The Interest Of Travel.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles.”

I know, I know, I have already answered this daily post, but I have more to say. I want to regale you all with the story of my first ride on a plane.

I honestly cannot remember what time of year it was, maybe it was fall, or spring, maybe it was still winter, I honestly do not recall. What I do recall is it was our first flight for those of us on the trip ever and we were definitely rookies!

We were flying to Augusta, Georgia to witness my friend’s graduation from the Army at Fort Benning. My companions for travel were his brother and his mother. I guess I somehow got adopted into the family as another son and brother, so I had the privilege of being a surprise guest for my friend.

Well, as luck would have it we flew into Memphis, Tennessee in the first leg of our trip. We believed we had an hour and a half layover, so we dropped into the McDonald’s in the airport to take a lunch break as none of us had eaten anything since our flight left Minnesota at 7:30 that morning.

What we failed to realize is apparently in this airport the plane actually leaves the gate EARLY!!! So when we arrived at the gate for what we thought was boarding time our plane was taxiing down the runway. Bye-bye flight that would get us to the graduation ceremony on time.

So, my friend’s mom approached the ticket counter wondering what we would do. Is there ANY flight that leaves to get us there on time? Anything? She would be willing to take a cargo plane if it gets her to her son. Nope!! Next flight leaves seven hours later!! Do you have any idea what it is like in an airport that looks stuck in the sixties and is adorned with Elvis memorabilia anywhere you turn? It would have been fine except for the rudeness of staff. My friend’s brother and I made the best of the day running around the airport and making jokes and laughing at things that shouldn’t have been funny, but were funny because of our lack of sleep.

All in all, we did arrive in time to see some of the events and we did get to see our friend, brother, son in his military uniform. So, it was a success and fun was had on the trip.


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