Seven Seven Seven!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Seven Wonders.”

It is interesting in theory to think what words would I choose if my entire catalog of choice was reduced to but seven. I would like to think that I could choose words that Jesus would choose. I find it interesting that there are seven words, or phrases rather, that He spoke on the cross. I looked at those words and phrases and I would hope that at least some of them would apply to my vocabulary as well.

Forgive. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Do I readily forgive? No. No I do not. I hold grudges. I seek revenge. I go after what I believe is mine. These are not attributes or words that should be associated with Jesus. He gave all. He forgave all. I would like one of my seven words to be Forgiveness and I would hope it would spill over into every facet of my life.

I Thirst. We all have a thirst for something. What drives us? My thirst, I hope, is a thirst for the things of Jesus. I thirst for the entire world to know His Grace and His Peace. I thirst for knowledge. Jesus already had all knowledge when He was here on Earth, but He always struck up conversations to make sure we knew where He was coming from. One conversation with Him and most people believed.

Grace. Grace is defined as a disposition to be generous or helpful. In my faith it means divine favor bestowed upon people as in granting redemption from sin. We all fall short of the awesomeness of God. We are human, we have a beginning in our bodies and an end. Our souls are eternal, as God is eternal. Our bodies main drive is its own desires. Our eternal soul desires oneness with God. It is impossible to rectify the two completely in this life, so we all need Grace. I would love my vocabulary to be filled with Grace.

Love. Even though it doesn’t always come out that way, I want every word I speak, even if it is only seven words to be spoken in Love. Last night as I was speaking with my wife about people honoring and remembering the dead my words did not come across to her in love. I meant them in love, but in her particular situation she is on the doorstep of experiencing it came across condescending and outright mean.

I stated that our bodies and our souls are only connected in this life. One thing I have done in the past myself is to remember a friend’s birthday or a special day they had while alive even after they had passed on. One day I still remember is November 1st, 2005. That was the day my best friend, Jimmy, passed away. But lately, I have come to realize our spirit is no longer in our body at the moment of death. They are separate until the return of Christ. So, last night at dinner my wife and I are discussing this, well, actually I said, “one of my pet peeves is people who remember a person’s birthday after they have died, they don’t care about their birthday once their soul has left their body, so why celebrate it?” It was my way of thinking and it was a cold way of thinking and it wounded my wife. For that, I am truly sorry. My words were spoken in love, but we’re definitely not received that way.

Relationship. Out of all my relationships I hold dear in my life my relationship with my wife is second most important, taking only a close second to my relationship with Jesus Christ, who I am trying to model this post after in character. Relationships, whether you believe it or not, is why we are here. We are here on common ground so we can relate to one another. Sadly, in today’s world so many people listen to the whispering lies of Satan that they only desire a relationship with self. If it doesn’t make ourself happy, we tend to not follow through. I am guilty of this as much, if not more than others. It pains me to admit it, but I often feel I should be doing something more, or different with this life. I had no clue my path would lead where it has. But, I need to get out of the way and let God direct my paths and the relationships that follow.

Follow. I know for certain that God’s purpose for me is not to always lead. There are times I must follow. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a follower at times. The key is to make sure we are following the right thing. We ought not to simply chase the rabbit down the rabbit hole because that can lead to chaos and an often confusing time. Following the ways of Jesus is something I strive for and I learn new things every single day. I am a follower of Christ and I am not ashamed to admit it for all the world to hear.

Leader. I am also a leader, as I believe we all are. We all have knowledge and experiences that no one else in the world has. We have our own viewpoints on these experiences and we can use our relationships with others to communicate these experiences. When someone we know and love experiences something we may have experienced we can share our thoughts with them. In effect, we can lead them through that part of the journey because it is shared. Will the person’s experience be exactly like ours? Chances are not good. Totally obsolete, as a matter of fact, but through sharing our own thoughts and ideas on an experience hopefully they can relate to some of the feelings or ways of coping, or reacting to the situation. In this way we are all leaders.

I find it near impossible to relegate this entire, awesome, vast universe and experience into seven words. Maybe that is why we have so many more. This world and all the experiences within it were never meant to be conversed and experienced within seven little words. Maybe it is up to us all to have new experiences and learn all the words we can to share in this great journey called life.


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