Inspiration IS All Around Us!!!

Inspiration IS All Around Us!!!

I have recently become a huge fan of Bob Proctor. He was involved in the film The Secret and he has a Facebook page that talks about all sorts of ways to reach our full potential even though we truly have no idea what that even is yet!! 

I just finished watching one of these videos and I had to chuckle because there is a lady in this promotional video for a movie coming out and she is talking about potential and she brings up the old saying, the sky’s the limit!! Folks, if your dreams, your goals, your aspirations are only reaching sky level, YOU ARE NOT GOING FAR ENOUGH!!!!! 

As soon as you leave Earth’s atmosphere, the sky disappears. You are now entering the inner part of outer space. Like the character in  Armegeddon says, ‘This is only the beginning of space! We haven’t even reached OUTER SPACE yet!!’ 

So my challenge for you today is, don’t reach for the sky, don’t reach for the stars, reach for somewhere or something that hasn’t even been discovered yet!! The only way to find something new is to move as far away from what you already know as possible. 

I have no idea why this post hit my heart, but I pray right now, in Jesus’ Name that whomever needs to read this finds their way to this post. Please, if you feel someone needs to reach beyond where they think they can and you feel this message will inspire that, please share this post. I love you all! We are all meant to go further than we have. Reach for places not even discovered yet and you will find a creator willing to guide you.

Raiders Of The Lost Art. 

Raiders Of The Lost Art. 

I am a writer. I am a blogger. Some days I have a love/hate relationship with inspiration. Some days it comes quite easily, and others it takes its own sweet time. 

I have been racking my brain, going over and over with scenarios in my mind about yesterday’s Daily Post Prompt. It asks us to describe what we would write in as the 8th Deadly Sin if we were allowed to add one. So, as any good researcher would these days I took to the Internet. 

I went to Google, which is my default provider for images and information on my site. Came up empty! So, I went to my Facebook and asked the question in my Rolling Blogger Fan Page. I came up with a few good ideas and one good discussion on a good idea. 

I am still holding off on writing that post though because I am feeling more of a list of Deadly Sins coming into my spirit. 

But, as I mentioned, I am a blogger. And being a blogger requires daily diligence in writing, reading and searching. Searching for ideas and searching for new bloggers to read and follow in hopes of gaining new readers and followers for my own blog. 

So, as it turns out, a day that seemed to be lacking of inspiration or willingness to create a new deadly sin has created an opportunity to read some new blogs I may not have found otherwise and low and behold, I wrote a post any way!! Not all days are the same, but all days require working on and creating a site which I hope will generate a nice income one day. Until then, I shall continue to write, read and research. Stay the course and keep moving my fellow bloggers, even when you don’t know where to go. 


Inspired by the T.D. Jakes book Destiny: Step Into Your Purpose. 
Friends, Family, Acquaintances and Confidants, they are all different and we need to be careful who we let in to our inner circle. 

Jesus Christ had twelve disciples, but was only truly close with three.  Two betrayed Him. As far as the other seven, I don’t know what to say. Yes, He loved them all. Yes, we are called to love everyone, but who we spill our secrets to? We need to be careful there. Not everyone is on your team, even if you want them to be. I have learned this lesson time and again. It’s a tough one to figure out, but I felt lead to share this today. There are a variety of relationships we can be in and none of them are ever the same, so take caution. 

The Natural Progression Of Life. 

The Natural Progression Of Life. 

Tell us about the most exciting big night out you had recently.

The biggest night out I have had recently would be my second viewing of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. A local friend and his wife and another friend of mine had not seen the film yet. So, as a Christmas gift to me my friend and his wife decided to take me. As it turns out another friend of mine, who used to work with me, had not seen it either and her husband was working that night, so sure, come along! 

I had no idea my other friends were going to pay for me, so I paid for my friend. It was a great night out with friends. If you have been following my blog for a while, or if you are a reader who knows me in real life, you are probably asking, ‘Where was your wife?’ Well, here’s the thing, I married a woman who has not seen five seconds of any Star Wars film!! I know! Doesn’t seem right, does it? Star Wars blasphemy!! 

No, it is okay. I love my wife dearly, Star Wars or no Star Wars. A film series cannot make or break a relationship. She has her interests and I have mine. And in this small town I need to really get out and search to find mine, so when a night at the movies comes along, I jump at it no matter whom it is with. 

My first time seeing the film was opening night with my long time friend and his girlfriend and another friend of mine who wanted to see it but didn’t have the funds. I took them all out that evening, because, why not?! After that viewing we all went to Subway to grab a bite to eat and then we went our separate ways. When you get to be in your late 30’s life isn’t as much of a party scene as it used to be. Last night I slept for 11 hours! Knocking on the door of 40 and my energy is not like it once was. 

If I was to go to a night out before that, I think it would have been all the way back in November. My long time friend I saw Star Wars with that time is in a band. His band at the time was playing in a town 40 miles from here. It was the same night as a band playing here in Montevideo that I had been promoting on the radio station I work for, KKRM, KRAM 96.7fm. They are on Facebook and are aired online, check them out at 

I used to be a go out every night, karaoke until 2am type of guy, but age catches up with all of us. Now a good night is a night in with my wife watching Netflix. And we actually watch Netflix, not this ‘Netflix and chill’ stuff kids are talking about these days. Nights out are few and far between, but that’s okay. It is the natural progression of life. 

More Inspiration!!!

More Inspiration!!!

I need to write more today, but what??! Where can I get inspiration? A friend who’s writing I quite enjoy, spiritual dragonfly, is doing this writing program a lot like The Daily Post, it’s called The Sandbox Writing Challenge. Seriously, go check out Spiritualdragonfly and then go check out The Sandbox Writing Challenge. 

I looked through the first assignment post and it is an assignment to help you get to know yourself better, what are your seven favorite colors, questions like that. I will be going back to find even more inspiration so my inspiration can flow through to each of you. 

As I was reading through it I began to think of one of my favorite literary films of all time, Dead Poets Society. My favorite scene has to do with the inspiration of a photo of Walt Whitman. Todd Anderson seems lost throughout the film and unsure of what path he should take. Apparently at the end he takes advice from Robert Frost and takes the path least travelled by. 

Anyway, I got to thinking about that film and that scene and I realized there is a great many people aching with desires to come out of each and every one of us! Sure, I am a blogger, but I am a blogger who has a no quit, full force ahead, and take Jesus with you attitude! 

You may be a blogger who takes photographs, or writes poetry, or a blogger with a business mind. Be whomever you are and don’t be afraid to reach down and search for it! Follow the example of this scene from A Dead Poets Society-

And never forget the words of Walt Whitman- 

I sound my barbaric YAWP over the rooftops of the world.

Walt Whitman

Keep Sending Me Good Vibrations!!

Keep Sending Me Good Vibrations!!

This was a video I just watched on Facebook about the importance of getting in tune with the vibrations around us. Earlier I talked about how I pray every morning and spend time in a devotional. That is my way of creating a good vibration. What’s yours?

This Is Your Invitation. 

This Is Your Invitation. 

Our days are organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

Every morning, or afternoon, I get up. Some days I will stay planted in bed with a good book. Some days the first seen action I will do is check my Facebook and blog. That is what I did this morning when I arose to the sound of our 120 pound Chocolate Lab/Rottweiler dog eating a package. At first I thought it was trash that hadn’t been brought out to the curb yet. Nope! It was the dog food of our little two pound guest, Luna. She’s a teacup chihuahua and with her around I really need to be careful of where I roll and where I transfer my weight to on the couch or in bed. I could squish her like a worm!! And that would devastate one of my sister’s as it is her dog. 

Back to my daily routine. I really don’t have one, or I used to not have one I should say. Every morning before my butt hits the seat of my chair, every single morning, I read a daily devotional called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. What an excellent way to begin the day!! A day begun in the presence of The Lord will never go wrong because our spirit will be focused where it should be at all times.

 See, this life is not really about us and so many people make it about them right out of the gate every morning. Stop!! Look around you and get in touch with The One who sees it all. Let Him direct your paths from the moment you arise in the morning and you will not go wrong!! These are His Words coming through, not mine.  

 The Bible says, ‘Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God.’ So that is the morning routine I look forward to most. By seeking Him first I can move forward and write a blog post that will inspire thousands. I can share the love of Jesus on Facebook because I took the time, first thing, to spend ten, twenty, thirty, some days an hour with My Heavenly Father. Jesus is my morning routine I cannot live without.  And I invite you to get to know Him too. All it takes is calling out to Him. Jesus, help me know you today. In all ways help me to see You for who You really are. It may not happen right away, but through a daily routine with God you will see a change.