Chances Are. 

This Daily Post asks us if we have ever taken a chance and did it work out? 

Life is all about taking chances. When I was a teen it was all about taking a chance and telling that special girl that I liked her and wanted to spend time with her. That didn’t work out until I was 19 and in that case, she asked me! It worked out for a while. And then it didn’t work out anymore. Why? Because I changed, she changed and we didn’t need to be together any longer. 

After high school, before the date when I was 19, I tried college. My first thought was to be a doctor of Psychology, nope, that didn’t work out. That only didn’t work out because I got scared of the commitment it would take. “The greatest thing we have to fear is fear itself.” FDR was right! My fear of spending so much time in school and would it be worth it cost me that dream. And For a few years, I didn’t take chances to try school again. I finally graduated college at the age of 29. 

Am I sad that one is over? No. Because it had lead to so many other chances to take! I wanted to be a violinist, another one I should have stuck with, but stupidity and a lack of wanting to work hard at it cost me that dream too. 

I have taken so many chances and lived in quite a few exciting places. I have been a radio broadcaster. I have been a teacher’s assistant. I have been a bill collector (I truly don’t have the spirit for that one). I have been a college admissions representative. I have even monitored alarm systems and yes, I have even driven farm machinery  

Just because I am in a wheelchair don’t ever tell me I can’t do something, because chances are I will prove you wrong. 

And for you, no matter your ability, never say never. God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. If there is a dream on your heart, do it. It may not work out the way you think it should, but that could end up being a blessing and you will go further than you can ever dream!! 

Go Big! Take Chances!!! 


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