Can One Blog Post Change The World?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: a“Pride and Joy.”

What is my most prized possession? A few years ago I may have said my car, or the violin I lost in a move somewhere, or maybe my Rat Pack framed poster with Las Vegas casinos showcased, maybe even the hand-painted framed painting I received directly from Thomas Kincade. All of these things could be considered “prized possessions”, but the truth of the matter is, sometime within the next 60-70 years not a single one of them will matter.

What will matter? The human spirit, which lately has been in a rapid decline like we have never seen before in human history. We are on a wrong path, folks! When we prize possessions more than humanity we are a terrible humanity. I am calling it like I see it and I hope this will be a worldwide call to action!

Are you prizing your possessions that you may have paid thousands or millions of dollars more than the people around you in your life? How many people do you pass by on a daily basis who could use a helping hand or friendly word or even a smile from you and you don’t give it???!

Don’t buy stuff that won’t matter in five, ten or even one-hundred years. Possesions fade away, but the human spirit lives on forever.

How are you making someone feel today? Are you building them up or tearing them down? Are you more concerned with your own financial well-being than feeding someone’s spirit? Guess what? You’ve got it wrong. I really hope this reaches the people of the world it is meant to. We are wrong and we have been wrong for more than one generation! When will it be too late to turn the tide? Are we already at that point where the wave of self-promotion and self success denotes our self worth??! Or can we turn around before we crash on the rocks? I believe we can but it must start today. And it must start with you!! Have I touched your spirit into action for others yet?

God called us to take care of the poor and the sick. Are we doing that? No! We create government programs and make it someone else’s problem. Too many people, definitely myself included, don’t give a damn about our fellow man! We care about our prize possesions! Can we stop that today? Can one blog post change the world?

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