Perfect Strangers

Unexpected GuestsYou walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

As often happens, I arrive home before my wife. My disability requires that I don’t work extra long hours, so I often have much more time at home than my wife. As I enter the house, from a short shift at my job and running a few errands around town, I roll through our front door to see a man and a woman sitting calmly, feet planted firmly on the carpet, their shoes places nearly by the door in front of my niece’s kitchenette. Both of them have their hands placed gently on their knees hands facing down, all fingers visible as if to say, ‘we come in peace’. They are both dressed nicely, like a ‘Men In Black’ style, but something seems more ‘Matrix’ to me about this scene. I really hope they don’t erase more of my mind than time already has, but I am ready to follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole. 

‘Holy Canoli!!!!’ I exclaim as their presence surprises me. ‘Who are you and what do you want? And where did you get chocolate cake???!!’ I shout in a concerned and upset tone. ‘We needed time away from our kids and you and your bride are awesome people! We brought the cake from Walmart. Their bakery lady makes awesome cake! You know, the lady with the fiery red hair?’ 

‘Well, I hate to disappoint you both,’ I say, ‘but, my wife doesn’t even get off work for a few more hours and we are between grocery trips right now, so I can offer you soup, eggs, milk, bread, or an Icee Pop, or water. We were not expecting guests at 2pm in the afternoon, and usually, most couples leave their KIDS with us! Where are the kids?’ I ask. 

‘We left them at home.’ The man says. The woman still has yet to say a word. ‘So, you needed to get away from the kids, abandoned them in your own home, and just randomly chose THIS HOUSE to crash in???!!’ I am getting kind of upset at this time and I lose my temper, ‘HOW IN GODS GREEN EARTH DID YOU GET INTO MY HOUSE????!!!’ All I get for a response is, ‘we have our ways.’ Very secretive couple here and I still have no clue who they really are!! 

The woman finally speaks, ‘Rolling Blogger, we haven’t been at all honest with you.’ She continues, ‘we don’t have any children and we are not here to get away from them. We love all children and see them as gifts from God. We cherish them. All future children depend upon you! No, the reason we are here is the writing. Your writing!’

 ‘My writing?’ I ask, concern growing in my voice again as we live in a time of censorship and stealing of ideas. ‘It’s MY writing! Not yours! What do you want with my writing?’ She is obviously the diplomatic one in this couple, she gently touches my hands and looks into my eyes and softly says, ‘your writing on Rolling Blogger has begun to change the world in ways you will not fully understand for quite some time. Shakespeare, Hemingway, Thoreau, Faulkner, George Orwell and so many more we haven’t time to mention– amateurs compared to your gift!’  

I find it interesting that she stopped with Orwell and used his first AND LAST name!! Why had she done that? This was truly like a scene out of 1984, Big Brother has been watching!! ‘Ok. You have stroked my ego and built me up enough! I am no writer compared to these great story-tellers, poets and wooers of women! What do you want?’ 

The man chimes in again, they obviously have their roles down in this conversation as if they know how it will play out, ‘We are from fifteen years in the future and we have seen what you become! And it all begins with your book, My Role Within My Roll.’ I interupt the man, ‘How did you know about that?! I am nowhere near done! I haven’t even thought of that book in over a year since I started Rolling Blogger and my writing has been noticed all over the world!’ ‘We know,’ says the man. ‘that’s why we are here. We want to buy Rolling Blogger from you. You will still have creative mastery over the blog, but we have a team in place that will write for it. You will still receive any and all payments and royalties from its success, but WE NEED THAT BOOK!! Society is dependent upon its completion and soon! You will be handsomely compensated for your time.’ 

I accept a check for $500,000 and turn over the writing of Rolling Blogger to this team from the future. The date was December 15, 2015. Within 8 months of their visit I complete the manuscript and turn it into a publisher that has been on board since the visit of the couple. It is published in late 2016 and rises to unbelievable popularity. I am handed the reigns of Rolling Blogger once again and I can now call myself a well accomplished world renouned writer!!! And this is how it all began, a simple visit from two strangers. 


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