In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Reader’s Block.”

Some would say my early college years were a complete bust and I would agree. Yes, it is true. My love for reading and writing and learning all I can was not always within me. It had to develope, as any passion does. 

Throughout high school, my parents had to fight to get me to pay attention in class and open my books. I was a grand procrastinator. My parents were also my teachers through much of my early years. You’d think I would have paid attention and been the top of the class. Nope! Most of high school was an awkward struggle for me.

Then, in 12th grade, we studied Shakespeare. You’d think this is the point where I say I changed and went on to become a literary genius on all levels, and you’d be wrong. Nope! I wrote a great rewrite of Romeo And Juliet in 12th grade, which Baz Luhrman would go on to steal and make into a movie. Oh well, I didn’t copyright the material in high school. Another one of my literary shortcomings. And let me dispel any rumors here, no I did not know, nor did I attend high school with Baz Luhrman, but if you were to read our stories side by side you would find them freighteningly similar. 

I can’t really pinpoint the one place where I began to love to read and study. But I assure you, it has happened. I know it happened at Brown College. I spent two and a half years at Southwest State University. That was a waste of time and money. Sorry, Mom and Dad. I was not ready or wanting to be in college then and my grades and abilities at that time in my life showed it. Even my first attempt at Brown College was an epic failure filled with hangin out having fun, video games and friends.

Here’s my advice. We are all created different. We all have different abilities and different experiences. If you like to read, read. If you don’t like to read, don’t read. If you think you want to try something new, like reading or school, give it a shot. The passion may not ignite right away, but if it does you will have something to hold on to for the rest of your life and you can go places you never dreamed before!

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