Reasons Reasons!

how am I more likely to go about my decisions? Reason or go with my gut? That is today’s Daily Post question. 

Hhhmmmmm…. For me, I have adapted a lot in the past few years on this. I used to be fly by the seat of my pants, make a decision and go with it. I admit, on lesser matters, I am still this way. Cheeseburger or chicken? Make a decision and go with it. 

Last night, I had decided to go with a Whopper from Burger King. My wife lovingly went to get our meals. She brought home The Cowboy Whopper. It had bacon and cheese as far as I could see along with tomatoes, cheese, lettuce and onion. What was lurking like a silent killer in the shadows under the bun and other condiments was jalepenos!!! That was a surprise! But, I ate it anyway and it was good. 

Over four years ago I had made the decision to buy a new car. I saved up over $4,000 for the car and went in to see if I would qualify. I honestly was thinking I wouldn’t without a co-signer. Oops! I did! And I signed on the dotted line. At the time, it probably was not my best decision in the world. I had prepared by saving, but I jumped right in. Yes, that is the car I want. Approved? I’ll take it!

These days I like to pray about things a lot! Do I accept another position or stay where I am planted? Pray. Do I say something, or keep quiet? Pray. When I make a bad decision; Pray. When I make a good decision; Pray. 

In all things and through supplication make your desires known to Him for He cares for you. I try to live by that. Although, if you ask my wife, she will tell you it doesn’t always work that way- and she is right, it doesn’t. 

I am a thinker. I am trying to be a planner. Only the foolish will jump in to something without proper prior planning. So, that is my advice in this post. Plan. If reason says it’s good, it may be, but be prepared for it to not be. Have alternatives to life changes. But in all things, know you are not alone and your decisions will always count for something. 

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