1am Dialog (monologue Autobiographical)

It is 1am, what keeps you awake today? Is it the stress of not knowing where your life is going? Maybe it’s excitement?

Am I awake because I do my best work in the middle of the night? Perhaps. 

I listen to my spouse sleeping in our room. Will I wake her if I climb into bed to catch some wonderful hours of sleep? 

What will my dreams entail? Will they be nightmares of death and destruction? Or will I dream up my next big adventure? 

Alone in the dark with no other sounds than the air conditioner and a dogs yawn. Dogs don’t even sleep peacefully. Is this a normal trait for all animals with breath and the capacity to make decisions? Yes, even dogs make decisions, I have seen it. 

Darkness. I have seen that too, but it causes me to not see since it is devoid of light. I wanna be in the light. 

Why are so many wandering around aimlessly in the dark? Do they know they are in the dark or are they comforted by not knowing? 

So many questions and with each one answered another arises. I have an important life changing plan for tomorrow, at least I hope it will be life changing. 

Business meetings and course corrections in life. Am I the only one who sees that change is needed? To dream, perchance to dream. Tomorrow is a new day and alas, it is upon us. 

May your day be filled with Grace and Love and may God protect you in your dreams and journeys. 


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