Click the above link to see what has been played on KRAM 96.7 and then give us a listen at:

If you are looking for an awesome radio station that will give you your favorite hits of the last 35 years (1980-present) click the above link. At the top of the page you will see a banner with TuneIn on it. This is the link to listen from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD THAT HAS INTERNET ACCESS!!!! If you can read this blog post, you can listen to my favorite radio station. 

We are a non-commercial radio station that presents its format through sponsorships. If you would be interested in having your business or event on KRAM send an email to and he will get you pricing information. The prices begin at $55/month! Nowhere else will you find deals like this! 

Tune in to KRAM worldwide at using the TuneIn Radio App and let your business or event be heard around the globe!!! Also find us on Facebook at become a fan of KRAM today and share it with everyone you know!!! KRAM wants to be all over the world. That can’t happen without you. 

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