To Live And Die In The World

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.”

All lives are full of good times and bad, sickness and health, having plenty and struggling to get by. All lives encounter highs and lows.

There are two other things that all lives were created for and the American society has argued over both of them within the past year. The right to live (being born) and the right to die (aiding a terminal patient to end their pain). We were born, and we all owe a death. Would I drink from a fountain of youth if given the opportunity? No way!! I love my life. All of its lessons learned, mistakes I have made and high points of success in all manors of life that I have experienced in my thirty-nine years. But would I want them to continue forever? No.

I like the notion of looking forward to an eternity with God and my loved ones who have accepted Christ as their savior and are in Heaven. To see all that this world is becoming and where it is going, no, I do not wish to be forever young to witness how far away from decency and each other we can go. 

No, Thank You. 

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No, Thank You.”

I have given this prompt so much thought and I have narrowed it down to one word. At first, I began to think, why erase any words at all? Even slang terms or terms used by only a few people that others may find annoying has meaning. But, I have narrowed my thought process down to one word that needs to be erased- um.

Filler words and crutch phrases. We have become a society that moves so fast to get things done that we have moved in front of ourselves and our thoughts can’t always catch up. Um, Uh, huh, are crutch phrases that we use when no words come to us. Why must we fill each moment with a word or thought? Why can’t we just stand in silence and awe every once in a while and wonder at the majesty of it all?

Not all words need to be erased, maybe none need to be erased. Maybe we should marvel in the awesomeness of our universe when words can’t possibly be enough to describe. Maybe we should stop trying to fill the silence and simply exist.