Everything Has Its Season

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Golden Age.”

Everything has its season. Again, the Daily Post knocks on the door of everything being forever. It isn’t! We are born, we live (some much longer than others) and we die.

Why are we so consumed with the notion of something lasting forever? And, it seems, The Daily Post is especially preoccupied with this notion.

I will live forever. In a body that is not broken by birth defect, or energy issues, or weight gain. But I will have to wait until Heaven. My brokenness will end with the end of my life here. I do not have a say when that will happen. I do not get to choose if I want to be a child, or a grown up forever. And Thank God for that!

I think this world has become so disassociated with reality and what is meant to be good and what is meant to be within our control. This life was originally meant to be Heaven On Earth, but we screwed that up with our own free will. The worst part is, we continue to do the same today! 

I want to be this, or I want to be that! I was born with Spina Bifida and I don’t get any choices to be anything different. But, that’s only for about a hundred years or so. Maybe less. Within a hundred years of my writing this post, I will have a new perfect body that will last for ETERNITY. See, most humans cannot even fathom that, so they try to grasp it with the word forever. 

It doesn’t work that way. Forever means from this moment on. Eternity is out of our understanding of time constraints. It had no beginning, it has no end. Why would I want to live the next 40 years, God willing I have that much time left, as a child, adolescent, or adult? I want to grow. I want to adapt. I want to change. And yes, one day, I want to leave this body behind and go to my eternal home. Forever is a long time, but eternity is longer. 


4 thoughts on “Everything Has Its Season

  1. Lovely post. Well said. Time is a difficult concept for us to understand but the fact that God exists outside of time, in eternity is something that even scientists are starting to discover. The idea of getting new bodies does sound very strange, unless I remember that I am not my two year old self anymore, nor am I an 8 yr old or 16. Not only am I completely different physically every few years, I’m a new creature in Christ. When you consider the changes we’re already experienced here on earth, to have new bodies in the spiritual sense isn’t strange at all, but just a continuation of what we have already experienced, although a far more fabulous one, I suspect 😉

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