Other Plans

Have you ever been looking forward to a day and then that day arrives and something happens to change the plans? That has been my day. 

My parents and my bride and I were going to go to an art gallery I have been wanting to visit for years!! At 5am this morning I woke up to terrible stomach pains and feeling very nauseas. My wife arose at 9am to find me hunched over and moaning like I was dying. 

“Are you feeling alright?” A harsh “NO!” was my reply. It’s amazing how we can lose all sense of compassion when we hurt. I did this morning. My wife went to church alone. 

After church she returned home about noon and checked in on me. I still was not feeling well. So, we cancelled the plans to go to the art gallery. Disappointment doesn’t even begin to explain my feelings on the matter. 

Life is what happens when you are making other plans. I felt better by 2pm, so I got showered and now I am lounging in my pajamas! My wife is curled up on the couch and we are watching NCIS. She even made s’mores when I was feeling better. I guess this day didn’t go to waste after all. 

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