I Love To Tell The Story!!!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2015 may one day disappear from my memory. I sincerely hope not, because it was a 30-hour period of my life worth remembering!! 

Christmas Eve morning started off as any other holiday celebration. My wife baking ferociously in the kitchen!! Pies, cookies, a failed attempt at Christmas Crack, which is a cracker based dish with chocolate and caramel, Yum! (Usually). This time was a failed attempt, but as life often shows us, we can’t always be winners. 

We got a late start Christmas Eve and needed to make a run through Walmart to pick up some last minute necessities. My wife returned from that excursion with the emboldened phrase, “Never, Again, Ever, on Christmas Eve!”!! The day we are to be celebrating with loved ones, our local Walmart was a madhouse of corporate greed and people’s lusty lists for more “stuff!”! What should have taken my bride ten minutes took more than 30!!! So, I circled the lot. I figured it would be quicker to not have to deal with my wheelchair. 

On we go!! My sister has been blessed with a heart of Gold for God and wonderful business opportunities. My wife and I, along with my sister were able to reap the benefits of these opportunities when she cashed in some points for an Executive Suite at The Hilton in Bloomington! You have not seen The Twin Cities Southern Suburbs until you have seen them from the Executive Lounge on the 12th floor!! Wow! Overlooking a wildlife refuge on one side and Fort Snelling Outpost on the other! My wife and I actually took some time Christmas Morning yesterday to drive through parts of it and pay our respects as civilians. Awe inspiring and humbling! 

The rest of our time was spent together with pot roast and board games. We each took our turn at winning at Farkle and met one of my sisters amazing friends! It was a day of laughs and so much joy! 

Sadly, as all good times do, we ended our weekend last night with a leisurely soak in the hot tub before packing up and heading home. We believed we were headed into a storm and took our precautions, but nary a flake did fall until we were home!! Many times if you seek it, God will bless the journey. 

My wife and I have been married two and a half wonderful years and I must say, the past two days of memories will remain some of my favorites for years to come. I hope one day all of the world will join in the hope and peace of Christmas every single day of our lives. Is peace and harmony and giving freely of ones self and ones gifts every day possible? I would love to give the world a chance to find out. 

Also, I would love for us all to share our stories. I utilize this blog to attempt to bless the world. I am a writer. I write. I inspire. I give hope. I share memories so they may be remembered and built upon. I love to tell the story, of my life and God’s Love for us all. Shown in a humble, stable birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Please do not miss a chance to share your own stories. 

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