The Huddle

NEW YEAR, NEW PLAN.Last night I dreamed I was in my old junior high school gym. The building has since been torn down and only a grass field remains. Which is interesting because with tearing things down sometimes new growth remains. 
Anyway, in this dream I was being cheered on by everyone I know and many faces I don’t know. Maybe your face was among those I haven’t yet seen and we are to meet one day, who knows? The crowd is cheering and I am in a huddle of six other people. Here’s where it gets interesting. We never leave the huddle. 
Too many people are interested in playing the game of life. ‘GET ON THE COURTS!!!’ They shout. I was one of these! I have always been a huge facilitator of you need to act. What if we only act when the coach asks us to? What if until He says move we stay in the huddle with our team and all listen to Him? 
Sure, the game must go on and it has many players within it. But what if we became more concerned with the huddle with our coach and our closest teammates?
I want to start the new year 2016 in a huddle. In order to know the game plan we need to be close and listen to the coach. Only then will we be prepared to get on the court and play. Most of us, me included, need to spend more time in a huddle with our closest people and listening to The Coach. Who’s on your team in 2016? Are you all willing to huddle together in the coming year and only listen to The Coach? 


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