Tricks Are Not For Kids!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trick or Trick.”

My bride and I handed out candy to all the ghouls and goblins of the neighborhood this evening. No tricks were played. A friend of ours had her car window smashed out a couple days ago. A nasty trick indeed!!!

We noticed that the trend of trick or treating has seemed to diminish over the years. Part of me wonders if the notion of fear that abounds in this country has anything to do with that. But, on the same token the other end of town was teaming with trick or treaters, from what we heard.

My bride said that next year we probably won’t spend the time or money handing out candy, because all night we probably had about 15-20 kids all night long. It was not many. However, I would like to commend all the parents who have kids about 10-years old and under. Well done! Very courteous, very full of manors. Now, the teens that came by? No, you cannot take my candy stash and run! No, you cannot have three hands full of candy! AND SAY THANK YOU!!! When a five-year old has more manors than you, I weep for my days in the nursing home! What kind of future are we creating here folks? 

Oh, how I long for the days when my parents would take me door to door of our small town. We knew almost everyone and everyone was happy to give out candy and see swarms of kids in costume. Today it seems like no one is interested in Halloween anymore because we live in a world where you no longer know who you can trust. 

This afternoon I read an interesting piece online. Should Christians celebrate Halloween? My wife and I are Christians. And we see it as an opportunity to share with our neighbors, if they would show up and not drive past. We were both smiling and excited to see the costumes, but not many people are any longer. On our block, I believe there were five, maybe six houses giving out candy and accepting trick or treaters. 

As far as I know, no other tricks than my friend’s broken window happened. Although, this seems to be the night that people love to cause harm. When will we be a world that can get along? Will it ever happen, or have we been tricked into submission as a society that will never trust again? I believe we can turn this around and be a positive world again, but we need to start standing out and up for what is good, right and true. That’s what I would like to see, how about you?

This Is Important!!
I know, I know, it’s a video that is 49 minutes and 2 seconds long. There are so many other things that you could do in that time, but this one is important!!! 

You are small! You are one person!!! But you are significant!!!! You are important! You have a purpose!!! I want you to take the time to watch the video. It explains some pretty amazing things in the universe and you will feel small. Guess what, we are!!! But God is bigger than everything in the universe. He is so big He holds the universe in His Hand!! And yet, we are here. That means we have purpose. We must find it and we must seek Him to find it. It will not be found any other way. 

Fear Is A Lie.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fright Night.”

Anything in our lives that creates fear is not of The Lord. It is very easy for the human spirit to lose focus and become fearful of many things. I am terrified of water. Swimming, diving, scuba diving, they all terrify me because of an event when I was a child and jumped off a dock without first knowing how to swim.

When we jump into uncharted waters we are bound to be fearful. Fear has stopped me from many things, but that was all before I came to know Christ. He has it all under control. We need to submit our fears to Him and He will erase them if we let Him.

When I was a boy I also had a fear of the dark. Within the past few years I have come to understand more of the emptiness of darkness and not knowing where to go. Jesus is The Light, walking with Him there can be no darkness. With no darkness, no unknown, there can be no fear. 

Am I completely absent of fear? No. Fear still whispers in my ear. Fear of failure, fear of the future and what it will bring. Satan loves to whisper fear into our spirit, but we must preside over it in prayer. Our Father, who is in Heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come (here on Earth, in my life), your will be done. When we realize He knows our days there is truly nothing to fear but fear itself. Thank you, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

If I Should Die Before I wake. 

If I Should Die Before I wake. 

I don’t know why, but here it is 12:55am in Montevideo, Minnesota and my mind is bogged with thoughts of mortality. I know it is highly unprobable and please, do not see this as some morbid ‘I’m gonna die’ post. But seriously, as a child we pray ‘If I should die before I wake’ and yes, my indigestion probably has a lot to do with this, but I was thinking as I was getting ready for bed, ‘what if this is the last post I ever write? What do I want to share with the world?’ Well, here are some thoughts. I truly hope this isn’t the last post I write because I know this is not all I wish to leave behind with the blogging world. And I highly doubt this is the last post I will write, but here are some things to ponder:

1. I love you all. Whether I know you or not, whether you read this blog or not, whether you have accepted or rejected Jesus Christ or not, I love you! You are part of humanity and whether you believe it or not, we are all connected and even if it is one million divisions apart, you have impacted my life. 

2. Find something AND someone to love. If it is the someone go all out and love everyone. Put down the weapons of difference and hate. Hug everyone! 

3. Travel. Way too many people work so they can save up to enjoy this life. Guess what. It ends way quicker than any one of us realizes and precious moments are passing us by. Grasp them! Embrace them! Suck the marrow out of life!! 

4. Eat food. This planet is filled with good food that The Lord has provided and he has provided enough for all, so why are people still hungry? Don’t only eat food, but share it! Share it with family and friends, then take the leftovers and share it with strangers. Here in Minnesota (I am not sure if it is worldwide) we have this thing called the drive thru difference. You pay for your food or order, whatever, and you then pay for the people behind you. The longest string I have heard of is 17, I think we can go a lot further than that! Let’s start a revolution of feeding the world! There is more than enough! But we take too much! 

5. Study. The world is full of things you know, things you don’t know and things you don’t know you don’t know. Learn as much as you can! Knowledge is power! 

6. Teach. You are one of all history. Never before and never again will there be another you. Do not shut up! Ever! You have thoughts! Share them! I have thoughts at 1am in Minnesota! It’s morning somewhere else! Good Morning! Now make the most of today. Tomorrow may not come. 

I have so much more to impart upon the world, I hope you are paying attention. If I die before I wake, I pray The Lord my soul to take. And I pray you know that you are created for a purpose and no matter who you are, you matter– to me and to a lot of other people. Make it count. I love you all! 

The Past Meets The Future, Only Now.

The Past Meets The Future, Only Now.

My wife came up with an idea for one of the daily post prompts. Imagine if two characters, from two different worlds were to meet each other. What would happen next? 

Well, let’s take that a step further. What if two characters from two different times were to meet in our world as it is today? What would happen if The Flintstones meet The Jetsons in 2015? 

I am sure the Flintstones would be wondering how we ended up with cars you need not move with your feet, or brake with your feet. On the flip side, The Jetsons would be wondering why we don’t have flying cars that fold into a briefcase that we can keep on our desk at work. The good news is, we are working on it Jetsons. 

In the world of fashion, I am sure The Flintstones will be happy to see we are not wearing animal skins that can be itchy and uncomfortable. And I am sure The Jetsons would be disappointed that we have yet to invent a closet that dresses us. 

The key lesson in this is we cannot live in the past and we cannot fast forward to the future. All we have is right now. Maybe there will come a day when worlds can collide, but it is not now. I hope we can all make the best of today, because the past is gone and the future is not promised. 

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.”

In late 2010 I had my world crumble out from underneath me. What would have once been a task I could have completed with great proficiency all of a sudden became a daunting mountain of a task. I was working as a lead generation specialist for a technology company that helps organizations go paperless with all of their records. Even now, this would be a career right up my alley!! Talking to IT Directors and convincing them to listen to our sales team about the products and services available. I can do that! I am a communication geek! I can convince anyone of almost anything! But, I couldn’t convince organizations to listen to the sales team about our products. Day in and day out of call after call and failure