where Is A World Of Compassion? 

The short answer is It is gone. From groups standing up against groups to people still being divided by race, class, sex, sexual orientation, and yes, even age. It is this last discrimination classification I would like to write on tonight.

When I woke up this morning I checked my Facebook as I always do and one of the first things I saw was from a very respected church leader friend of mine. “If you need a good laugh today, watch this!” Or, something along those lines of “this is incredibly funny!!” So, totally willing to see something funny I clicked the play button. 

What I saw was how a society treats the older generation. Now, I am assuming it was filmed here in The United States, but it also had that British humor vibe to it. It opens with a group of elderly citizens walking slowly or using walkers and pushing slowly in wheelchairs. They are trying to cross the street to get to a cafe. When the first person arrives, after annoying the three drivers waiting in their cars to get through the green light at the intersection, she realizes that the cafe is closed. So, the three people already in the intersection and the two or three people up on the curb all turn around and go back across the street. As they begin to move across the street the cafe worker comes and opens the cafe, so what do they do? The elderly folks all turn around and make the slow sojourn across the street to the cafe again. They show the reactions of the people in the cars, who are all considerably younger, and they are not amused. Not a single solitary facial expression of understanding or compassion. 

What is going on in our world where we have gone in a direction where we are so hurried that we cannot wait patiently, and God forbid, with some grace and understanding for the older generation who now moves slower?!! I was absolutely appalled to not only see this video posted all over Facebook, but it was posted as something funny by a respected pastor!!!!! 

Jesus would NEVER laugh at the elderly! He would talk to them and show them compassion and assure them that the journey they are on is not coming to an end!! He would not laugh at their pace, He would not laugh at them being hungry or frustrated with their difficulties! 

When can we get back a world that understands love and compassion? It all starts with you! Yes, you! If you don’t show compassion, who else watching you won’t show compassion? But if you do, who will show compassion and caring the next time they are in a situation! You can be the change of positivity in the world, but it has to start with you! Share this so the world will know and understand compassion. 

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