Let’s Write Letters!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brainwave.”

We live in the digital age. Computers and typin are taking over everything. I don’t know if it is true or not, but I have heard rumors that handwriting is not even being taught in schools any longer. This just cannot be! One day far in the future someone may come across a handwritten letter and wonder what it means. Communications evolve, but that shouldn’t mean we lose what we once had.

So, I took it upon myself a few years ago from this very moment to start a group on Facebook called Let’s Write Letters. It is a group of people willing to share their love of hand written mail. Everyone shared their address and we began writing letters. Someone even took the time to compile all the addresses and send them to each member of the group so we could just write and write.

We know that there are those who do not have the manual dexterity to use a pen, so we also accept computer or typewriter typed messages as well. The whole point of this project was to keep in touch, make new friends and rejuvenate the United States Postal system. It didn’t have the effect we desired.

The group has been around for three years, or has it only been two years now? I forget. But, it has died off. I haven’t received a letter in over a month, although I still have one friend who believes in the idea. I have not had the time to write her back though. Sorry about that, if she reads this.

 The point is, I had the idea that handwritten letters was becoming a thing of the past and I wanted to revive it. A local friend who wrote for a local paper even took the time to write about the idea. It was a great thing while it lasted, maybe the fact I am writing about it now will encourage some others to look it up and revive the idea again. If so, make the best of it you can, if you have another idea, make the most of that idea and it may change the world.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Write Letters!!!

  1. I belonged to a pen pal groups. Is yahoo before FB ever came to be….was at it for a couple of years,,,it to, died out, but I’ve stayed in touch with a few of the participants through mail and FB…..my 12 year old granddaughter can’t write or read scrip since their not teaching it in school…when she came to spend a month with me over the summer, my husband gave her daily ‘homework’ to do. Each day was a little writing exercise to teach her some of the basics in cursive writing…she may never use it, but at least she can read it now.

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    1. And that is so important!! Our founding fathers wrote in cursive. Imagine within a generation we will have no one who can read the Declaration Of Independence or The Constitution. I wonder if all of our history will be lost because of this.

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