The Dog Days Of Summer.

It is officially summer here in Minnesota. Today is the last day of June!!!! It is amazing to me how time flies by. 

In today’s daily prompt we are to talk about the best part of this season so far. How can I describe it? There are so many awesome things that have happened just since the beginning of summer. I know, I know Summer has only been official for eight days, but it’s still been a good week. 

I did miss out on The Northern Lights, but I have seen them before. I have been advancing the knowledge and following of KKRM KRAM radio station 96.7 here in Montevideo. If you ever care to check that out the website is on my main page for this blog or you can just go to

I am hoping to help bring that station to all areas of the world. And hopefully soon you will be able to hear JC Michaels on the air there. We are still working out the details of that. 

But, here is the absolute best part of my week. Yesterday was my two year anniversary being married to my bride, my wife, my partner. She definitely helps me be better. 

So, how has your week been? If you have read this post leave me a comment about the favorite or best part of your week, or your favorite memory of your favorite season. Check in and let’s have a conversation. I hope you all are well, God Bless. 


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