I sat out on our front deck here in Montevideo, Minnesota for only 10-15 minutes tonight and I marveled at how clear the sky is. The Milky Way Galaxy stretching across the Northeastern sky as if to say, “good morning!” As it stretches for its journey across the sky in the darkness. 

I sat outside knowing that tomorrow is the best time to view the Perseid Meteor Shower in hopes of catching just a glimpse of one or two shooting stars, or a satellite. What I got was even better.

God created The Heavens, The Planets, The Stars, The Galaxies, The Perseid Meteor, The Moon, The Sun, The Entire Universe. And then, sometime about nine and a half months before February 26,1976 He decided to create me! That’s pretty awesome!! 

As I was sitting outside watching the stars in their course, I began to think about that. God created all this, and then He created me. And I thought, “wow!!! Now THAT is a purpose!!!” I am no accident, you are no accident. Don’t believe the secular lie for one moment more!!! God created ALL THIS, and then He created you! Doesn’t that make you feel HUGE???!!! I mean, in all the universe you and I are here!!! That has to mean something!!! Don’t waste it!!! 

How do you find your purpose? You look to The Heavens and realize that even though there is all that out there, you are here! That’s a good starting point. And then ask God. He’s real! He knows!!! And He will answer!!! 



7 thoughts on “Stars

  1. Nice post. A lot of people seem to forget to ask the Creator about their purpose in life and often just go through life doing their own thing. Thank you for this post.

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