Are You Ready For A Change?

We all experienced this in high school, but, wow! Why must we experience it in adult life? Is it because we never actually grow up?

If I disagree with you on what t.v. Show to watch, what books to read, or what to eat, we are totally cool, but disagree on a presidential candidate, or gay marriage or abortion and all of a sudden I am banished to the loser table.

Guess what– there is no loser table!! We are all just humans being. Being boys, being girls, being carnivores, being meat eaters, being vegetarians, being animal activists, being people activists, being activists of any stay of things, being gay, being straight. As long as you are being you, you are being what God created you to be!!! Why not relate to Him about it?

What a lot of us (yes, me too) fail to realize is, we are all human and Jesus died FOR US ALL!!! Once you get that and, really, it is, for our own sake (sorry for that William Shatner moment of pauses) Once you get that Jesus died for me and you, and you, and you, and all you in your own little clique over there, yeah, you too! Once you get that, you will experience a change.

We live in a world of disbelief. A disbelief in God and a disbelief in ourselves. Yeah, the world is messed up and full of sin. It’s full of hate. It’s full of us versus them. Why? Because we all fail to simply believe! We fail to believe in something greater than ourselves. Guess what!!! ITS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!!! So, take your pride elsewhere!

This world is supposed to be about EVERYBODY!!!! Me, you, all of us, together in harmony worshipping the one true God. If we as a world and as human beings could understand that, I think we would see not only more unity, but God willing, more love!!!

Is that possible? Can we all believe in something greater, something more powerful than ourselves and quit thriving on divisions?!

It’s time we go back to what Pink Floyd said, “all in all we’re just, bricks in the wall.” What if us being bricks in a wall is what has been keeping us together all these years? We are all different bricks, but we should be held together and unified under one solid love of Jesus Christ and what He did for ALL OF US!!! Imagine the awesome world we could have if we would all only follow His Original Plan. It’s not about popularity. It is about His Redeeming Grace. Are you ready for a change?


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