The Dog Days Of Summer.

The Dog Days Of Summer.

It is officially summer here in Minnesota. Today is the last day of June!!!! It is amazing to me how time flies by. 

In today’s daily prompt we are to talk about the best part of this season so far. How can I describe it? There are so many awesome things that have happened just since the beginning of summer. I know, I know Summer has only been official for eight days, but it’s still been a good week. 

I did miss out on The Northern Lights, but I have seen them before. I have been advancing the knowledge and following of KKRM KRAM radio station 96.7 here in Montevideo. If you ever care to check that out the website is on my main page for this blog or you can just go to

I am hoping to help bring that station to all areas of the world. And hopefully soon you will be able to hear JC Michaels on the air there. We are still working out the details of that. 

But, here is the absolute best part of my week. Yesterday was my two year anniversary being married to my bride, my wife, my partner. She definitely helps me be better. 

So, how has your week been? If you have read this post leave me a comment about the favorite or best part of your week, or your favorite memory of your favorite season. Check in and let’s have a conversation. I hope you all are well, God Bless. 

The Tromp Queen’s Tuna Salad

I will always love tuna sandwiches!!!

The Tromp Queen COOKS!

I was scrounging around looking for something for lunch recently.  I found a couple of cans of tuna in the pantry and decided to whip up some tuna salad.  I had boiled a couple of extra eggs that morning which was handy, since my recipe uses chopped boiled eggs.

Tromp Queen Tuna Salad

This is how I like to make it:

You’ll need 2 cans of good quality tuna — solid albacore is my choice (in oil if I’m splurging).
Open the cans, drain them thoroughly.
Dump the tuna into a nice sized bowl.
Break up the tuna with a fork.
Splash a little lemon juice on the tuna (about 1 t. or more if you like a lot of lemon).
Add a couple dashes of salt if you aren’t watching salt intake.
Dice a couple of stalks of celery and a small amount of onion (about 1/4 of a smallish onion or less).

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where Is A World Of Compassion? 

The short answer is It is gone. From groups standing up against groups to people still being divided by race, class, sex, sexual orientation, and yes, even age. It is this last discrimination classification I would like to write on tonight.

When I woke up this morning I checked my Facebook as I always do and one of the first things I saw was from a very respected church leader friend of mine. “If you need a good laugh today, watch this!” Or, something along those lines of “this is incredibly funny!!” So, totally willing to see something funny I clicked the play button. 

What I saw was how a society treats the older generation. Now, I am assuming it was filmed here in The United States, but it also had that British humor vibe to it. It opens with a group of elderly citizens walking slowly or using walkers and pushing slowly in wheelchairs. They are trying to cross the street to get to a cafe. When the first person arrives, after annoying the three drivers waiting in their cars to get through the green light at the intersection, she realizes that the cafe is closed. So, the three people already in the intersection and the two or three people up on the curb all turn around and go back across the street. As they begin to move across the street the cafe worker comes and opens the cafe, so what do they do? The elderly folks all turn around and make the slow sojourn across the street to the cafe again. They show the reactions of the people in the cars, who are all considerably younger, and they are not amused. Not a single solitary facial expression of understanding or compassion. 

What is going on in our world where we have gone in a direction where we are so hurried that we cannot wait patiently, and God forbid, with some grace and understanding for the older generation who now moves slower?!! I was absolutely appalled to not only see this video posted all over Facebook, but it was posted as something funny by a respected pastor!!!!! 

Jesus would NEVER laugh at the elderly! He would talk to them and show them compassion and assure them that the journey they are on is not coming to an end!! He would not laugh at their pace, He would not laugh at them being hungry or frustrated with their difficulties! 

When can we get back a world that understands love and compassion? It all starts with you! Yes, you! If you don’t show compassion, who else watching you won’t show compassion? But if you do, who will show compassion and caring the next time they are in a situation! You can be the change of positivity in the world, but it has to start with you! Share this so the world will know and understand compassion. 


For this “daily prompt” we are to think of the generation older or younger than us and discuss what we can learn and what we think they should work on. At least that is how I remember reading the prompt. 

I do like how both the older generation from me and the younger generation from me are all activists. They get on the court and make their voices heard. The generation older than me got involved and changed our political landscape. They brought the presidential debates to television, they corrected their president when he stepped out of line, they fought a war in Vietnam and they fought against the war at home.

Of course, since the sixties we have seen that same behavior on the political and war fronts. However with my generation and the generations that have followed we have seen a spike in technological advances. 

When I was in high school the Internet was a baby. When I was in junior high it had been conceived but not yet born. Cell phones? Only if you had five to ten thousand dollars and wanted to carry a brief case by your ear. 

These days we have ear buds, we have a worldwide internet, we are on the verge of AI. In twenty years we have diminished the size of computers and cell phones by a factor of a thousand and increased their computing capacity by a factor of a million! 

That is all because of my generation growing up and realizing there was many problems to be solved. This current generation in schools across America are being told they are lazy. They are having sports and music taken away from them. We are lumping them into larger groups, like cattle, so they are easier to herd through school. 

This current generation, for the most part, lacks discipline and respect. The National Anthem and our flag are on their way out. The passion is dying! 

The generation of my parents was raised after World War II when the United States said no single man will become a dictator of the world and create a graveyard all because he thinks some people are inferior! That is definitely one thing that the current generation of 20-something’s and 30-something’s have going for them. We fight for equality for all people on a general rights front. We fight for the right to worship how we want. 

But, at the same time, those clashing of ideals creates more divisions. This current generations growing up have more access to the bad things of the world. When I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s we didn’t see people being killed. We didn’t see angry gunmen shooting innocent people. We had The Dukes Of Hazard and Hee Haw!! 

Progress is inevitable, so is going backwards in some respects. It happens with each generation, because each generation blames the ones before for their problems and each new generation sees problems in a whole new light. 

Maybe the solution is to realize, we are all just people trying to make the best of a world that we can and sometimes we feel we have to take drastic measures to make that happen. Each voice should be heard, not one lone voice of distinction. 

To future generations, I just want to say, seek something greater than yourselves. Find the reason we are here and that is to relate to one another. We were all created by one God and one alone and in order for there to be world peace you need to seek the common ground that can only be found in Him. Seek justice and Mercy and walk humbly with God. 

And They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love. 

I know I am guilty of this, and I know thousands of other Christians are guilty of it too: we don’t have a clue how to love. 

What does love look like? Love laughs, love forgives, love has conversations, love causes people to change, love dies for others, love lives forever, love promotes healthy conversations. With each one of those things, what is the one thing they have in common? The word “love” in each one of those can be exchanged with the name, Jesus. 

Ever since I was a little boy there has been a song with a lyric, “and they will know we are Christians by our love.” Now, don’t mistake that with acceptance of things that are not of our Heavenly Father God and don’t mistake love with being walked all over, which seems to be happening to Christians all over the world. 

Love hopes all things and endures all things, but I think we still have it wrong. If others are feeling like less than humans, we have the love part wrong. If others are feeling forced, we have the love part wrong. If others are feeling unheard, we have the love part wrong. 

Our country, The United States Of America has been in termoil for years!! We have been drifting apart from one another and created divisions that don’t need to be there. God created ALL OF HUMANITY and yet, we are so divided on everything it pains my soul. 

Am I asking Christians to accept and honor things that God does not want us to? No! But at the same time, we are not to be attackers of humanity either. They will know we are Christians by our love. Think on these things and act as JESUS would and we would see an entire world bow before the King of Creation. I love you all and I long for the day ALL will know Jesus as King Of Kings and Lord Of Lords and crown Him ruler of us all. 

1am Dialog (monologue Autobiographical)

It is 1am, what keeps you awake today? Is it the stress of not knowing where your life is going? Maybe it’s excitement?

Am I awake because I do my best work in the middle of the night? Perhaps. 

I listen to my spouse sleeping in our room. Will I wake her if I climb into bed to catch some wonderful hours of sleep? 

What will my dreams entail? Will they be nightmares of death and destruction? Or will I dream up my next big adventure? 

Alone in the dark with no other sounds than the air conditioner and a dogs yawn. Dogs don’t even sleep peacefully. Is this a normal trait for all animals with breath and the capacity to make decisions? Yes, even dogs make decisions, I have seen it. 

Darkness. I have seen that too, but it causes me to not see since it is devoid of light. I wanna be in the light. 

Why are so many wandering around aimlessly in the dark? Do they know they are in the dark or are they comforted by not knowing? 

So many questions and with each one answered another arises. I have an important life changing plan for tomorrow, at least I hope it will be life changing. 

Business meetings and course corrections in life. Am I the only one who sees that change is needed? To dream, perchance to dream. Tomorrow is a new day and alas, it is upon us. 

May your day be filled with Grace and Love and may God protect you in your dreams and journeys. 

Are You Ready For A Change?

We all experienced this in high school, but, wow! Why must we experience it in adult life? Is it because we never actually grow up?

If I disagree with you on what t.v. Show to watch, what books to read, or what to eat, we are totally cool, but disagree on a presidential candidate, or gay marriage or abortion and all of a sudden I am banished to the loser table.

Guess what– there is no loser table!! We are all just humans being. Being boys, being girls, being carnivores, being meat eaters, being vegetarians, being animal activists, being people activists, being activists of any stay of things, being gay, being straight. As long as you are being you, you are being what God created you to be!!! Why not relate to Him about it?

What a lot of us (yes, me too) fail to realize is, we are all human and Jesus died FOR US ALL!!! Once you get that and, really, it is, for our own sake (sorry for that William Shatner moment of pauses) Once you get that Jesus died for me and you, and you, and you, and all you in your own little clique over there, yeah, you too! Once you get that, you will experience a change.

We live in a world of disbelief. A disbelief in God and a disbelief in ourselves. Yeah, the world is messed up and full of sin. It’s full of hate. It’s full of us versus them. Why? Because we all fail to simply believe! We fail to believe in something greater than ourselves. Guess what!!! ITS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!!! So, take your pride elsewhere!

This world is supposed to be about EVERYBODY!!!! Me, you, all of us, together in harmony worshipping the one true God. If we as a world and as human beings could understand that, I think we would see not only more unity, but God willing, more love!!!

Is that possible? Can we all believe in something greater, something more powerful than ourselves and quit thriving on divisions?!

It’s time we go back to what Pink Floyd said, “all in all we’re just, bricks in the wall.” What if us being bricks in a wall is what has been keeping us together all these years? We are all different bricks, but we should be held together and unified under one solid love of Jesus Christ and what He did for ALL OF US!!! Imagine the awesome world we could have if we would all only follow His Original Plan. It’s not about popularity. It is about His Redeeming Grace. Are you ready for a change?