I Can’t Believe This Is A Question.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Soon?.”

Can anything be funny? Are you serious?? What kind of a question is this? Sure, anything can be funny if you are a sadistic lunatic!!

We humans have a whole range of emotions and we must use them all. Imagine if everything was funny. Now, imagine if everything made you sad or angry. That is the same thing you are proposing with this question. The only difference is the type of emotion you wish us to focus on. It is absolutely ludacris!!!

This will be one of my shortest posts ever because the simple answer to this post could be a loud, resounding, “NO!”.

Let me put this in a perspective that any rational human being can understand. We here in America experienced the tragedy of another lunatic getting a hold of a gun and shooting people at a college. And you have the audacity to ask any one of us if we think THAT could be funny?? Whomever was the sicko who thought of this question needs a dose of therapy and a bigger dose of the Love of Jesus! I hope and pray you can feel His presence on your life and you can make some positive changes in your life and the lives of others before you really hurt people. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!!!! It is a simple concept that apparently needs a little more consideration. 


One thought on “I Can’t Believe This Is A Question.

  1. Amen! Some things are not funny, evil for example, sin, suffering. I’m all for learning how to laugh at ourselves and our foibles, however, keeps us humble and gladdens the heart. But you are right, somethings are just not funny. 😉

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