocks of not only your vacations, but every day life happen and see who you can bless along the way. If you live your life of, “I have to be here now” you are missing out on an eternity of moments that could change your or someone else’s life. Flow with it! 

Why Do We Behave This Way?

By now, unless you are living under a rock, you have heard of the riots that began in Baltimore, Maryland. The riots began after it was stated that Freddie May died in police custody. 

Now today, a new report states that Freddie inflicted the wounds upon himself while in a transport vehicle with a solid metal partition separating him from police. They could supposedly hear him banging around in the back of the vehicle. 

Now, whether this is true or not this entire scenario remains a tragedy. It’s a tragedy for Freddie May, who is still deceased. It is a tragedy for Baltimorans (is that the correct term?) people from Baltimore. It is a tragedy for the police, not only of Baltimore, but of our entire country.

And that leads me to another question, why is it that the media outlets seem to vilify the police lately? Okay, maybe vilify is the wrong word, but they sure make it look like they are out of control. It always comes down to a question of “who shot first?” Lately. More than fifty years ago that question was never asked. Police caught and took care of the bad guys, the criminals. 

Now, I am in no way saying the rioters are criminals, or even thugs as some have suggested. I am asking questions to find out why is our nation quickly spiraling out of control? Could it possibly be so certain people, or a group of people can take control? Look at World War 2 and how Hitler tried to take control. He caused confusion and arrests of innocents. Now, I am not saying one way or the other who is taking control. For all I know it could be someone from another country. But the question needs to be asked, “why is our society so madly out of control and divided in so many different ways?” It has NEVER been like this in our 250 years of history!!! Why now? Why are we a nation that is ruled by entitlement, even at the cost of another’s free entitlements that they have been granted since the beginning of this nation?! 

Is it time to go back to the drawing board? I am writing thoughts to begin a dialog. None of this makes sense to me at the moment, other than, God still loves us and God can still take ANY bad situation and make it right and good. Is it too late for our nation to turn back to Him? Are we on a slippery slope from which there is no return? I want to talk about these things. And I am totally interested in any outsiders opinions. Other countries, how do you view what is happening in The United States? In order for us to be United, we ALL need to start thinking about these things TOGETHER AND UNITED!!!! We were once a United States, but I fear we haven’t been since 1860! Can we turn the tide and get back our great nation once again? No riots! No murders! No crimes being committed against others!! Can we?! Can WE?!!


have you ever experienced something, or received something and you have no idea how, why, or from where it happened? My friends, those times are miracles and they only come from God. He holds the entire universe in His Hands. Do you honestly believe that any good that happens, any blessings that come are not from Him? I just don’t understand how the good, unexplainable things in life could be considered a cosmic accident. What are your thoughts? God of The Universe who loves us and showers us with Grace, or cosmic accidents that have no bearing on the rest of your journey? 

Better Place.

We all talk about making the world a better place, yet it is filled with violence and an “us against them” mentality. How is that making it a better place? 

So, I ask you all, how, in your small community, or if you have the means or ambition, in the entire world or more than one region of the world can you make it a better place today? 

See what I just wrote? If this post gets passed around enough and even just a few individuals begin to think on it and actually put into ACTION ways of helping the world, I have just done it! It is that simple, my friends. Come up with an idea, and share it and call people to action! We CAN make this world a really awesome place where everyone has what they need, but we can’t do that alone and we can’t do that without action!!! Community or globally is up to you, but make SOMEONE’S day brighter today! Take action and I.M.P.A.C.T. Today!

Fear Fear!

“We have nothing to fear, but fear itself!” FDR’s Innagaural Address stated these words and they are so true. Fear keeps us standing still when we should be moving forward. Fear keeps us from the blessings we could have, if only we would move forward in faith. Fear and Faith cannot coexist! 

For weeks I have had radio broadcasting equipment in my home. Why am I not on the air using the equipment every day? Fear! I haven’t broadcast in ten years! And it is a worldwide reach I have through this station. It’s a small non-commercial station in Montevideo, Minnesota and can be found at right now or at any given time. Why won’t you hear my voice on there? Fear! 

That leads me to another deep thought, people don’t hear the voice of God anymore either. Well, not everybody. But why? I think it’s out of fear; fear of what He will say, fear of what He will ask us to do. If we wouldn’t fear fear we would probably find the most loving, inspirational and motivational person the universe has ever known! He created all this, why are we letting fear stop us from not only discovering the universe and everyone in it, but also its full potential? I can do all things through Christ!! If that is the case, we have no rational cause for ANY fear! Fear not, my friends! Step out in faith and see where you can go with no fear. 

Backyard Oasis

Backyard Oasis

I admit it, when it comes to people, my wife and I are opposites. She is an outdoorsy girl and I am definitely a nerd/geeky, reading, radio technology broadcasting fool!!! Today’s project in our backyard creating our oasis is building a wood shed out of pallets!! My wife did an amazing job. She even added shingles and will be siding it this afternoon!! I am proud of her and all she can accomplish with creating our home. That’s not all she does. She loves babies and kids and she sells Essential Oils. But, our backyard oasis is taking shape and it’s all because of her and her labor of love! 

Do you know anyone like that? Blog about them, tell us about your loved ones.