Moments Are The Significance Of Life.

Moments Are The Significance Of Life.

We all live in a world that is so terribly rushed to be better that we miss one of the most significant gifts we have been offered– moments. 

Once they are gone, they never return. Yet, we let them flutter by as though they have no consequence. I assure you, my friends, it is the little things that add up to the big things. It is the moments that add up to the years in our lives. We see this quite frequently in nature. 

Take a sand castle, for example. It is made up of millions of tiny grains of sand. Each grain is unique and each grain has purpose. Without one grain of sand being placed firmly together the integrity of the wall is lessened. 

The same is true of people. Our bodies are made up of millions and billions of atoms. And our lives are made up of millions of moments. Moments that we miss if we let them slip through our perceptions. Right now, as I type this, The Food Network program CHOPPED is on our television thanks to Netflix. We have four sleeping children in the house. Not a single one of them belongs to us. Yet we know that our friends who are parents sometimes need a break. So, we are watching them for a friend who needed some time away. 

My wife is ten feet away from me with a zoned out look on her face. She is finally realizing the magnitude of making decisions at a moments notice. “Sure! I’ll take the kids for a weekend!!” Will wear you out within the first few hours when you are not used to the chaos of an infant, a two year old, a five year old and an eight year old! Moment decision. Moments! Changed lives. All of ours. Forever. 

The moment she had said yes to the request was the moment, if nothing else, our weekend would never be the same. 

However, we are having fun and making wonderful memories with wonderful children. These are moments I would never give up for anything else. It is a challenge, but my wife and I are a team and we will take this moment by moment and realize they are significant not only for us, but also for the children who are in our care for two days. My only hope is we can create moments of memories that will stand through the washing of the sands of time and the castle walls will not fall from their memories. 

A World Of Opposites. 

Can you imagine? Day is now night. Black is now white. Red and blue? They traded colors too! 

Right is the new wrong and wrong becomes right? This is the one that will cause a large number of people to fight. I fear, my friends, it is not far from sight. 

We live in a world where things are continually changing where this now becomes that. New discoveries make sure our world is not flat. 

One thing that will never change is humanity. Even through our vanity we will never become another. We were born for a purpose, this much is true. So, You can never be me and I, I will never be you. 

Be you!! You have a purpose. A dream to fulfill. The only thing the world needs is you to be real. 

How Do You Deal With Failure?

How Do You Deal With Failure?

Trying to bring new life to an old post.


We all experience it, we all have to deal with it at multiple times in our life. We cannot sweep it under the rug and we cannot wish or pray it away. No one is immune to Failure. We try things and something comes up and puts the proverbial Monkey Wrench into the gears of our actions and stops us cold in our tracks. But, the question becomes what do we do next? Failure does not mean the end of our life. Failure does not mean that we cannot eventually succeed at that which we have failed, even if the failure happens multiple times.

Let me tell you, I have experienced failure! I graduated from high school in 1994. I attempted going to a school I had known I was going to attend since third grade! I had it all planned out. I was going to major in Psychology. I…

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Looking To Read. 

A few people now have shared my blog and I have read and followed quite a few good ones as well. Is there a blogger out there you think I should be following? Maybe this writer has the same ideas I do and you feel we would get along. Maybe there is a writer who blogs on an entirely different level or topic than I do and you feel I would benefit from maybe some perspective. In any case, feel free to let me know where I should be reading and following. 

The World Is Waiting For You!

The World Is Waiting For You!

Death, Divisions, people against people, nations against nations, nations against leaders, this cause, that cause, why can’t we all just get along? All of these things got me thinking, ‘why am I here? Why do I blog?’ I do it because the world needs some rays of sunshine and positive attitude that isn’t going to get wrapped up in the machine of us vs them! 

I want to be a copy of Jesus Christ. What did He embody? Love, Compassion, Passion, Fire, Rage (against the machine). And He gave all. My purpose is for you to know love and understanding. Unlike Jesus, I will have no clue of what roads you’ve been down, what choices you’ve made, good or bad. But, no matter all of that, I can show you there is a new road. There will be a tomorrow. You are not alone. 

Have I made mistakes? Oh yeah! Plenty! Have I made decisions that others feel are mistakes, but really aren’t? Oh yeah! Been there too. What it boils down to is, “what is your purpose? And What are you willing to do with and for God?” He’s real! He LOVES US ALL! To Him, ALL LIVES MATTER! To Him, ALL LIVES MATTER BEFORE WE EVEN THINK OF THEM AS LIVES! See, He already knows how each and every event of the lives of everyone on this planet and those yet to come will play out. Omniscient and Omnipresent. Let Him guide you and you will find your purpose. 

My purpose is to be that understanding listening ear when you need. And that goes for ALL people!!! Whether I know you or not! 

Why am I here? For you! 

Tomorrow Is The New Day. 

Tomorrow Is The New Day. 

I didn’t exactly follow the rules of The Daily Post on this one. I took to Facebook and simply asked the question– “_________ is the new ________” how would YOU fill in the blanks?” And I have received a couple responses so far. If I receive quite a few more I may turn this one question into a series on my blog. I have tried to do series posts in the past and they never seem to move ahead much, so we’ll see. 

Tomorrow is the new day. Can you perceive it in any other way? 

The mistakes you made today, may help shape part of your tomorrow, but there are always new choices to be made. 

The road you’re on may be rocky and steep, but tomorrow’s paths may be downhill and deep. Tomorrow is a new day, so seek it out with an open heart and forge ahead the moments that lie before you. What’s done is done, from those days we cannot run. But we can make tomorrow all that we hope it to be by looking toward it today. 

Hometown Heroes!!!

Hometown Heroes!!!

i was watching the film Hercules this afternoon and a thought came to me. Legends are born of heroes, but heroes are born of adversity. Now, I don’t know if this has ever been said before, I could not find it in my research. And if it hasn’t, I am quoting it now. 

The end of the film captured it quite nicely, “you don’t need to be a Demi-God to be a hero, you just need to believe you are a hero.” You are a hero to someone. Don’t waste it! 

If you live your life fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves, you are a hero!! Sure, there may be legends that arise and people will see you are merely a mortal, but you can still be a hero. Are you willing to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves? Are you willing to be a hero, even if it is only in your hometown? Your opportunity begins now.