For this “daily prompt” we are to think of the generation older or younger than us and discuss what we can learn and what we think they should work on. At least that is how I remember reading the prompt. 

I do like how both the older generation from me and the younger generation from me are all activists. They get on the court and make their voices heard. The generation older than me got involved and changed our political landscape. They brought the presidential debates to television, they corrected their president when he stepped out of line, they fought a war in Vietnam and they fought against the war at home.

Of course, since the sixties we have seen that same behavior on the political and war fronts. However with my generation and the generations that have followed we have seen a spike in technological advances. 

When I was in high school the Internet was a baby. When I was in junior high it had been conceived but not yet born. Cell phones? Only if you had five to ten thousand dollars and wanted to carry a brief case by your ear. 

These days we have ear buds, we have a worldwide internet, we are on the verge of AI. In twenty years we have diminished the size of computers and cell phones by a factor of a thousand and increased their computing capacity by a factor of a million! 

That is all because of my generation growing up and realizing there was many problems to be solved. This current generation in schools across America are being told they are lazy. They are having sports and music taken away from them. We are lumping them into larger groups, like cattle, so they are easier to herd through school. 

This current generation, for the most part, lacks discipline and respect. The National Anthem and our flag are on their way out. The passion is dying! 

The generation of my parents was raised after World War II when the United States said no single man will become a dictator of the world and create a graveyard all because he thinks some people are inferior! That is definitely one thing that the current generation of 20-something’s and 30-something’s have going for them. We fight for equality for all people on a general rights front. We fight for the right to worship how we want. 

But, at the same time, those clashing of ideals creates more divisions. This current generations growing up have more access to the bad things of the world. When I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s we didn’t see people being killed. We didn’t see angry gunmen shooting innocent people. We had The Dukes Of Hazard and Hee Haw!! 

Progress is inevitable, so is going backwards in some respects. It happens with each generation, because each generation blames the ones before for their problems and each new generation sees problems in a whole new light. 

Maybe the solution is to realize, we are all just people trying to make the best of a world that we can and sometimes we feel we have to take drastic measures to make that happen. Each voice should be heard, not one lone voice of distinction. 

To future generations, I just want to say, seek something greater than yourselves. Find the reason we are here and that is to relate to one another. We were all created by one God and one alone and in order for there to be world peace you need to seek the common ground that can only be found in Him. Seek justice and Mercy and walk humbly with God. 

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