Branch Out!!

As we in the world all now enter 2016, I want to encourage you all to spread your wings. 
I am branching out by sharing my writing with another page. In turn this is inviting me into an entirely new audience I wouldn’t have had originally on 
As the new year begins where can you branch out to reach more ground and touch the lives of more people? Maybe it is in your occupation. Maybe you can branch out in an entirely new direction you never have before. 
Do not be afraid of growth in 2016. That is the key to new life and stabilization. Your growth may look like that of a tree or root system. It may look entirely complex and chaotic, but in effect it is greater stabilization and greater surface area to encourage more growth. Grow in 2016, my friends. Be a tree. 
Another advantage of growth is strength and ability to combat that which means to suffocate us. A deeper, stronger root system can combat a weed which may try to take over a space. It takes time and fertility to grow, but as it does life always becomes stronger. As you enter 2016 you are infinitely stronger than you were in 2015. Continue to grow and thrive. 

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