No Certainty Yet. 

No Certainty Yet.
This song is my favorite Christmas classic every year and today in Montevideo, Minnesota we got a small glimpse of a possible white Christmas. 

With upcoming temperatures expected to rise once again into the 40’s I doubt this will be the snowfall to give me a white Christmas, but one never knows. As I type this at 10:43pm the snow is still gently falling like something out of a classic painting from Thomas Kinkade or Terry Redlin. Both of them have similar artistic styles and talents and I adore them both so much. If you have the means I highly suggest checking out some of their work. 

Some of my favorites are: 

And some of my favorite Thomas Kinkade paintings are: 

I find it so relaxing that both painters can take those of us who appreciate their art back to a time and place we may have never experienced. A time when Bing Crosby crooned on the radio for adoring fans. A time when sleigh bells on Bobtail would ring out in the crisp, cool air as he danced across freshly fallen snow. 

I am taken back to a time before my parents even remember tonight in the snowfall as though it were a Christmas Miracle! And it saddens me that as those Christmases from 70+ years ago with ice skates, sleigh rides and sled rides on Rosebud this snow will not last the season. Within a week we will once again see the muddied streets and saturated grass and dirt fields of the prairie lands of Minnesota. But tonight, just for tonight, we can fall asleep safe in the dream that we will awaken tomorrow to this:  


A Snowy Ballad Of Montevideo. 

A Snowy Ballad Of Montevideo. 

Let me tell you all a story.

Six in the evening, snow is gently falling. As I shovel, the snow the bells of St. Paul’s church ring out in the silence. The sound of snow falling is the only other sound in the air. The air is crisp and clean. My soul is filled with peace as I hear the song “All Creatures Of Our God And King” ring out from the bells.
We have had our fair share of troubles here in Montevideo but this evening has been filled with peace and the soft blanket of winter has placed her sheath of cold upon us. It feels like a 1940’s Christmas story to me and I just wanted to share the awesome feelings with you all. 

Christmas Carols And Chirping Birds!!!

Christmas Carols And Chirping Birds!!!

I had a doctor appointment this morning, just casual maintainance, nothing to worry about. But, I did have to see a popular surgeon while here and he was in surgery most of the day. Turns out, that was a blessing. 

This afternoon, since I was already at the hospital I decided to roll over to the attached retirement community at which my wife works. We delivered mail and I just finished singing Christmas carols with the residents!! 

They have a cage of beautiful colorful birds within the recreation room where we were singing. After the caroling was complete I decided to listen to the natural songs of all these birds. I am completely at peace! And it is peacefully snowing outside here in Minnesota today as well. I am truly blessed. 

What blessings can you count today? We all have some. 

Becoming Unplugged Creates Power!!!

Becoming Unplugged Creates Power!!!

Bloggers, Unplugged

Sometimes, we all need a break from these little glowing boxes. How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?
I have always been a fan of musical artists unplugged. Even if I don’t normally like the artist when they are plugged in, I love the soft, acoustic version. 

That is what I do to unplug. I listen to soothing music. I would love to try my hand at painting, or air brushing. I love the soft whisps of paint an air brush can make across the canvas. 

Another one of my “unplugs” is writing. I am attempting to utilize this blog to help the world unplug. Isn’t that ironic? You must plug into my blog to unplug. I want this blog to go worldwide and give people a place of peace. A Zen Garden, if you will. 

I am a motivator. A helper. For me to unplug is difficult. And yet, today’s sermon in church (which I had to hear about second hand due to being too plugged in yesterday) was about having a foothold in both the Earth and Heaven. We cannot do that as Christians. In today’s world there are far too many Christians who make it their duty to plug in and force-feed Jesus to an unbelieving world. All that does is cause people to choke on what we want them to have. 

Peace. Calm. No stress. These are the things of Love. And they are the best ways to unplug. If it brings you a calmness you can rest assured you are plugged into the things of God and unplugged from the world. 

I tend to spend a lot of time talking to God. But there will be those who meet God one day and even then He will say, “depart from me, I never knew you.” I am not telling you this to cause you stress, but it should be a concern. So often we are thinking of, “how can I get ahead in this world? Where can I find money and possessions?” I am guilty as charged. One of my major thoughts has been, “how can I write that one universal blog post that ‘breaks the internet’?!” That causes too much stress because it is thinking of things in this world. 







These are the things to be concerned with in today’s world. If we all did that this world would be fully plugged in to the outlet it needs!! When plugged into Jesus Christ we have all the power we need. 

The White Shroud.

The White Shroud.

I am excited tonight!! It feels like Christmas morning is coming tomorrow night!!! Snow, snow, snow, snow Snnnnnoooooooow!!! I have nowhere extravagent to be after church tomorrow until Wednesday morning. I mean, I do have a doctor visit planned for Monday morning, but honestly, that is not a life or death issue (hopefully). 

No, I promise to all my faithful readers I am fine. When you get near to 40 it’s just time to do more maintainance on your body and I have been letting mine slide. No more! 

It’s actually funny, the coming storm has prompted me to want to be outside. We are predicted to get between 9 and 12 inches of snow from Sunday evening through Monday!! And I am actually anxious to shovel some snow. Hopefully it will be a cushion of white, gentle awesomeness dancing to the ground as the wind directs it where to go. And I will breathe in deep the crisp, cool air and possibly take in a snowflake or two on my tongue. I am hoping to examine a few up close. I find the never ending designs of each one to be a thing of excusite, ornate beauty. I marvel that no two are ever the same. 

Is there a season that you have a love hate relationship with? For me, if I have to be anywhere that is winter. 

Do Not Fall For It!!! 

Do Not Fall For It!!! 

Over the past few days my Facebook feed has been lightly slathered with posts like “if you want to keep the ice off your windshield, throw boiling water on it.” Or, “be sure to loosen your lug nuts for winter so they don’t freeze to the wheel in case of a flat tire.” 

Now, I understand that there are people who don’t know a thing about cars or winter. I understand there are people who think a car needs blinker fluid and will spend all day long looking for where it goes. That one I may even laugh at. But when you suggest something that can and will crack or shatter a windshield, or cause a wheel or all four to come off the car, possibly at a high rate of speed, I have news for you…. Come close to your screen, are you listening?…. 

Why do you find it funny, or God forbid necessary to injure someone who may not be totally Savvy about cars?? Do you not realize that if it is found out that someone followed your instructions and was hurt you could be an accessory to that crime? It’s not “thinning the herd”, it’s not “cool and funny because some people don’t know any better.” ITS DANGEROUS AND COULD LEAD TO SERIOUS INJURIES! Do you want that on your conscience? Grow up and stop the childish idiotic crap! You are not doing anything constructive to help the world. In fact, you could be harming someone who doesn’t know any better. We are all in this together and to be so means looking out for everyone! 

I Didn’t Even Know!! 

I Didn’t Even Know!! 

Tonight, I discovered the unbelievable gift of Pentatonix. They have a special on Netlfix that I have been meaning to check out for days, and tonight I finally did!! 

I wanted to hear more, so I went to I typed in Pentatonix and lo and behold, I found THIS EPIC AWESOMENESS:
Daft Punk songs by Pentatonix…. Um, YEAH!!! It’s funny what “live the dream” shows like this do to me. Voice overs, Vocal Blogging, podcasts, YouTube videos, recording audio books and the pinnacle, voice work for Dreamworks Animation Studios!!!! Nights like tonight make me believe that path could appear before me. It will take work, it will take blood, sweat and tears, but it could happen! 

I just wanted to share the awesomeness and inspiration with the world tonight. You’ve got a goal? Shoot for it! You got a dream? Work after it and live it!! If it is in your mind, God could be leading you to it! Don’t let road blocks and detours get in your way!