The Universal Web

I am absolutely amazed at the handy work of God. He has woven us all together, every fiber, every life, every event!! 

Over the past few days I have been posting prayer requests that I receive from friends. Tonight, I came to find out that each and every single request has impacted a completely different friend I had no clue was connected to the one who brought the request to my attention. 

Let me back up, just for a second. I am a tried and true, get on my knees in front of a Holy Jesus Prayer Warrior! There is absolute power in prayer that we as human beings have yet to harness or even of which to be made aware! Miracles are all around us if we seek them in prayer. God is Holy. God loves each and every one of us more than we can ever humanly fathom! And His Holy Power can be seen in prayer. 

In the film Phenomenon, John Travolta plays a character who sees a bright light in the sky and it knocks him to the ground. At first, this light makes him almost super human. He can read entire books in minutes, he can move objects with concentration of his mind, he grows amazing vegetables! 

Imagine if we all believed in that power!! It is available through The Almighty Living God!! We are all super connected and He has a plan so much greater than we can imagine, if we would only completely and totally seek Him. When will we all get on the same page and realize we all have the opportunity to work together because we are all connected? He IS the way, He IS the truth and He IS the life!! 

Join together as one Holy creation and seek Him and I PROMISE you will see a world wide change BECAUSE we are all truly connected In Him. 

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