Readership Down. 

I am trying to out do my first year of achievements with my blog, and so far I am doing okay. But, I could be doing better. I can’t make my goal of 10,000 views this year without your help. 

Any and all advice will be noted, but not necessarily followed on how to achieve greater numbers and followers and popularity on my blog. I really want to be paid for this one day, but I won’t get there without that one earth shattering, explodes all over the Internet post! Who knows? Maybe I have already written one or two and I just need the right person to see it! 

I know, I need to use the plug ins. I know I need to put photos and tags and captions and blah blah blah on here to make my blog stand out. But here’s the thing, I am here to encourage, to lift up, to inspire. And that does not take being a part of the dog and pony show of the circus. Would I love the numbers on my page to go through the outer reaches of space and God willing even hit higher than 10,000 views and maybe even a thousand followers? Yeah! Sure I would, but I won’t give up my integrity or the main purpose I started this blog in the first place. Why did I begin to blog over a year ago? You, okay! I do all this so maybe one day, when you go through something you can read a post on my blog and say, “wow! This guy has been where I am! He made it through! I know I can too!” And who knows? You may even talk to me for advice or just someone to listen, because if I know one thing it is that we are all different and no two ideas are ever exactly alike. But, we can relate to one another if we just communicate. And THAT is why I am here. Numbers and maybe one day money for blogging? Yeah! That would be awesome!!! But, if that doesn’t happen and all I have is you, my readers and you share my thoughts with someone whom you know could benefit? Yeah, then I am a success! 

Do Not Disturb. 

This was the title of The Daily Post from yesterday May 30, 2015. Are there certain things you won’t put out there on the Internet or do you feel anyone can find anything they want about you anyway? 

This is a very good question and it is one that I have gone round and round about with a few people. I put a lot out there about myself and my struggles and accomplishments in life. I am a believer in life is to be shared. We are here to relate to one another, after all. How will we relate if we don’t share our failures, our hopes, our dreams, our mistakes? I am all about being an open book, look at my Facebook page, I share everything! 

I try to keep it upbeat and positive like I do on here, but let’s be real. No ones life is all peaches and cream every moment of every day. We are human, we stumble and someone else may be going through a stumbling area that you have passed already!! Why not use the opportunity to be an encouragement? 

Yes, I have made mistakes. Yes, I have done things that should have killed me. Yes, I have mistreated people. Yes, I have done wrong, but God’s Grace is enough!! If we would just stop long enough to realize we all fall short and need a Savior, this world would be a much better place. No one ever makes it alone. Ever! So, I say, SHARE ALL THE MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE!!! You could save another a whole lot of hassle. 

Ode To Farmer’s Hats

Ode To Farmer’s Hats

They shield our eyes from the elements. Whether it be rain, wind, snow a farmer’s hat is protective. As I was mowing today this thought was a conversation I had with God. 

Today was definitely a day for the elements. Wind and sun filled the afternoon like a pleasant day at the beach. As I was mowing the lawn I realized I was glad for my farmer’s hat. As the wind blew the grass and some dust back at my face, I pulled the hat down to shield my eyes. Mowing towards the afternoon sun, again, shielding my eyes from its radiance so I could see where I was going. 

The brim is not the only life lesson we can get from a farmer’s hat, oh no. Farmer’s hats come in either a mesh or solid cloth cover for your head. This provides air conditioning during the summer months so we can keep a cool head about the planting season, or it comes in a solid, sometimes lined, cloth material to trap heat to our head. Because, you see, a farmer must always wear a hat and a farmer must be ready to work in all seasons. Just because there is a time of no growth and everything is cold doesn’t mean the farmer gets to put his hat up on the shelf and sit Idley by. No, the farmer’s hat must be ready for all conditions. Rain, snow, wind, hail, tornadoes and sunny days. The Farmer’s Hat is ready for all seasons. Are you like a farmer’s hat? Can you keep cool in the right conditions or do you create a hot head? Do you have the right equipment to protect you in all times from the elements? A Farmer’s Hat will have you covered. 

Baggage Check

Today’s Daily Post is about the baggage claim. We are to talk about a time a previous experience influenced a future decision. This one is gonna be short and sweet, Kids, so hang on to your hats. 

“In the airport of life, NEVER go to the baggage claim.” That’s it. Plain and simple. Not to be mean or heartless, but each situation has dimensions of its own. Don’t bother bringing old feelings into new experiences. 

For example, I am almost to year number two of marriage number two. The first one didn’t even make it a year. I was young and had no idea of life or where I was or what my journey needed to do. She divorced me because I wasn’t the same man she fell in love with, why? Because I was twenty! I wasn’t a man. I had no idea of anything! Advice: do NOT get married at twenty unless you are already firmly planted in your life. Trust me, you are not! 

I have taken the lessons of my first marriage into my second, but all the hurt and bad times and feelings, no way!!! Do not visit the baggage claim of life! Take each new experience as part of the journey and learn from each experience and move forward. Period. 

Three People Walk Into A Bar..

because we live in a world that quickly kills any notion of self. If someone else is doing it and successful at it and/or getting results from it then I need to do it too.

What humanity is failing (miserably) to realize is, just because walking into a bar didn’t cause a concussion, or drinking problem depending on what kind of “bar” we are talking about, for someone else doesn’t mean it won’t for us. 

I have an addictive personality. I get addicted to almost ANYTHING really easy. And I have been down the road of “they tried it and it worked for them” many many times because of my addictive personality. I think I am also addicted to proving I can do things because I am in a wheelchair. This doesn’t always work. If three people walk into a metal bar, surely one of them will have, or already has brain damage of some sort! 

So, here’s my solution. BE YOURSELF!!! BE YOU!!! God created you for a purpose and I am pretty certain it wasn’t to follow any other two people into any sort of a bar!!! 

The Twighlight Zone.

It has only happened a few times and only with a few different activities, but I can get in the zone! 

When I am in the zone, all else fades away. Radio Broadcasting does this for me. When I am producing a gem of a commercial or a ramp to a song hits the mark, ooohie! It’s like gold! There have been times in my days in radio when someone else will enter the studio and I had produced a lot of great spots that night and I will be dancing and singing along with what’s being played out, I won’t even notice them come through the door, until I hear them laugh. 

I have the same issue with Internet research, or learning. It took me almost thirty years to find the zone with studying and research, but Brown College helped me find it! If I have a deadline, or if I am really interested in what I am studying or researching I can get so lost in it that hours can pass without me knowing! My wife has come home and I am totally absent minded about what time it is! 

When I am in the zone, all is gone away except what I am concentrating on. Lately, the zone time has become less and less. I hope I can find my zone again soon. I would love to find the zone when dealing with people again too! I have been there. 

I have had conversations that last all night long and all of a sudden I notice the sun come up! Have you ever experienced that? What does it take to get into your own zone? 

Poets And Composers.

Tonight while watching a documentary on the composer genius Wofgang Amadeus Mozart I came to a realization. Composers and poets have a lot in common. Their compositions while different are the same, in that, they tell stories. 

The documentary discussed a time when Mozart’s mother died. He composed a piece that was like reading a sad story of his feelings for the loss of his mother. It truly amazes me how composers can bring emotion through music and poets and writers can bring emotion through written word. It truly hit me while watching this documentary on the life of Mozart. 

Look for those common strings in life. I did it again, Mozart- Strings! HAHA! We truly live in a world that is completely intertwined in a web!! Get caught up in it and explore.